Visiting Charlotte Amalie, swimming at Coki Point, having fun at Senor Frogs


Today promised to be a wonderful day.  Today we docked at Havensight pier on the US Virgin Island of St. Thomas.  The skies were such a beautiful pale blue filled with wispy white clouds moving slowly across the heavens.


We started our day having breakfast with Jim, Vilma, Barry and Lana in the Windjammer Café.  We spent our time trying to make a decision about what we wanted to do on the island.  While I was planning the cruise, I made arrangements to do an island tour but that was cancelled a few weeks before we sailed.  Our group decided we would just go for a walk and visit the town of Charlotte Amalie.  The town was located right in the middle of the bay between Havensight pier and Crown Bay pier.


We found Roger, Sheri, Dave and Cindy relaxing at the Solarium pool and asked where they were going.  They wanted to visit a beach, so, Randy gave them a general idea of where to go once they got onto the pier.


DSC01018DSC01019Randy, me, Jim, Vilma, Barry and Lana left the ship and started our walk.  There was a small shopping area close to the pier where we dropped Lana and Barry off.  Lana was having difficulty with her knees and did not want to commit to walking to the town now knowing how far it would be.   We had no idea how far away the town was but Vilma was eager to walk so every taxi that drove by and honked their horns we waved away.  The walk was nice as we followed the seawall and had wonderful views of the bay and the ships docked at the pier.  That day there was a Disney ship, the Royal Caribbean and a Carnival ship.


We spent the morning walking around the town stopping in several shops.  I was looking for refrigerator magnets for daughter Kristine.  At this writing the entire top door of her refrigerator is filled with magnets I have collected from the different islands Randy and I have traveled to.  I loved walking down the many narrow alleys.  The alleys were beautiful with many plants lining the walls, signs inviting visitors to stop in the restaurants, shops and art galleries along the way.


We strolled down the main street and eventually made our way to the straw market by Emancipation Park.  There we enjoyed some cold drinks and browsed the many tents looking at the hats, beach bags, jewelry, beach cover-ups and so much more.



While we were enjoying our walk, Dave, Cindy, Roger and Sheri made their way to the beautiful beach at Coki Point.  They enjoyed a wonderful afternoon basking in the sun, swimming in beautiful green-blue waters and a great lunch.


It was time to head back to the port and we had to make a decision; do we walk, or do we get a taxi.  Randy was the first to speak up and he said walk, so we did.  We learned later in the day that we had walked almost 5 miles on our little trek.  On the way we encountered this beautiful iguana perched on the rocks along the sea wall.


Much to our happiness and joy, there was a Señor Frogs right at the pier, so, of course, we stopped in for a cold one.  Eventually, Lana and Barry joined us and we had a great time talking, laughing, and enjoying gulps of rum punch.


The dj learned that Barry was going to be celebrating a birthday and gave Barry a drink of rum punch.  The dj then proceeded to do the same to all of us.  The dj then called patrons to come up on the bar and do several line dances.


The call of the music was too strong for me to resist.  It was a little scary as the bar was narrow and you really had to watch what you were doing so as not to fall embarrassingly in front of everyone in the bar.


P1010691-AP1010690-aSometime after we left Roger and Sheri stopped by and enjoyed a cold drink before re-boarding the ship.


This evening we enjoyed another delicious meal in the main dining room, changed clothes and made our way to the Arcadia Theatre to see the magic and illusions of Drew Thomas in a theatrical production called, “Now You See It”.  My favorite part of the show was at the end when he made snow reign down on the audience.  It really did feel quite magical.


It had been a long day so Randy and I decided to call it a night, but not before we stopped at the Café Promenade for Randy’s coconut cookies.

Tomorrow we stop at St. Marteen for yet another wonderful day.



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4 Responses to Visiting Charlotte Amalie, swimming at Coki Point, having fun at Senor Frogs

  1. Randy says:

    My cookies, I miss my coconut cookies…… It was alot of fun at Senior Frogs…..

  2. Jane Setman says:

    Senor Frogs, hmm, seems I remember another Senor Frogs on another cruise with some very familiar looking friends. We also still have the palm tree drink glasses. Your pictures bring back fond memories. We’re so sorry to have missed your birthday cruise, Randy.
    Bill and Jane

  3. Bob and Sandy says:

    Got to go to these places.

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