Fun end to a wonderful cruise with friends


The last day of our cruise was fun-filled day.  The early morning hours members of our group exercised, made last minute stops at the shops or just soaked up all the last rays of sunshine poolside, enjoying Margarita Madness in the On Air club, stopping by the casino for a little gambling, before heading back home in the morning.


DSC01237DSC01241One of my very favorite activities aboard ship is the belly flop competition.  The pool deck fills to overflowing with cruisers watching the ever-popular belly flop competition.  Even the captain and other members of the crew get into the act voting for their favorite competitors.  Over time, I have come to understand that it is not always the largest competitor who wins the contest.  I remember one young man who was slight of built who cause a splash that was magnificent reaching far beyond the borders of the pool soaking many spectators.  I love this event.


There are always children of all ages on cruises.  They spend the week participating in many fun activities.  The last day at sea some of the younger cruisers, dressed as pirates, participated in a parade around the Royal Promenade with DreamWorks* character Puss in Boots in the lead.


Just before dinner there was a fun, fun, fun DreamWorks* parade spectacular on the Royal promenade.  Randy and I had gone down to make sure we had a front row seat to watch the parade.


The costumes were wonderful, the colors vibrant and frankly, it was amazing that so many performers and characters could be paraded in such a small space.  Po the Panda, Puss in Boots, Gloria, Shrek, Fiona and Alex the Lion all made an appearance.


Both sides of the promenade were with hundreds of children and adults; and trust me; the adults were enjoying this wonderful show as much as the children.


After dinner we all went to the see the farewell show at the Arcadia theatre.  The show included several acts including the comedy and juggling of Randy Cabral and so much more.  The finale included filling the stage with all the performers, the captain and many crew members all giving a thank you tribute to the passengers.

For me, and many in the group, the best entertainment on the ship was cruise director Richard Spacey who was fabulous every day.  He was non-stop energy and constantly wowed the crowd with his antics, crazy socks, and videos.  At the end of every show, Richard, with microphone in hand, would say nice things about the performers, band, give ideas on how passengers could spend the rest of their evening, say goodbye and then as the curtain would start it’s decent he would start following the curtain down until it was just above the stage floor and say, “I love you”.  Richard is a very funny man and a great cruise director.


We all met for our last breakfast at the Windjammer and chatted away about how great the week was, how wonderful it was to be together and talked about doing it again in the future.  Everyone in the group shared a common thread in their feelings about the cruise upon their return home.

Sheri-“Roger & I returned from our first cruise.  Great weather, beautiful beaches, fun time.  Having special friends along to share it with created lasting memories.

Cindy-“We had a great time with all of you.  Thanks so much for allowing us to join Randy and Barry to celebrate their birthdays.  Even though it had been several years seeing some of you, it was like we had never been apart.  Thanks for the wonderful memories that we all made together”.

Barry-“I had a wonderful time on the cruise with some of my dear friends.  Thanks to you all for a super birthday celebration!”

Vilma-“To the most photogenic couple – loved the cruise.  Great way to spend a birthday week”.

Randy wrote: “I just wanted to sit back and relish what happened last week.  First, my lovely wife surprised me with a cruise, which in itself was amazing.  to plan this must have been quite challenging to get things planned and coordinated and keep me out of the loop.  To top that, I boarded the ship only to find that our friends were on the same cruise.  Believe me, I was totally surprised and taken aback that friends would come so far to help me celebrate my 70th birthday and on a cruise ship.  The surprise was one thing, but the amazing fun, friendship and great memories were just great.  You all are great cruising partners.  Just let us know when and where, and if we can, we will be there!!!


Having Barry along with us was another great experience.  Celebrating two 70th birthdays in one week was more than one person could imagine.  Before we left on Sunday morning, I sent an email to Barry wishing him a happy 70th only to find him singing Happy Birthday in the restaurant on the ship.

You all are good friends and I could not have wished for more.  Thank you so much”.



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5 Responses to Fun end to a wonderful cruise with friends

  1. Sequin says:

    And a belated Happy Birthday to both the “boys”…Randy and Barry! Looks like a great way to celebrate a significant milestone!

  2. Randy says:

    What a way to celebrate a milestone with my thoughtful & wonderful Mary and such nice friends. What a ride it has been.

  3. KidazzleInk says:

    Yes Happy 70th to Barry. Sure sounds like everyone had a great time helping him to celebrate!

  4. Patty Hagan says:

    Glad to hear that both Barry and Randy had fabulous 50th birthdays! What a wonderful way to remember all the fun stuff in the past and create new memories with a week together on a cruise!

  5. Vilma Colon says:

    What a wonderful description of our wonderful birthday celebration cruise! You captured the essence of our time together. We felt so fortunate to be part of that experience. Now to start work on the photo book!

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