Celebrating family, veterans and the spirit of Christmas in Branson, Mo. Day 6

The Brett family--Brydon, Andrea, Tom, Briahna and Garon.

The Brett family–Brydon, Andrea, Tom, Briahna and Garon.

Today was our last day in Branson, and as the days before, promised to be a busy one.  Our first stop was the Brett Family Christmas Show.

The Brett family show was the epitome of a show that featured family, honoring veterans and the spirit of Christmas.  The family is led by parents Tom and Andres and children Briahna, Brydon and Garon.  The entire family is multi-talented not only singing, dancing, and instrumentation but has a wonderful rapport with their audience.


During the show the Veterans Chapter 913 color guard presented the colors followed by everyone in the theatre reciting the Pledge of Allegiance.  Then the curtains parted and we saw the members of this veteran’s chapter on stage for the annual Bretts for Vets award presentation.  Tom explained to the audience that, “The purpose of the Bretts for Vets program is to honor all of those who have served or are serving in our nation’s armed forces, their families, and anyone else who loves our country”.  The award is given to a person who demonstrates extraordinary patriotism and love of country.


A member of the group was called down to receive the award as Tom read a list of accomplishments by the recipient.  The whole award presentation was moving.


The tribute to our veterans also included, Andrea reading a poem she wrote called, “I am a veteran” and a segment of the show called “I’ll be home for Christmas” that included songs from the World War II era.  The entire show was entertaining, fun and inspiring.


After a full morning of laughter and tears, we were off to the Uptown Café for lunch.  The café is an old-time diner with a 1953 Henry J. Kaiser yellow taxi by the front door.


I was hungry but I was really interested in learning what I could about the taxi so I ran out to get a picture of the car and the sign attached.


DSC01130We were presented with a group lunch menu that included a steak burger, grilled ham & cheese, or a smoked turkey croissant.  Well, in a 50’s-60’s style diner what else would you order but a burger and fries?  Randy, John and Lorraine all agreed that the burger was a good choice and brought back fond memories from their teen years.


We were then whisked off to see the “Miracle of Christmas” show at the Sight and Sound Theater. What a show!

Carolers entertained us as we waited for the show to begin.

Carolers entertained us as we waited for the show to begin.

The show told the bible story of Mary and Joseph’s betrothal to the birth of Jesus in Bethlehem.  The story was told with song, dance and, at times, live animals.  One moment you were engrossed watching the main stage and then all of a sudden Roman soldiers were riding horses down the aisles up onto the stage.  Other live animals included a donkey and camels.  One moment you were watching the main stage, stages left and right, the aisles and then angels started to descend from on high.  The show kept the audience so engaged that time just flew by.  We all loved it.


DSC01140It was time to board the bus for a short ride to the Keeter Center at the College of the Ozarks for dinner.  As I mentioned earlier, students attending the college all work at the college.  The food preparation and service was all done by students.  Our tablemates for the evening were Ken, Lynn, Brad, Janes, John and Lorraine.


DSC01144DSC01147The meal was delicious.  We were served a combination a simple salad of greens, raisins and thin slices of cucumber with a light dressing, moist chicken, medallions of pork, squash, garlic mashed potatoes and a the two-layered chocolate cake was light, moist and heavenly.  This meal was by far the best meal we enjoyed the entire trip. After dinner we spent some time walking around the center stopping at the veterans display and visiting the gift shop.


Our last day was busy, the shows were both entertaining and inspiring, the food was delicious but we were all tired and ready to head back to the hotel.

Tomorrow we start our two-day trip back home.



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One Response to Celebrating family, veterans and the spirit of Christmas in Branson, Mo. Day 6

  1. Randy says:

    What a day of exciting entertainment and great food for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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