Cruising with friends on the Norwegian Dawn – Day 2

(Clockwise) Dennis, Connie, Randy, me, Bob, Lucille, Patty, Judy, Connie and Ron

(Clockwise) Dennis, Connie, Randy, me, Bob, Lucille, Patty, Judy, Connie and Ron

Today was a wonderful, quiet day on the ship.  We spent the entire day resting poolside reading, and listening to great music by the Caribbean Wave.  They were so very good.

The only event we had scheduled for the day was a cocktail welcome with the captain for passengers who were members of Latitudes Rewards Program.  This was our third cruise with Norwegian making us bronze members.  Now what does that mean?  Well for one thing, we get little chocolates every evening.  Isn’t it strange how such a small thing can make your whole day seem wonderful?  That little chocolate and our daily towel animal, for me, is a perfect way to end the day.

These small events are nice and usually include complimentary drinks, a talk from several crew members, a little music and, once in a while, giveaways.  During the event, the captain tried his best to explain the problem we experienced boarding the ship but frankly, it sounded like the cruise line had just not gotten its act together once they realized they had a problem with passengers they were picking up in Cozumel.  The explanation sounded reasonable until we realized that the problem had existed for several weeks and they still had not adjusted whatever their practices were to make the embarkation process reasonably easy and uneventful.

DSC01243bDSC01243eWe saw most of our friends during the day as they walked by, some stopping to spend some time, others just passing through.  The hot conversation was whether to go on an excursion in Roatan.  Randy and I have been to the islands more than once but we still like to see what the islands have to offer.  So, we decided we would take an excursion called the ‘South Beach Experience’.  Ron and Connie decided they would go too.

DSC01243fDSC01243Tonight was billed as Norwegian’s Night Out; otherwise known as formal night. I love formal night especially now that we live in Florida.  The clothing of choice in Florida is shorts no matter what the occasion.  So, just once in a while, it is very nice to get dressed up.  All the ladies in our group looked beautiful in their dresses and, all the men were handsome in their suits and tuxedos.

DSC01243dDSC01243cWe all decided to go to the theatre to see the production show, Band on the Run.  The cast sang and danced to songs by Donna Summer, Queen, Styx and many other favorites from why back when.  I cannot share any special moments from the production because the cruise lines have gotten much stricter not allowing any photography, video or audio recordings during the shows.


After the show the group went in different directions.  We walked around the ship for a bit and eventually ran into Ron and Connie sitting in the Atrium listening to the music of Tally and Teri.  The four of us sat, listening to the duo sing a wide variety of music and got to know one another just a little bit more.


The four of us decided to go to the Spinnaker Lounge to hear the assistant cruise director, Luz pay tribute to Tina Turner.  When we got to the lounge it was packed!  It took a few moments but we finally got seats at the back of the lounge. All I could see from my vantage point was a tiny woman with a sock of black hair, wearing a short black dress belting out one great Tina Turner song after another.  Luz definitely had the room rocking.  Of course, she saved the best for last singing Proud Mary to everyone’s delight.

Had a great day, but it was time to head back to the cabin.  I smiled as soon as we entered the cabin, because there on our bed was a wonderful towel turkey.

Tomorrow we dock in Roatan, Honduras.



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4 Responses to Cruising with friends on the Norwegian Dawn – Day 2

  1. Randy says:

    The Tina Turner show was wonderful….

  2. Connie Henderson says:

    Wonderful cruise. Great rooms. Beautiful dining room. Wonderful people in the group. Good to travel with everyone.

  3. Darlyne Harper says:

    What a nice group! Your Christmas Koffee was wonderful, loved the Spode theme! Thank you for having the us. Darlyne Harper

    Sent from my iPad


    • Hello, Darlyne–So glad you were able to join us for the coffee. It was nice to meet a fellow Spode collector. Have a wonderful holiday and Happy New Year. See you at the next coffee. Mary

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