Cruising with friends on the Norwegian Dawn – Day 3

The lovely pools at Honduran resort.

The lovely pools at Honduran resort.

We woke up this morning anticipating beautiful weather and warm waters at a resort on the Honduran coast.  The weather was a beautiful 85 degrees heightening our anticipation for the rest of the day.  We docked at Roatan, Honduras.

Ron, Connie, Randy and I decided we would take advantage of the “South Beach Experience” Parrot Tree Plantation excursion on Roatan.  We were enticed by a description that read: “Relax in lounge chairs on the beach, beach beds, and under the shade of palm trees or dip in the pool.  You’ll also enjoy a complimentary island-style bar buffet which includes fish, chicken, green salad, soft drinks, fruit punch, lemonade and water”.

Judy and Patty having fun dancing with local dancers on the pier.

Judy and Patty having fun dancing with local dancers on the pier.

First, off to the dining room for breakfast with everyone.  Several decided to remain on the ship while others decided to just walk around town. The ride over to the beach was fun with our guide sharing some history of the island and pointing out several historical buildings of interest.


When we arrived at the resort and walked a few steps I must admit the view before us was wonderful.  We saw palm trees swaying gently in the breeze, tables with umbrellas, just beyond the stone wall were beach beds with soft, white cotton curtains down on the sand beach in front of a large lagoon, beyond the lagoon was a sea wall and beyond that lay the Caribbean.  The whole scene was very picturesque.

View of the resort and lagoon

View of the resort and lagoon

Trash beyond the seawall.

Trash beyond the seawall.

View of the trash along seawall and beach.

View of the trash along seawall and beach.

We found a table and tried to decide what we wanted to do first.  Evidently, there had been a storm the day before making it a little difficult to get down to the lagoon as most of the sand had been washed away.  But, Ron and I eventually made it into the water; unfortunately, not for long.  The water was so dirty I got out after only a few minutes and Ron decided to take a walk to the seawall.


DSC01270DSC01274bConnie decided to walk over the pool and see if she could secure some lounge chairs.  I followed Connie shortly thereafter.  Idyllic was the first word that came to mind as I stood on the pool deck and imaged myself floating under the beautiful sunny sky.  That was until I put my first toe into the water.  The water was so cold.  But I came here to enjoy the day and in I went.  After a while, as long as you kept your shoulders in the water, the water became tolerable.


The best part of the day, actually, the two best things about the day, was spending time with Connie and Ron and enjoying a fantastic lunch.   The bus driver stop for photos at several places along the road back to the pier.

Of course, we had to stop and have a local beer before getting back on the ship.

Of course, we had to stop and have a local beer before getting back on the ship.

We arrived back at the ship ready to take a short rest, dress for dinner and enjoy an evening of entertainment.

Tonight’s entertainment was a sketch comedy show featuring members of The Second City.  The comedienne’s included Jon Bander, Ross Taylor, Corey Rittmaster, Lily Sullivan, Caroline Thrasher and Charles Worth.  I will share with you that when I really enjoy a show, joke, or funny story, I not only laugh quite healthily but I snort.  I snorted a lot during the show.

Patty was sitting next to me and she laughed and enjoyed the show as much as I did.  We were quite a pair.  The act Patty enjoyed the most was very funny indeed.  The Lights came up and on the stage are two chairs.  A man sat in one and what appeared to be a woman slumped over.  After a few moments the man started blowing into the woman’s foot.  Oh, my, it’s a blow up doll.  The rest of the time the man talked to and tried to make moves on the doll.  Remember your first boyfriend and his furtive attempts to put his arm around you in the car or movie theatre.  Now keep that picture in your mind as you watch as the doll begins to deflate.  Trust me, when I tell you Patty and I laughed so hard we were both snorting.


A bunch of us decided to head back to the Atrium and the mellow sounds of Tally and Teri to end a fun day.

Tomorrow we dock at Belize.



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2 Responses to Cruising with friends on the Norwegian Dawn – Day 3

  1. Randy says:

    This place had trash in the lagoon and as pictured all along the seawall. The lunch and the pool were great.

  2. bob and sandy says:

    The views were still beautiful despite the trash.

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