Cruising with friends on the Norwegian Dawn – Day 4


Enjoying a great afternoon at the Wet Lizard

Enjoying a great afternoon at the Wet Lizard


What a beautiful day it promised to be.  The skies were clear blue, the waters were calm and we were docking at Belize City, Belize.  Belize is one of my favorite stops because we will be able to stop by our favorite restaurant-bar, The Wet Lizard.


The whole group gathered for breakfast in the dining room and talked about what we would like to do while on shore.  We talked about just walking down the pier and stopping for lunch at the Wet Lizard and to our joy and surprise everyone decided they would go there too.


After breakfast, several of the group went outside to watch as four other ships dropped anchor.  It was definitely going to be a busy day in port.


We donned our Wet Lizard tee shirts and tendered over to the port.


We have cruised to Belize several times and although we have experienced a guided tour of the city and a visit to the ruins at Al Tun Ha, the Wet Lizard remains my favorite place to visit.  The Wet Lizard is a fun and colorful place to gather for friendship and food.  The colors of the walls, tables and chairs are colorful and filled with signature and messages from people from all over the world.  We have left our names more than once.


DSC01303DSC01310Each year the surfaces are painted over and it starts all over again.  Consequently, we have not been able to find our past signatures.  This year, however, Randy climbed on a chair and wrote, “Randy and Mary 2013” on the DSC01306DSC01308ceiling.  Everyone at our table took to the walls and doors and left messages.  I wrote, “The Delicious Divas was here”, Connie wrote, “Summerfield was here”, and so on.

DSC01307DSC01309The menu is full of Belizean delicacies as well as a selection of Tex-Mex cuisine.  My very favorite menu choice is the wonderfully delicious cucumber salsa.  The first time we tried the salsa I made an effort to get the recipe only to be told that they did not give it out.  We returned to the restaurant this past February and discovered that they had decided to put a recipe book together of many of the favorites from the menu including the salsa.  It goes without saying that I purchased a copy of the recipe book.  I was a very happy woman indeed.


DSC01316The port has grown over the years, the Wet Lizard too.  They now have a street level restaurant-bar.  We stopped to look around and for Randy to see if he could pick up wi-fi and post our whereabouts.

Happy and sated, the group went their separate ways to do a little shopping and then back to the ship.  Randy and I eventually made our way back to the pool to do a little reading and just enjoy a beautiful, sunny afternoon.


I loved my dinner this evening.  I had the Kung Pao chicken with Jasmine rice.  The chicken was so tender, the rice perfectly cooked and the sauce hot and spicy; just perfect.

Heading back to the ship we passed the lighthouse at the end of the port

Heading back to the ship we passed the lighthouse at the end of the port

It had been a wonderful day, but we were tired.  Randy and I walked back to our cabin and called it a day, laid our heads on our pillows hoping to relive our day in our dreams.

Tomorrow we dock at Costa Maya.



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4 Responses to Cruising with friends on the Norwegian Dawn – Day 4

  1. Randy says:

    Love the Wet Lizard….. Lots of fun, music and great food.

  2. bob and sandy says:

    Wet Lizard, hope to see you again sometime.

  3. Genny says:

    That’s a most unusual lighthouse! Cool.

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