Cruising with friends on the Norwegian Dawn – Day 7

Randy, Dennis, Connie and Bob

Randy, Dennis, Connie and Bob

Today, I will keep it short and sweet.

The last day on any cruise ship is always one of my favorites.  Randy and I find lounge chairs near the pool, read, listen to great island music, drink a few beers and just bask in the sun until it’s time to go to dinner.

We wound up sitting with Dennis, Connie, and Bob.  Connie and Ron were sunning too but on a different part of the ship.   Judy and Patty were down in the casino having a good time.

The Bimini Grill had a special for the afternoon.  Buy a bucket of beer (5) and get 1 extra plus a tee shirt.  Now is that a deal or what?  So, of course, we ordered a bucket.  The shirt was a Coors Light Shirt.  Randy thought that was great especially as he had miscounted the shirts he would need for the cruise.  He was a happy man.  We eventually ordered burgers from the grill.  The burgers were delicious and cooked perfectly.

Sometime during the afternoon Dennis, Connie, Bob, Lucille and Judy went to an event for passengers at a certain level and above.  When they returned they had beers for both Randy and me.   We both thought that was very kind and generous for them to think of us.

Loved watching the lighted elevators rising and descending in the Grand Atrium

Loved watching the lighted elevators rising and descending in the Grand Atrium

We had a nice dinner and eventually made our way to the theater to see a production called, Bollywood. Oh, my word, the sound was so loud we had to  leave because Randy suffers from tintinitis and he would have been miserable.   We came out of the theater and ran into a passenger who had pieces of tissue paper hanging from her ears.  She said she had to leave because it was hurting her ears.


At dinner Dennis had mentioned that he might try his hand at Karaoke at the Pearly Kings and we thought it would be fun to support him.  We arrived early and listened to several brave souls, some good, some not so good.  However, there was on woman named Edna who we had seen a few nights before and was quite good.  Dennis finally arrived as did Connie, Judy, Patty, Bob and Lucille.


Dennis perused the list of music available and could not find the two he wanted to sing so we abandoned that idea and went back to, what was not our favorite place, the Grand Atrium to hear Tally and Teri.  We had a great time!


It was a great, relaxing day but we needed to turn in early to pack and put our bags in the passageway. We returned to the cabin to find yet another towel animal.  I now had a menagerie.  Of course, I had to take a few pictures of my small zoo.


It was a great trip.  We enjoyed getting to know a little more about old friends and getting to know new friends.

Christmas is around the corner and we will be heading to Huntsville, Alabama to see our daughter, Kara and our granddaughters Fiona and Lauren.  I can’t wait.

The New Year is not far behind and I will be, once again, busy preparing great recipes and sharing what I learn about each and every one.  Until then Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone!



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2 Responses to Cruising with friends on the Norwegian Dawn – Day 7

  1. Sal says:

    Hi Mary,
    As you know we are taking the same cruise on Feb. 9th with lots of members from our karaoke club. We are looking forward to having as much fun as you did. Thanks for the blog; we’ll try to do some of the same things.

  2. Randy says:

    We had alot of fun this evening except for the volume in the theater. Unbelievably LOUD!!!!!!!!

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