Heavenly Hawaiian Cruise on the Star Princess Day 2

Carpinteria Beach

Carpinteria Beach

We woke up today to yet another beautiful California day.   A little brisk but plenty of sunshine.  After a quick breakfast, Brian, Ed and Randy were off to the gun range for a morning of trap shooting.

California 5b

Randy and Brian packed the car with guns and ammo to shoot trap and to do a little pistol shooting.  They drove down the street and picked up a neighbor before heading for the freeway.  They left the freeway traffic of coastal California and proceeded to climb up into the mountains.  Brian drove on a very narrow, windy road for several miles and before long arrived at the shooting range.


“We were right on top of the mountain and the cool breeze made me glad I had a heavy sweatshirt and windbreaker on,” Randy commented.

“The view was great.  You could see one way the next set of mountains and the other way the Pacific ocean and Santa Barbara,” Randy said.

California 8

“I had never shot trap in my life and they thought I was kidding, since I was doing so well,” Randy explained about his success.

Randy explained that he had shot a couple rounds of skeet, which is similar to trap many years before.  The group ended up shooting about 6 rounds and decided to eat some lunch Antoinette put together and talked about the day and current events.  After lunch they made the decision to go home without shooting the pistols.

“It was a wonderful day,” Randy said.  He went to hope that, “the girls had fun on what they were doing”.


Carpinteria Salt Marsh Nature Park

DSC01606DSC01613bAntoinette had a great idea that we take a walk at the Carpenteria Salt Marsh Nature Park.  While Francesca and I spent time looking at the marsh, watching the water birds and reading the information about the park, Antoinette set out to see if we could join a group headed up by a docent.  We finally caught up with the group and listened as the docent educated everyone about the life cycle of the marsh.  It is a beautiful park filled with many rare and endangered plants and birds.


DSC01637DSC01645Then we were off to take a leisurely walk on Carpenteria beach which was only a few steps away from the park.  The water gently rolled toward shore while shorebirds walked in the surf.  As we walked along I could see a line of oil rigs in the distance.  Evidently, Carpenteria beach, with its soft white sand, has the reputation as the world’s safest beach.  We walked to one end talking and taking pictures of the birds then turned back and headed to town for lunch.


DSC01648DSC01650I asked Francesca to choose her favorite restaurant for lunch.  She chose the Siam Elephant Thai restaurant.  I love Thai food so I was eager to try their cuisine.  What a wonderful choice.  The restaurant is small, with an inviting atmosphere with seating inside and outside.  The day was a little chilly so we chose to stay inside.  When the waiter came to ask what we would like to drink, Francesca suggested that I try the Thai iced tea.  Her suggestion came from the experience of having the tea while she was in Thailand and said it was made with coconut milk and was yummy.  She was so very right.  I loved it.

We returned home to rest a bit and freshen up.  Antoinette invited some friends and neighbors over for a short get together for cocktails and appetizers.  It had been a long day so Randy and I turned in early.  The drinks were cool and refreshing, the appetizers delicious and the conversation interesting.

All-in-all it was a wonderful day!  Brian and Antoinette were gracious hosts and we enjoyed spending time with Francesca.

Tomorrow we head back to LA to spend the night before meeting the other members of our traveling group at the airport.



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6 Responses to Heavenly Hawaiian Cruise on the Star Princess Day 2

  1. Teri Van Buren says:

    Sounds like you are having a lot of fun. Enjoy!!

  2. Connie says:

    Hi Mary and Randy, What beautiful pictures. Ron and I have went to the Ocala Forest in the past and used their gun range. Really loud! I was trying to learn how to shoot a gun with a clip. I had difficulty with the slide on the top. After Ron fixed that, I could shoot the target. I liked the little revolver. a 22. Haven’t been for awhile. Glad you two had a good time with family in CA.

  3. Randy says:

    What a hoot shooting Trap on top of a mountain…..

  4. brett rossi says:

    do you mind if I retweet this page?

  5. Genny says:

    Curious, Mary…what was the chicken Thai dish called?

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