Heavenly Hawaii Cruise on board the Star Princess


We only had one more day before boarding the Star Princess for our heavenly cruise across the Pacific to Hawaii.  Randy and I enjoyed a quiet breakfast, doing a bit of laundry and visiting with Antoinette.  Antoinette stopped by the guest house with glasses of freshly squeezed orange juice again and a request that Randy help check her computer.

DSC01663We all went for a ride down to Carpinteria for lunch and stopped at a restaurant called The Nugget.  I loved the atmosphere as soon as I walked in the door.  There was a bit of a Wild West feel to the restaurant with its wooden bar, large mirror over the bar and all manner of animal heads hanging on the walls.  But what really caught my attention were all the pictures, license plates, and Hollywood memorabilia covering every inch of the walls.


After reviewing the menu, I chose a chili dog that was just wonderful.  As soon as it came to the table all thoughts of my camera vanished as I picked up my fork and started to eat.  We enjoyed a tasty lunch, talked a bit then said our goodbyes. Randy and I got on the road and headed down to LA.  We had a reservation at the LaQuinta near the airport and wanted to turn in our rental car and get settled in for a good night’s sleep.


After a quick breakfast, short ride to the airport and a bit of a wait, we met up with the other members of our community, boarded a bus to the port and were finally on board.  We were impressed that as soon as we boarded we could go straight to our cabin.  The cabin was just perfect.  We dropped off our smaller luggage and went up to the Horizon buffet to grab a bite to eat.  As we ate I noticed that Hawaiian music was playing.  What a great way to start our Horizon cruise I thought.


After lunch we took a walk around the ship.  Before we knew it, 4 o’clock had rolled around and we headed up to the pool deck for the sail away party.  As we sailed along, we passed a buoy with seals taking advantage of a small place to just kick back.


DSC01680DSC01681As the sun started to set it  became a bit chilly and windy and I was very glad I had warm clothing.  Randy and I always love watching the ships start their slow move towards the open waters.  We have been to many ports over the years and I could not help but take note that this was the most commercial port we have every sailed away from.  There were shipping containers as far as the eye could see and cranes everywhere.


DSC01715DSC01732Time for dinner was coming upon us quickly even so we stopped to take a few pictures of the sun setting over the horizon.


DSC01736DSC01743bWe arrived at the dining room and met our tablemates for the length of the cruise.  I was not very hungry and decided to order a frozen rum-infused Pina Colada soup, an appetizer sized Fettucine Alfredo in a crisp parmesan basket.  The soup was served in a glass with a straw and was very light and delicious.  I loved the parmesan basket.  Feeling as though I still had room, I decided to order the flourless macadamia nut chocolate cake.  It was delicious but in the end I could not finish it.  It was definitely one of those times when my eyes were bigger than my stomach.

There were many activities scheduled for the evening but Randy and I decided to head back to the cabin, unpack and relax for the rest of the evening.

Tomorrow we will enjoy a breakfast on the balcony, peruse the Princess Patter (the ship’s daily newsletter of activities, movies and shows) and decide what activities to get involved with.



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5 Responses to Heavenly Hawaii Cruise on board the Star Princess

  1. Sal says:

    Hi Mary,
    Since we are sailing to Hawaii from LA in April, we’ll be eagerly awaiting your posts so we can preview our trip through your comments.

  2. Connie says:

    Beautiful room. Sounds like you had a good experience getting on the ship and being made comfortable immediately. It is so nice to be waited on in the dining rooms aboard ship. I have gotten to try many different items without feeling guilty. Hope you have a beautiful cruise. Cute shot of the seals on the buoy.

  3. Connie says:

    That should have read “glady you had a beautiful cruise”. I keep forgetting this is after the fact. Connie

  4. sCznXIi says:

    aha, I like this topic, bookmark this page, huangjintang.

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