Heavenly Hawaii Cruise on the Star Princess-At sea day 1


Today was our first full at sea.  We will be at sea for four days.  We woke up to a sky full of clouds, gently rolling seas and temperatures in the upper 50’s.  The air was cool so we decided to go to the Horizon buffet for breakfast.  Randy and I have been on several different cruise lines and are amused when we discover little differences in them all.  On Princess, or at least on this ship, the tables are already set with silverware, napkins, juice glasses and coffee cups.  As soon as you sit down a crew member approaches the table with juice and coffee.  We agreed that this was a service we enjoyed.


We read the Princess Patter the night before and chose several activities we would like to be involved in.  One thing we have learned over the years is that you can never be bored on a cruise ship.  There is so much to do; sometimes it is very hard to choose.  The first activity for the day was a Scholarship@Sea program called Photography@Sea class conducted by Mark Emery of Platinum Studio by Joe Craig.  Randy gave me a wonderful Canon Rebel single lens reflex camera last Christmas and I am still learning all the bells and whistles.  Always eager to learn new things, we decided to go.  Mark was wonderful.  He was professional, engaging, and easy to understand as he walked everyone through the many features on various cameras.

“I found his whole presentation to be relaxing, informative and thought his way of presenting it to the audience very clear and concise,” Randy said as we went for a walk around the ship.


DSC01758DSC01760We knew there were three pools on the main pool deck; a small one on the back of the ship, a covered pool.  But, what we discovered on our journey was a secluded area called The Sanctuary.  The area was beautiful and serene.  There was a pool, lounge chairs, massage tables, a perfect place to get away and just have peace and quiet.  The pool was netted when we walked by.  The seas had picked up causing large waves in the pool.  There is a charge to use this area by the ½ day and full day.  We made a note to go there one day.


After a quick lunch we retreated back to our cabins to enjoy our balcony and read.  Before we knew it, it was time for dinner.  But before dinner we stopped at the Crooners Bar to a drink. I looked around the room to see what people were drinking and my settled on a wonderful looking concoction.  When the waiter approached I asked what the drink was and he said it was a Milky Way Martini and said it contained Grey Goose, Kahlua and Irish Cream.  The martini was smooth, creamy and chocolaty, in other words, delicious.


I was looking forward to getting to know our tablemates a little more.  As we ate our dinner, Ron, Jane, Dolly and Karen all shared stories about how they spent their day.  The conversation was at times lively and always interesting.  I loved my choices this evening.  I had the Pineapple with honey roasted pistachios, and Island-Spiced Jerk Chicken with Rice and Beans.  The meal was delicious.  On our way out of the dining room we were captured by pirates.


Blissfully resting on stage

We decided not to go to the show that evening but instead headed to the Vista Lounge to see Hypnotist Matthew Fallon.   I had never seen a live hypnotist show and was anxious to see what he would ask the participants to do.  Just as we found our seat, Fallon asked for volunteers to go on stage and participate in the show.  Now, I do not know what made me do it, but I went up.  I do not remember much from that point on except for what Randy related to me later in the evening, but evidently I was funny.  Mary Delaney, another member of our group also went up.  Randy said she was funny too.

“He was very relaxing and reassuring which almost put the audience in a trance,” Randy said later.

“He was very nice about not pushing the envelope of making people do things that they would not normally do.  I thought it was very funny that Mary had volunteered.”

Laughing Randy said, “You were the last person I would think would volunteer.”

After the show we walked around for a while and then turned in the night to enjoy pleasant dreams.

Tomorrow is another day at sea.



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7 Responses to Heavenly Hawaii Cruise on the Star Princess-At sea day 1

  1. Randy says:

    WHat a busy day. The ship is beautiful and the stuff to do was almost overwhelming. Fun.

  2. Teri Van Buren says:

    I to volunteered to be hypnotist once. What an experience, you really can not ex
    plain the feeling. I am glad you are having so much fun.

    • Hi, Teri–You are right, you really cannot explain the feeling after it is all over, but what a nice experience. Thanks for stopping by and leaving some words. Keep reading. Mary

  3. Genny says:

    So-o-o, you really went under? What did Matthew have you do? Randy, tell us.

    • Hi, Genny–This is what I can tell you, I remember understanding what he wanted us to do but do no a clear understanding of what we did. I relied on Randy to tell me what happened on the stage. It was fun to see the pictures afterwards. Mary

  4. Connie says:

    I have a cousin that stopped smoking by being hypnotised. He said it was very relaxing. Never smoked again. I think you were very brave to go on stage for the experiment. The martini looked good too.

  5. Dear Mary and Randy,

    Hello! Matthew Fallon here 😊
    I’ve stumbled upon your really great review of your cruise and am honored to have been a part of your vacation!! And Mary, I’m honored you trusted and joined me onstage! Thank you for following natural inspiration and living outside the box! 😉

    I hope our paths cross again, somewhere, sometime soon.

    Warmest regards,
    Matthew Fallon, CH.t

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