Heavenly Hawaii Cruise on the Star Princess at sea Day 4


Cloudy, threatening sky, but beautiful!

Today was going to yet another lazy day at sea.  The morning started shrouded in cloud cover and a sprinkling of rain.  But, at a little after eight in the morning it was already the warmest day of our trip.

Aren't we cute?

Aren’t we cute?

We started this wonderful day with a continental breakfast of juice, coffee, fruits, and pastries out on the balcony enjoying the slow roll of the swells and an every clearing sky.  Just for fun, we joined the rest of selfie generation and took a picture out on the balcony.

I loved the wood deck chairs, lockers and door fames on the Promenade Deck.

I loved the wood deck chairs, lockers and door fames on the Promenade Deck.

The weather was so inviting that we decided to take a walk around the Promenade Deck to get some exercise and perhaps, just perhaps help mitigate the effect of all those wonderful foods we are enjoying each and every day.   One thing I really love about this ship is the warm feeling and atmosphere that is created by all the wood enhancements on and around the ship.  Lovely, just lovely.

Our first appointment of the day was to see photography Mark Emery to look at the photographs he had taken two days before.  We stopped at the International Café so I could get a flavored coffee and sit for a few minutes enjoying the comings and goings at the Atrium.


The day of our sitting, Mark had taken 61 shots of us.  After a short explanation of how the viewing would proceed, he turned on a slideshow of the photographs.  I immediately loved all the photographs even though some shots brought a smile to my face.


After the slide show, Mark put a series on the screen from which we had to choose our favorites and then move on to the next series.  We managed to get our number down to 23.  Now the hard part, we had to choose a package.  Once the package was chosen we then had to choose the number of photos that matched the package.

We narrowed our choices to 8 different poses. Mark was very happy because several of the final eight were his favorites too.  The photographs would be shipped to our home and arrive in several weeks.  These were two of our final choices.

“The pictures he took were amazing.  Mark is quite talented,” Randy remarked later.  Randy agreed that it was very hard to pick the ones we wanted but was reassured at the end when Mark agreed with our choices explaining that he would have been disappointed if we had not chosen one pose in particular.

We barely had time to run from the viewing to get to the next naturalist presentation, “Islands in the Sea – Isolated & Ever Growing” by Naturalist Dr. Sharron Faff.   Dr. Faff once again gave a wonderful talk, aided with slides and videos, of the formation and continuing growth of the Hawaiian Islands.  Dr. Faff also talked about the Hawaiian Archipelago that includes smaller islands, atolls and reefs.  I did not know that Midway was an atoll.  The talk was very informative and interesting.

“I knew quite a bit about the islands but I learned much more about the history of the island and really enjoyed the presentation,” Randy remarked as we left the theatre.

We stopped for a quick lunch at the International Café.  We planned to go to Neptune’s Reef & Pool to watch “Wet, Wild & Wacky Pool Games”, but frankly I was really tired and went back to the cabin for a little relaxation and read.

Randy decided to go to the pool so, I was surprised when he returned after only a short time.  When asked why he returned so soon he said, “There were so very few people participating and watching the games, I decided to come back and take a nap”.  Randy attributed the low participation to the weather.

Simple dinner of grilled chicken with vegetables.  Yummy.

Simple dinner of grilled chicken with vegetables. Yummy.

I think we both drifted off for a while because when next we looked at the clock it was time to prepare for dinner.  Dinner was delicious and, as usual, the conversation was fun and lively.

After dinner Randy, myself, Ron, Jane and Dolly all headed down to the Vista Lounge for see a production show called, “Motor City” starring the Star Princess singers and dancers.  The show was fast, colorful and featured the music of The Supremes, Tina Turner, The Jackson Five and Stevie Wonder.  The show was fun.

As I said, our day was designed to be a very lazy day.  We decided to head back to our cabin and get a good night’s rest but not before we watched the daily showing of a rerun of the fun show TV show “Love Boat”.   It is always good to fall asleep with a smile.

Tomorrow we anchor at Lahaina, Maui.



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6 Responses to Heavenly Hawaii Cruise on the Star Princess at sea Day 4

  1. Randy says:

    Now those are great photographs!!!!!!

  2. Jody Gavin says:

    Both of those pictures were great. I liked the black and white.

  3. Ellen says:

    I love the first picture, it makes the viewer think they were right there with you. Dinner looks very good too.

  4. Connie says:

    The pictures are wonderful. However, I like the pic of you two on deck chairs. Yes, you are cute.

  5. mary delaney says:

    nice pictures and hopefully we will see the group shot you took at the Vista Lounge. thanks mary

  6. Linda says:

    Those pictures are absolutely amazing! Beautiful!! Sounds like a dream trip!! Enjoy!!!

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