Looking back at special moments on Heaveny Hawaii Cruise


Our wonderful traveling companions!

It has been quite a while since I last posted. Sometimes life just gets in the way.  Since returning from our wonderful cruise to the Hawaiian Islands, I learned that there was a change of the guard at work that I needed to make adjustments to, traveled north to help celebrate my daughter’s birthday, and, when I returned, was felled with a bout of pneumonia. I am back on my feet again and eager to return to one of my very favorite activities; blogging about delicious food and traveling.

Recently, I found myself reminiscing about all the highlights of our trip on the Star Princess to Maui, Hawaii, Oahu, Kauai and Ensenada.

Dolly, Randy, Mary, Jane and Ron

Dolly, Randy, Mary, Jane and Ron

What we enjoyed most about this cruise was the enjoyment we received each and every day at the dinner table and crossing paths with other members of our group.  We loved arriving each night at the dinner table and sharing our experiences and around the ship and ashore with tablemates Dolly, Jane and Ron.




As the days passed, I learned that we were in the midst of an adventuresome group.  On Valentine’s Day we attended a fun wine tasting event and, participated in a renewal of vows ceremony officiated by the ship’s captain.

Mary guiding the SSHops across the pool!

Mary guiding the SSHops across the pool!


One day at sea, we watched as members of our group attempted to float a vessel made up of only found items around the ship across the pool carrying six full cans of beer.


The next day, we attended a very food preparation talk by chef, took a tour of one of the food galleys.

Dolly center stage!

Dolly center stage!

That evening we watched as one of our tablemates, Dolly, sang in the ship’s Pop Choir.

Rosina in back row smiling!

Rosina in back row with flower in her hair and smiling!

Another member of our group Rosina and other happy cruisers showcased their ukulele skills in the Princess theatre.


Our last stop was Ensenada, Mexico. As we were pulling into port, Randy told me that the flag flying over the port was the largest flag in the world. It was huge. The port is a large commercial port and was situated only a few blocks from the downtown area. After being on the sea for four days it was nice to just get off and walk around a bit.


We ran into Diamond and Lee and spent the morning walking along the city streets stopping here and there at many of the little shops that lined the streets. Of course, we had to stop for a cold drink before returning to the ship.


As we prepared for dinner I noticed that a flock of pelicans were flying by our balcony and stepped out to take a look.  We were on deck 11 and were amazed at how very close the birds were.  I felt that I could almost touch them.  Wonderful!


The entertainment on the last evening on the ship was a combination of musical acts performed by crew members. The performances were entertaining, fun and just plain wonderful.


But, the best part of the evening’s entertainment was watching everyone in the audience having fun tossing balloons around the theatre and watching people’s faces as they entered the theatre not knowing what was happening. It was truly priceless.

I always love everything about cruising so, I am a little biased. So, I asked my tablemates to share their impressions of the cruise.

Dolly shared her impressions of her bucket-list trip to Hawaii this way:

“Wonderful dinner companions who added spice to our dinner conversations as well as laughter made my memories sweeter”,’

“My almost $2000 win at bingo. Needed just one number! Guess what the next number was?”,

“Thanks to Randy for video-taping my participation in the Princess Pop Choir”,

“Beautiful weather, calm seas, whale-watching, seeing three rainbows in one day”,

These are, in Dolly’s words, “Memories to last a lifetime”.

Ron and Jane shared their impressions this way:

“We ate at the same time at dinner time. We made new friends and shared stories, jokes and good times. For other meals, we ate at different places allowing us to meet new people each day, mostly from other countries”.

Ron and Jane both felt that, “Discussing similarities and differences between the USA and their countries was a highlight”.

Ron also shared that they found their trips to the Polynesian Cultural Center on Oahu and zip-lining on Kauai with Mount Qai’ale’ale in the background both wonderful experiences.

Randy and I agree, it was truly a memorable trip.

As the islanders say, “A hui hou—Until we meet again”.

The last sunset before heading home.

The last sunset before heading home.



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2 Responses to Looking back at special moments on Heaveny Hawaii Cruise

  1. Randy says:

    We are finally home….. Great cruise.

  2. Ellen says:

    Sure looks like a great cruise, home? I think that is only for a few hours before your off again, but not complaining your following my advise, live for today and love every minute of it.

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