Easter rabbits and chocolate eggs on the Freedom of the Seas


It seems like just yesterday Randy and I took off for yet another wonderful cruise this time to the central Caribbean and yet, it is almost the end of May.  I must confess that life has been a bit of a challenge over these past weeks as we left almost immediately upon our return for a trip to visit a family member in strife.

But, I am getting ahead of myself.  Let me share with you over the next few days some of the highlights of our wonderful cruise to Coco Cay, Puerto Rico and St. Marteen.

We left Easter morning to a cloud covered sky and an increasing chance of rain as we drove to the port to board Royal Caribbean’s Freedom of the Seas.  I love the Freedom of the Seas.  We have traveled on this ship several times and love the layout, activities, food and all the wonderful entertainment.


We arrived at the Windjammer Café around noon and were pleasantly surprised and delighted to see that the crew had set up a beautiful display of Easter delights.  There were dyed eggs of many colors on display as well as foil covered chocolate eggs to be enjoyed by young and old alike.  I stood near the display for a while and watched as the children and adults smiled and eagerly chose a chocolate egg to enjoy.  And, yes, Randy and I each took a chocolate egg to enjoy later in the day.


Randy arranged for us to have a balcony once again much to my delight. The balcony was almost twice the size of the last balcony we had which was very nice.  It seemed as though we had just settled in and it was dinner time. Our reservations were for 5:30pm on the third floor of the dining room.  That was just fine by us so we could make the early shows if we chose and we could always change the time later in the cruise if we decided we wanted a later dinner hour.


We sat at a table for two and enjoyed a light meal.  I had the chilled watermelon soup, prime rib, baked potato and steamed vegetables.  Everything was just delicious although my steak was a bit rare for my taste.


We went right to the Arcadia Theatre for the “Welcome Aboard” show.  The ship’s house band played several songs highlighting several of their star performers; there was a song and dance routine by DreamWorks star Puss N’ Boots, aerialist Ariel Adagio of Ilia, performed some amazing feats for us and then the icing on the cake, standup comedienne Al Romas.   He was so funny!  How funny you ask?  I was laughing so hard I started to snort which made Randy laugh out loud.


After the show we decided to take a leisurely walk along the Promenade and ran into a flash dance group.  We walked around a bit and then retired back to our room, read the Sunday paper, watched one of my favorite movies of all time, Ben Hur, and then turned in for a good night’ sleep.  The seas were a bit rocky but, I found the rocking motion of the ship to be soothing and fell fast to sleep.

Tomorrow we anchor off Coco Cay.  I already knew exactly what coconut palm my beach chair was under and  dreamed about it until the sun came up in the morning.




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7 Responses to Easter rabbits and chocolate eggs on the Freedom of the Seas

  1. Diane Brandley says:

    Thanks, Mary. What fun to be “along with you” on the cruise.

  2. Connie Tarsook says:

    Sounds heavenly… We have to take a cruise on this ship for sure! Perhaps late November or early December. Let us know if you find a deal.

  3. Randy says:

    I loved the delicious eggs…

  4. Bob and Sandy says:

    Sure looks wonderful. We will all cruise again someday (hopefully soon).

  5. Ellen says:

    The view from your balcony was wonderful, and what a beautiful easter display, told my sister we can make that bunny if she decided to do the April coffee again. Thanks so much for sharing.

  6. Sal says:

    Hi Mary,
    What a contrast! We were on the Carnival Miracle on our cruise to Hawaii and on Easter the waiter went around our table with an Easter basket and we each took a small chocolate egg. We are looking forward to cruising on the Freedom in the future.

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