Coconut palms, white sands and turquoise waters on Coco Cay

Morning sun shining down on our destination, Coco Cay

Morning sun shining down on our destination, Coco Cay

Our second day of the cruise started with heavy swells and a question as to whether or not we would be able to get onto the island.

You see, we had to tender (take a small boat to the island rather than tie up at a pier).  The captain anchored off the island and the tenders made several attempts to tie up but the swells were too high and the waves and current made the anchor shift.  Eventually, the captain turned the ship around and released a second anchor and finally got the ship situated for the tenders to be stable enough to take on passengers.  We finally got off the ship and onto the tender around 9:30am.

View of the ship from the beach

View of the ship from the beach

I do not know how anyone can say “been there, done that” when it comes to Coco Cay.  I love this small beautiful island.  For me, this island is paradise with its white sands, coconut palms, and turquoise waters, sea birds gracefully gliding through the air and hearing the wonderful sounds of island music serenading everyone throughout the day.


We headed for our favorite spot, found two beach chairs and settled in for a day of soaking up the sun and reading.  Lunch was wonderful as always.  I indulged in my favorite island delicacy, red rice and   beans.  Yummy.


The skies darkened so; we decided to head back to the ship.  The trip back to the ship was like being on a roller coaster ride.  Passengers on the tender would squeal with delight as the waves pitched us up, down and side to side.


DSC02574DSC02578Dinner was wonderfully delicious again this evening.  I ate a wonderful meal of banana and rum soup, Caesar salad, beef tenderloin and vegetables. Randy enjoyed the duck.  I decided to have dessert tonight having the sky high lemon meringue pie which was actually a lemon tart.


Captain Ron Holmes, Canada

Captain Ron Holmes, Canada

After dinner we stopped by the excursion desk to pick up tickets for a tour around old and new Puerto Rico.  Next, a short trip to the cabin to change clothes then off to the theatre.   The captain treated everyone to a glass of champagne or non-alcoholic fruit punch and introduced members of the crew.  He was very engaging and funny as he made his presentation.  An interesting tidbit shared during his presentation was there were over 4000 passengers representing 41 different countries on the cruise.


The production show was a non-stop treat for the eyes and ears as we watched the ship’s production singers and dancers in a show called “Marquee”.  The show highlighted many familiar songs from famous and long-running Broadway hits.  Before we knew it the show was over leaving us wanting more.  We decided to stay in the theatre for the late-night adult comedy show of Al Romas.  Everyone in the audience had a great time.  If you ever have a chance to see this man perform, go, you will be glad you did.

Beautiful colors at sunset

Beautiful colors at sunset

Before turning out the lights, Randy and I spent time on the balcony enjoying the sound of the waves, cool breeze and sharing thoughts about our day.

Tomorrow we are at sea.



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7 Responses to Coconut palms, white sands and turquoise waters on Coco Cay

  1. Bob and Chris Messersmith says:

    love the picture of you two at dinner!…bob and chris
    Our next cruise is on Oasis on Chris’ birthday in January.

    • Hi, Thanks for stopping by and leaving some words. We will be on the Oasis in September for a two month cruise/land tour to Europe. Have you been on the Oasis before? If not, you will love it. Mary

  2. Genny says:

    Great sunset picture!

  3. Randy says:

    The time on the island and the balcony was great, along with the rest of the day.

  4. Connie says:

    I really liked the picture of you two at dinner. Sounds like another wonderful trip. Connie

    • Hi, Connie–Yes it was a wonderful trip. Can’t wait for the next one. I hope this finds you getting better and stronger each day. Thanks for stopping by and leaving some words. Mary

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