Relaxation and dynamite entertainment at sea

Arcadia Theatre

Arcadia Theatre

I rolled over in bed and opened my eyes to see the beginnings of a beautiful day.  The sky was bright, only a few white billowy clouds in the sky and calm seas.


We did not plan on a busy day instead opting to eat a quick breakfast, finding two comfortable lounge chairs at the Solarium pool and kicking back for the day.  I was anxious to start my next Vince Flynn novel “Pursuit of Honor”, and Randy was catching up with his Rifleman magazines.  The Solarium pool is wonderful because it is for adults only and away from the hub-bub of the main pool.

Bridge over the Solarium pool

Bridge over the Solarium pool

I stopped by the library and picked up the daily trivia sheet and a word scrambles called Magazine Titles.  The trivia was challenging.  I was also excited because Randy had prepared a small, compact laptop for me to use to do some writing.  There was a warm breeze that kept us very comfortable while relaxing by the pool.  Eventually, we went to the Windjammer Café and enjoyed a light lunch.


As we were heading back to our chairs we realized that the ‘Sexiest Man in the World’ contest was going on and stopped to watch.  These men are so funny encouraged by loved ones to participate some reluctantly, some with anxious anticipation.  We watched as they strutted around trying to impress the women judges with their flirty and sexy moves.


The crowd watched as the contestants strutted their stuff  past the field of judges.  At the completion of the competition and, while the judges were comparing notes, the emcee had all the men perform push-ups, sit-ups and jumping jacks for the crowd showing off their athletic skill, or lack thereof.  The men lined up all anxiously waiting to see who would be crowned The Sexiest Man in the Word.

The first judge approached the line of men and walked up and down the line until she finally stopped and hung a silver medal around the neck of one of the contestants.  What did he win?  He won the award for being a typical tourist.  The second judge walked the line stopping here and there until she finally stopped and hung a silver medal around the neck of the next contestant for having the best ‘booty’.  The emcee asked all the contestants to pull up the legs to their bathing suits and show off their legs.  The third judge walked up and down until finally awarded yet another silver medal to the man with the hairiest legs.

Getting ready for the "Sexiest Man Contest"

Waiting to see who will be the “Sexiest man in the World”

Now it was time for the coveted title.  The last judge did the honors awarding a gold medal to the “Sexiest Man in the World”.  What is so funny is that these gentlemen wear their medals proudly throughout the cruise stopping and shaking hands with well wishers.  The whole event is just too funny.

DSC02654Before we knew it the day had waned and it was time to go get ready for dinner. After sitting all day, I was not very hungry and settled for a chilled mango and pineapple soup, a Caesar’s salad and a lunch portion of the linguini with Pomodoro sauce.  Everything was delicious.


The highlight of the day was the performance by Tony Tillman in the Arcadia Theatre.  This man is a dynamo on the stage.  He danced; he sang and engaged the audience to level that is noteworthy.  He sang a wide range of rock and roll, Motown, rhythm and blues and country songs that had the audience wildly applauding and singing along.  If you ever have a chance to see this man perform, go you will be glad you did.

Tomorrow we dock in Puerto Rico.



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One Response to Relaxation and dynamite entertainment at sea

  1. Randy says:

    Tony Tillman is diano-mite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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