A sea day packed with food, fun, games and entertainment


Beautiful sunrise (5:39am)

This was our last day at sea and I did not want to waste a minute of it.  I was up before dawn and waited on the balcony for the sun to rise.  How wonderful to see this ball of fire we call the sun come up over the horizon.  What a spectacular sight.

DSC02926 - Copy

By 7:42am, we had already watched the sun come up, had our breakfast and found our lounge chairs at the Solarium pool.  Randy armed with magazines and I with my kindle have settled in for a morning of sunshine and relaxation.



DSC02934DSC02940bOur afternoon, however, was one fun event after another.  First on our agenda was to attend FreedomFest held on the promenade.  Just for a moment think about the art festivals, craft fairs and food festivals that have been held in your own home town and how much fun they were.  A day filled with booth after booth filled with delights that made you smile. Now, imagine that happening on ship slowly cruising on the beautiful blue sea and you have FreedomFest.


DSC02939There were booths all along the promenade booths with crew members demonstrating animal towel animal folding, fruit, vegetable and ice carving, sharing bar trick secrets, several chefs shared expert culinary tips and so much more.  While talking to the chef, I asked if he would share the recipes of all the chilled soups served over the week.  He assured me I would receive a copy of all the recipes during dinner.  I also bought the newest copy of the cruise line’s cookbook, Carte du Jour 2nd Edition.   The cookbook is a wonderful collection of delicious recipes from the dining room and the specialty restaurants on Royal Caribbean ships.


DSC02944While the festival was in full swing, I attended a cupcake decorating class at the Cupcake Cupboard.  When I signed up, I was a little worried that everyone else attending the class would be children but to my surprise there were two teenage girls and five other women.


DSC02946DSC02942The class was a lot of fun and in the end we all created delicious looking cheeseburgers and French fries all from cupcakes, colored icing and fondant.  I will definitely participate in this activity again on future cruises.


Along the promenade are restaurants and shops that we tried our best to visit during our cruise.  One that we visited during the festival was the Bull & Bear English Pub. After looking over the extensive list of choices we decided on a pale lager from the Netherlands called Grolsch Premium Lager.  The lager was a little different taste than I am used to but very tasty.


One thing Randy really enjoys doing is exploring so off we went to explore parts of the ship we had not visited.  On one of the decks at the bow of the ship there were several benches and just out of the corner of my eye I noticed something and had to investigate.  As I got closer, I realized it was one of those toy monkeys with long legs and arms that my granddaughter Maddy had hanging from her bedpost at home when she was younger.  Not sure if a passenger hung it there or a crew member; it did not matter, it was cute.  Of course, I had to take a picture of it.



Our afternoon was not over yet.  Just before dinner we lined up with many other passengers for the DreamWorks® Move It! Move It!® Spectacular Parade.  The parade was filled with many crew members and production cast members dressed in colorful costumes and, along with DreamWorks characters Po, Shrek, Fiona, Alex the Lion King, King Julien, Gloria the hippo and Puss n’ Boots, marched and danced their way around promenade much to the delight of young and old alike.

DSC02976bAfter such an exciting afternoon, I decided I just wanted some comfort food for dinner and had the chilled pineapple and lychee soup and the roasted turkey.  As promised, the executive chef indeed sent an envelope to our table with the seven chilled fruit soups we enjoyed each evening.  Now the funny part; the recipes were for servings of 100 to 500.  I started to laugh and thought: Well, I will just have to put my math skills to work when I return to my kitchen.


I always love the farewell shows on ships.  There were song and dance routines by the production cast, a showing from comedienne Jim David, an aerial act by Ilia and many of the DreamWorks characters took to the stage.  The show was fun, fun, fun.

The entire day was just wonderful but it was time to go back to the cabin pack and get a good night’s sleep.

Tomorrow we disembark and head home.

DSC02928 - CopyEnjoy,


PS–I love looking at all the art around the ships I travel on.  I especially liked this wonderful piece by artist, Koichiro Yamamoto called Liquid Piece V. Half Full Jug & Glass

The description read: The artist is inspired by cooking, eating and drinking.  Most objects of our daily life are an inspiration for him and are turned into works of art.  He creates illusions by using the pre-conceptions that we have of form.  Wonderful!

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8 Responses to A sea day packed with food, fun, games and entertainment

  1. Judy mcGrath says:

    Mary, you sure make cruising sound fun.

  2. Dee Manin says:

    Mary Where were you when I had the bakery!!!i never made cupcakes….had no requests!!!!

    • Hi, Dee–It was so much fun making the cupcake. I learned that each day they make a different specialty cupcake. The day before they made a dog. I wish I had know that. Next time we go I will ask what they are making and schedule accordingly. Mary

  3. Randy says:

    What a day!!!!!

  4. Genny says:

    Mary, now that you know how to do fun stuff with cupcakes, maybe you can teach it to the kids for the Grandkids Events?? Also, the pineapple & lychee soup sounds Yum!

  5. Liz says:

    You and Randy must own part of Royal Carribbean by now!! Love reading about your adventures!

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