Chillin on the Patio

View of the golf course from Topper's Tavern patio

View of the golf course from Topper’s Tavern patio

When Randy and I first moved to Spruce Creek Golf and Country Club in 2002 there was a restaurant within the community called the Blue Water Grille.  We loved the atmosphere, the food and the view of the golf course from the dining room.

Since then the restaurant changed hands several times with new names, new staff, new menus and sometimes mixed reviews.  Topper’s Tavern came on the scene last year and what I have been able to glean from conversations with friends and neighbors, the restaurant will be a positive change in our community.

We noticed that some carpet had been replaced, other carpets were mended and cleaned, the fire pit on the patio had been repaired, the kitchen equipment had been replaced, there were new umbrellas on the patio, the bar took on a new look, large screen TVs had been added and the selection of beer offerings had doubled to name a few.

The new management also hired a new chef and experimented with various forms of entertainment including a barbeque rib cookout on the patio, Italian night and wine tasting nights during the fall and winter months.

Randy and I decided we would try dining at Topper’s and see if the changes that taken place would bring us back as regulars to the restaurant.

All of that brings me to a recent visit to Topper’s.  The evening was warm with a light breeze making it a comfortable evening to be sitting outside as sunset started to descend over the golf course.


Our friend Sandy was celebrating a birthday so, we decided to head up to Topper’s for dinner on the patio.  We got there a little early so I could set up her birthday card; a delicious, filled happy birthday decorated cupcake and ties a fun balloon to her chair.

One thing that has definite improved at Topper’s is the menu.  I have eaten at Topper’s a number of times with Randy, friends and in groups over the last year and have never been disappointed.  And, each time I have chosen a different selection to get a good feel about the quality and taste of the food.

The heat of the day was still lingering as we prepared to make our selections so, we all decided to keep our choices on the lite side.


Sandy ordered the Chicken Quesadillas filled with grilled chicken, bacon, scallions, red bell peppers, jalapenos and Colby jack cheese. I have had these several times and they are really tasty.


Sandy’s husband, Bob, ordered the Trio Salad Plate with the house-made chicken, tuna and egg salad served on a bed of greens with tomatoes, cucumbers and warm flatbread points.


Randy and I ordered the Topper’s House Salad.  We both love the combination of mixed greens tossed in herb vinaigrette with candied pecans, craisins, and diced provolone cheese.


Now, add a couple of pitchers of ice-cold beer and you have a wonderful meal on a warm, spring evening.


What made the evening even more enjoyable was the music of entertainer Joe Carter.  With his very pleasant voice, Joe sang a nice variety of country and rock and roll songs. Do you like the songs of Elvis, Tommy Edwards, Josh Turner, Jerry Lee Lewis, Toby Keith?  Well, Joe can sing their songs and so much more.  I learned that Joe entertains every Thursday evening on the patio.  At one point I turned and asked Randy to dance, the next thing I knew others joined us.  There was no dance floor, just a little patch of patio but it sufficed.  A little later we noticed that several golf carts had stopped on the golf course to listen to the music too.

Choosing Topper’s was a wonderful idea.   The evening could not have been better.   The atmosphere was inviting, the service prompt and friendly, the food delicious and the entertainment was great.  We all had a great time, especially Sandy.



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3 Responses to Chillin on the Patio

  1. Randy says:

    Yummy food, nice company, great service and wonderful entertainment.

  2. Bob and Sandy says:

    what a fun evening that was, even though I am old(er).

  3. Ellen says:

    We’ve been up a couple of times for the “Wednesday” dinners….Bill and his buddy went for German night said it was the best one yet. Happy Birthday Sandy

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