First full day on the ship kicking back and relaxing


The first full day on the ship we decided to just kick back and relax. We started this beautiful day of blue skies and calm waters with a continental breakfast of fresh fruit, pastries and coffee on the balcony.


We spent the early morning hours hanging out in the cabin and reading. Just before lunch we took a leisurely walk around the ship.  We had been on the Oasis in 2010 and wanted to see if anything had changed over the years.  Fortunately, they had not.

Looking down at the park.

Looking down at the park.

There are so many wonderful places to eat on the ship but one of our favorite places is the Park Café in the Central Park neighborhood. Central Park is one of seven neighborhoods on the Oasis of the Seas.  There is also the Boardwalk, Royal Promenade, Pool and Sports Zone, Vitality at Sea Spa and Fitness Center, Entertainment Place and the Youth Zone.  They are all very unique and wonderful places.

Beautiful Bougainvillea

Beautiful Bougainvillea

I love Central Park because it offers a calm, serene place to relax, read, enjoy a nice meal at one of the wonderful restaurants or just browse one of the retail shops along the pathways.


More than the length of a football field, the park is filled with tropical foliage and seasonal flowers, shrubs and trees. In the center of the park are walls 25’ wide and four stories high filled with a variety of flowering vines and ferns.  There is also a sculpture garden.


The length of this cruise made me very aware of watching my food intake. Fortunately, the Park Café had a wonderful ‘build your own salad’ bar.  My salad consisted of a lovely combination of field greens, red cabbage, baby spinach, tomatoes, julienne carrots, corn, hard boiled egg, miniature mozzarella balls all topped off with balsamic vinaigrette.  Randy got a jerk turkey roll that he said was delicious.


We took a few minutes after lunch to stroll through the park and read all the menus for the different specialty restaurants. The restaurants offer a variety of menu choices including tapas, steaks and family style Italian dining.  We decided that sometime before the end of the cruise we would have dinner at Chops Grille.  Chops is one of my favorite restaurants.


The rest of the afternoon we continued our walk around the ship watching the Rising Tides bar leave the Royal Promenade and make its way up to Central Park. We took a turn around the Promenade deck and stopped at the back of the ship for a while to enjoy the blue skies and wonderful, fluffy cumulus clouds.


There are so many beautiful pieces of artwork around the ship but one of my favorites can be seen while riding the forward glass elevators. Between the two elevators banks are these long, thick cables.  Attached to the cables are beautiful metal birds in various stages of flight many adorned with beautiful flowers and other designs.

At the Blaze

At the Blaze

The afternoon was waning so we headed back to the cabin to read a little more and get ready for the evening. Showered, and dressed in our fineries, we went to the Blaze for cocktail time.  We sat at the bar and had wonderful conversations with a number of passengers.

One of my very favorite meals was on the menu.  I enjoyed a dinner of  beef tenderloins, potatoes and asparagus. The beef was so tender you could cut it with a fork.  Yummy!  We did not have a reservation for entertainment this evening so we decided to stop by Boleros on the Royal Promenade for a nightcap and called it an evening.





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2 Responses to First full day on the ship kicking back and relaxing

  1. Randy Chartier says:

    I love the Blaze……………..

  2. Diane Brandley says:

    So glad to have a glimpse of life on board. It looks like the planner have thought of everything. I can see why you enjoy “cruisin'”

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