Another beautiful day at sea; life is good!


It is early September and we are in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean and we are blessed with calm seas and a sunny day.  The Cruise Compass, our daily listing of events for the day, forecast the day to be partly cloudy.  When I looked out over the balcony the sky was a beautiful blue with just a hint of wispy clouds.  And, once again, the cobalt blue seas were calm and beautiful.


We love room service for breakfast but we also love to go up to the Solarium Bistro for breakfast.  The Solarium Bistro boasts healthier choices and Randy loves the Muesli cereal containing whole grains, oats, wheat, raisins, date and almonds they have at the bistro and I love that they have turkey bacon.  The bistro transforms into a specialty dining area in the evening, again offering healthy choices on their menu.  To date, we have never eaten but perhaps sometime in the future.


While enjoying our breakfast we met a couple who were also traveling with our group.  John and Judy kept us fascinated as they regaled us with stories of the many travels, both on land and sea; they have taken over the years.  We parted after breakfast saying we would see each other again.

We wasted no time in getting our towels and finding lounge chairs in the Solarium.  The Solarium is a beautiful two-deck, glass-paneled area for adults only.  There is a swimming pool, two whirlpools and two cantilevered whirlpools suspended 136 feet above the ocean.  I remember the first time I got into one of the cantilevered whirlpools, it was eerie looking over the side and seeing nothing but blue water below.  Randy loves the whirlpools and always spends time in them while at the Solarium.


I was ready for a relaxed day with nothing to do but read my book.  I had filled my Kindle with eight books for this voyage and was anxious to get to reading.  It was hard though because the Solarium is located at the front of the ship so we had a perfect view of the ship making its way through the blue waters and found myself periodically putting my book down and just staring out at the sea.


The first book in my Kindle was James Patterson’s NYPD Red2.  I had read the first book NYPD Red and had mixed feelings about style of writing, the main characters and some of the language in the book.  But, I always like to read more than one in a series before making a decision about whether I like the book of not.  We shall see.


Late in the afternoon storm clouds started to roll in and droplets of rain found their way where we were sitting. It was getting late so we made our way down to the cabin to get ready for cocktail time and dinner.  We stopped by the Blaze, me for a Cosmopolitan and Randy for Jack Daniel’s and ginger ale then off to dinner.


Now, dinner was interesting.  We were seated at a table for ten.  Our tablemates were all part of the same tour we were on.  The first night only eight of us came to the dinner table.  One of the couples only came the first night and did not return.  Evidently the gentlemen had a hearing problem and sitting at such a large table put him at a disadvantage and so they moved to a smaller table.  That left three couples for dinner.  Paul, Rachel, Leo and Tess were delightful tablemates.  While enjoying our food we would have lively conversations about our day’s activities,  travels we have all taken and just getting to know one another.

From left-Leo, Tess, Rachel, Paul, Randy, Mary

From left-Leo, Tess, Rachel, Paul, Randy, Mary

After dinner we made our way to the theater to see ventriloquist Ronn Lucas.  Ronn kept the audience laughing and applauding as he did his comedy routine with his puppet-like characters.  I was so entranced by the puppets I did not even look to see if Ronn’s lips moved.  At one point during his show, Ronn asked for a volunteer from the audience to come up on stage and transformed him into a human puppet.  The skit was very funny.


It had been a wonderful day but we were both tired and headed back to the cabin for a good night’s sleep.  As soon as I opened the door I spotted a new towel animal on the bed but it freaked me out.  This was the second animal that had no eyes.  I remembered we had a package of trail mix and pulled out two raisins and gave turtle eyes; I felt much better.

Tomorrow I am getting up early to take pictures of several of the neighborhoods that are expected to undergo some changes while in dry dock.



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3 Responses to Another beautiful day at sea; life is good!

  1. Randy says:

    Jack and Ginger and the infinity hot tub. Love it

  2. Connie says:

    Sounds like a heavenly day!

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