Calm seas, relaxing day


We woke up this morning to the most amazingly calm seas we had ever seen. The water was so calm it was felt like the ship was gliding across a deep blue piece of glass.  Randy and I sat mesmerized by the water and then Randy said, “The water reminds me of your favorite painting”.


Randy was referring to a watercolor I purchased back in 1983 at the Torpedo Factory in Old Town Alexandria by artist Marge Aldersen. It was my first visit to this artist haven. I walked in Marge’s studio and fell in love with a wonderful watercolor called “Ocean Energies”.  The painting was, for me, expensive so I kept walking away but found that over a period time I kept going back to look at the painting.  It was the most expensive item I ever considered buying, but with a combination of trepidation and excitement, I finally bought the painting.


What drew me to this beautiful painting? I have do not know.  I just know that from the moment I saw the painting I had an emotional response to it and felt compelled to take it home with me.  From the first day I brought the painting home I found myself at times of stress sitting in my living room looking at the painting and after some time being filled with a sense of peace and calm.


We sat for a long time on the balcony and talked about what we would like to do for the day. Our goal for the day was to find a lounge chair poolside and relax the day away.  But first, we attended a ‘Welcome back party’ sponsored by the Crown and Anchor Society at the Aqua Theater.


The Aqua Theater is located in the Boardwalk neighborhood. The Aqua Theater is a huge amphitheater-style place that is used as a pool during the day and a theater featuring water and light shows.  It is also used as an outdoor movie theater.


Cruise director Drew Devine welcomed everyone and then introduced a group of professional divers who entertained and amazed us with their thrilling dives from high above the pools.


The wonderful display of diving skill was followed by Drew asking everyone to welcome Captain Trym Selväg and Hotel Director Martin Rissley to the stage.  The curtain parted and out came the two men riding these funny lime green bicycles.  It was very funny to see these two grown men being silly.

The captain shared some information about the time the ship will be spending in dry dock in Rotterdam and some of the changes we will see when it sails again and returns to Ft. Lauderdale. He explained that all the ships in the fleet must go in for refurbishing every five years.  We learned that the Allure would be going in for its refurbishing next year.

We spent the rest of the day at the poolside reading and people watching. I am a great people watcher and trust me when I tell you there were some very interesting sights to see but I have to say that I had never seen so many men in speedos in my life.

I was too comfortable to go to lunch so Randy went on the hunt for food at the Windjammer. He came back with pizza and fries.  I just looked at the plate laughed and cleaned my plate.  Of course, that funny combination made it necessary to eat a little healthier at dinner.  I settled on a delicious bowl of chilled banana and rum soup and a Caesar salad.

We were having such a nice time at dinner that we lost track of time and missed the Oasis of Dreams Aqua showed that we were scheduled to see. After dinner we stopped by Boleros for a nightcap and turned in early.

According to the weather report, another wonderful day at sea is promised for tomorrow.



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9 Responses to Calm seas, relaxing day

  1. Sue says:

    Loving your words and pictures. I am reliving the trip.

  2. Diane Brandley says:

    Mary: I know a guy who used to fix computers. Maybe he can help. di

    • Diane–I have had the words few days. I got a Trojan in my computer and it is wreaking havoc. I started using a laptop that I have used in the past and it went bad too. Now I am on my third computer hoping I can get some work done. It has been upsetting because I do not feel that I am doing my best because I am so distracted and have spent valuable time on the computer problem. But, oh well, this too shall pass. My computer guy is trying his best but even he is stumped. Hopefully, we will resolve the problem over the weekend. Mary

  3. Jeannette says:

    Love your pictures!!! That calm water is beautiful.

    • Hi, Jeannette–Thanks for stopping by and leaving some words. Yes, the calm water is beautiful. Even the captain remarked at how calm the water was as we crossed the Atlantic. So when are we girls in the neighborhood going on a cruise? Mary

  4. Wonderful memories of the Allure and the Oasis. That is a nice cruise that I considered before we decided to go on the Legend of the seas with our friends John and Joan

    • Hi, Diamond–Thanks for stopping by and leaving some words. I loved the Allure. We sailed her in October of 2011. I still can close my eyes and remember vividly our cruise to the Hawaiian Islands. Good memories. Mary

  5. Randy says:

    Love the calm waters and warm days

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