Is it Casual, Smart Casual for Formal tonight?


Today there was a notable change in the weather.  The air was just a little cooler than previous days but like our third day at sea, the water is smooth with lovely rolling waves and not whitecaps.

We wanted to enjoy the morning on the balcony so Randy made a trip down to the Diamond Lounge to get some café lattes.  After drinking our lattes and talking about the day we went up to the Solarium for breakfast.  The array of beautiful fruit is very enticing for me especially the fresh, sweet pineapple.


After breakfast we took a walk down to the sun deck enjoying the beautiful weather and view off the bow off the ship.  We took a few pictures before heading back to the cabin to get ready four a day of reading and relaxation at the Solarium pool deck.


Noon rolled around and we found ourselves going down to the Park Café once again for a lunch.  I immediately went to the build-your-own salad bar and Randy ordered a turkey, cheese and avocado Panini.  Both choices were delicious!


Fortunately, we were able to find two lounge chairs and  spent the afternoon soaking up the sun.  After a few hours it was just too hot in the direct sun so we retreated to chairs on the side of the Solarium where we enjoyed a bit of shade and a wonderful breeze.

Before we knew it, it was time to return to the cabin and prepare for the evening.  The dress for this evening was formal.  Each day the suggested dress for the evening is printed in the Cruise Compass.  The length of the cruise determines how many formal days there will be.  We had a formal night on day two of the cruise.  This was our second formal evening.  I understood there will be a third before we reach our destination.

Formal night on the Majesty of the Seas 1996.

Formal night on the Majesty of the Seas 1996.

I love formal nights, Randy enjoys them but prefers not to wear a tuxedo or suit.  When we first started cruising in the late nineties formal night was wonderful.  The dining room would be filled with gentlemen in tuxedos and ladies in beautiful gowns or formal pants suits.  On Semi-formal evenings ladies would wear cocktail length dress and gentlemen wore suits and ties.

Over time the dress code has become more and more casual.  Although the dress code is becoming more casual what is never permitted in the dining rooms or specialty restaurants are bare feet, tank tops, short pants and caps.

Oh, there are passengers who adhere to the more formal dress code but, unfortunately, far too many do not.   I do not understand why people object to dressing up one or two evenings.  It seems that elegance  is becoming more and more, just a word.

Randy and I have talked about this many times and he always expresses the same feelings I hear from many of the men in our community.

“I feel like a suit is okay and so is a blazer, but a tux, no way”.

His main argument is that it is, “Too much stuff to pack”.

Many of the friends and neighbors we have traveled with over the years complain that they had to wear a suits and tie to work their whole career and just do not want to have to do that on vacation.

I usually wear a long dress one evening and one evening I will wear a dressy pair of pants, top and dressy jacket.  Randy usually wears slacks, a blazer, shirt and tie.   When it is a special occasion Randy will wear a suit.


Our dinner table was a lonely place this evening.  Rachel and Paul went to a specialty restaurant and Leo and Tess decided to go to the Windjammer buffet.


I wanted to try something new from the menu so chose the Beef Stroganoff for dinner.  It was very different than the one I prepare but very tasty.  The beef was very tender and I loved the rice.  Then I had a scoop of chocolate ice cream for dessert.


I was feeling a little playful and talked Randy into having a portrait taken.  Usually on a formal evening the portraits are very predictable. The couple stand next to each other holding hands.  I did not want to do that so we sat down on the steps on the Royal Promenade and smiled broadly.  I think it turned out very nice, if I do say so myself.


On our way to the theater we ran into the Captain Selväg and Hotel Director Martin Rissley and had the good fortune to have a photo opportunity.

Tonight’s entertainment was headliner singer, song-writer, dancer and actor Earl Turner.  Turner was amazing singing and dancing his way into to the hearts of the audience.  Turner evidently loves what he does and it showed throughout his performance.  Watching his show was truly a lovely way to spend and evening.


It had been another wonderful day but it was time to head back to the cabin and settle in for the evening.  I opened the door and there was another fun towel animal and, once again, it had no eyes.  I pulled out two more raisins from our trail mix and put them on the dog.  Now we had a dog, a turtle and an armadillo.  Our little animal family was growing.

Tomorrow is going to be a another full day of fun.




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4 Responses to Is it Casual, Smart Casual for Formal tonight?

  1. Mary says:

    Loved the pics, I think they all turned out amazing!

  2. Randy says:

    I think they should turn away all those who do NOT dress up on formal night!!!!!!

  3. Sal Fiore says:

    Oh No! Mr. Bill

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