Water, water everywhere

Sun rising behind storm clouds.

Sun rising behind storm clouds.

Here we were the seventh day on the sea surrounded by deep blue water, rolling waves reaching 5-7’ and whitecaps popping up here and there. The morning started off with overcast skies but, by the time we dressed for the day the sun had broken through clouds promising a wonderful day.

Today was Sunday so after eating a quick at the Solarium Bistro we made our way down to the Opal Theater to attend a church service conducted by Father Castaneda. The theater was filled with both passengers and crew members.  I was impressed that many of the passengers volunteered to help Father Castaneda.  It was a very nice service.


We returned to the cabin and changed into our swimsuits and headed to the pool. Today we decided to go to the Beach Pool.  The pool is unique with a sloped entry so people can feel as though they are wading into the water or sunbathe in beach chairs with umbrellas as the water gently rolls underneath.


The pool deck vibrated with the Reggae and steel drum sounds of the Natural Vibz band. The band played many familiar and unfamiliar songs of the Caribbean.  We read, dozed and talked all through the day.  Even though we spent the entire day enjoying ourselves, it felt as though the day passed too quickly.


After showering and dressing for the evening we made our way to the Blaze for cocktails and great conversations with our new found friends then on to dinner to enjoy yet another evening with our tablemates.


We did not have tickets for any entertainment so we decided to attend the outdoor movie “Eat , Pay Love” in the Aqua Theater. We got to the theater early to make sure we had good seats and was surprised to learn that there would be a short water show before the movie.



The water show was just wonderful. The waters rose, fell, sprayed and danced to a variety of music and at the same time images of the Eiffel Tower, the Arch d’Triump, and other images of Europe and dancing lights were displayed on the jumbo movie screens.  What a treat!


Before the movie started, I ran to the back of the ship and was able to capture the sun going down. As the sun went down so did the temperature.  I was very glad I had brought my bathrobe and socks with me.  I was toasty all through the movie.

I am surrounded by a beautiful sea with rolling waves and whitecaps; I kept cool dangling my feet in the refreshing waters at the Beach Pool and, I watched a delightful water show as the sun set.  I loved today and am looking forward to more wonderful days like this to come.

As I started to drift into sleep, I began to dream of the all the wonderful places Randy and I would visit once we arrived in Europe.  My excitement was building each day.




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2 Responses to Water, water everywhere

  1. Genny says:

    Why do you need tickets for the shows? Is this something new cruise ships are doing? Do you have to pay for them?

  2. Randy says:

    Relaxing is such a fine thing to do……

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