Counting the days to putting on feet on terra firma

Beautiful rainbow on day nine.

Beautiful rainbow on day nine.

A week has gone by and Randy and I have settled into a nice routine around the ship eating at our favorite restaurants, hanging out at the pool, people watching on the Promenade and taking advantage of all the wonderful entertainment on board.

We had three more days before we docked at our first port of call, Malaga, Spain.  As we traveled closer and closer to the Mediterranean the weather took a turn becoming cooler and, at times, misty with waves reaching 7 to 8’.

During those three days we watched a the ever popular belly flop contest at the Aqua Theater, spotted the gentleman who had fallen the day we boarded the bus to go to the pier, watched a wonderful aerobatic show called “Come Fly With Me’, and laughed heartily at two very funny comediennes.


DSC03517We love watching the belly flop contest.  Normally, we watch the competition at poolside but today we made our way to a balcony on deck 11 and gained a whole new perspective of the divers and splashes caused as they dove into the water.  The winner definitely earned his title honestly.  Even the cruise director Drew had to move quickly away from the pool to avoid the resulting splash when the diver hit the water.  Very funny!

One day we were just relaxing at the Globe and Atlas Pub when I spotted the gentleman who had taken that bad fall at the McDonald’s.  He had become part of our daily conversation wondering if he and his wife had made it onto the ship and, if so, was he okay.  We had gotten into the habit of looking for him whenever we were out and about the ship.

As soon as I saw him I bolted from my chair and walked quickly to where he was standing.  I introduced myself and explained that I had been on the same bus and was worried about how he was doing.  I learned that his name was Art and his wife’s name was Linda.

“I’m okay,” Art said.

“My wife and I spent the first day on the ship in the cabin.  However, the next day we went to the medical office because my leg was giving me some trouble,” he continued.

Art went on to explain that the doctor checked him over and took several x-rays and said that he was alright but suggested that he take it easy for a few days.

“So,” he continued, “my wife and I have been doing just that”.

I told Art that I was relieved and hoped he would continue to heal and enjoy the trip.


DSC03579Come Fly With Me” was amazing!  According to the write up in the Cruise Compass, “Royal Caribbean Productions invites you to take a flight of fancy…Be carried away as this amazing cast sets the stage for a journey of fun, fantasy and escape”.



DSC03586This wonderful cast delivered on the write up and more.  One moment your eyes were on the stage then they were drawn high above the stage to watch an aerial performance that took your breath away.


Phil Tag

Phil Tag

DSC03596Later that evening we went to Comedy Live to hear comediennes Phil Tag and AJ Jamal. Phil and AJ delivered some very funny, and at times, risqué jokes.  Both entertainers kept the room laughing and clapping throughout their performance.


A little after midnight on the night before making port at Malaga, Spain we passed the Northern Coast of Africa and Gibraltar while cruising into the Mediterranean.

After being on the ocean for ten days we were looking forward to finally stepping onto land once again.  Tomorrow we visit Malaga.



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2 Responses to Counting the days to putting on feet on terra firma

  1. Sue says:

    Thoroughly enjoying your writing and pictures.

  2. Randy says:

    Terra firma, oh what a great sound that is. Looking foreward to seeing Spain.

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