A great day at sea, an interesting day in port


Beautiful view of the crown and anchor at dusk.

Beautiful view of the crown and anchor at dusk.

Today was our final day afloat before we reached our final destination in the first of a series of five cruises, Barcelona, Spain.  And, once again, we were treated by Mother Nature to a beautiful sunny day.

My allergies were acting up so I decided to take a day off and just hang out in the cabin.  Randy took off on his own walking around the ship, talking to people we knew here and there and sitting at the back of the ship enjoying the beautiful weather.  Periodically, he would come back to the cabin carrying little refreshments and keeping me company before heading out again.


The day passed quickly and it was time to meet everyone at the Blaze for cocktails then off to dinner but first, a photo opportunity in front of a picture of the Oasis.

Dinner was wonderful because I was in need of comfort food and one of my favorite meals was on the menu.  The turkey dinner on the menu came with sweet potato mash, stuffing and Brussels sprouts.  I have always enjoyed how accommodating the kitchen is in switching side dishes if asked.  I asked for, and received, mashed potatoes and carrots with my dinner and; it was delicious.


We had our first celebration this evening.  Rachel was celebrating a birthday.  The head waiter and several waiters presented Rachel with a chocolate delight and proceeded to sing a wonderful rendition of “Happy Birthday”.

During dinner we learned that one of the excursions for Barcelona had been cancelled and that a notice had been placed in the cabins of those who were signed up.  We had not received a notice so did not worry too much but just to be sure we decided to stop by the Guest Relations desk to make sure.


Every once in a while there would be a “surprise moment” on the Promenade was announced in the Cruise Compass.    I wanted to see what was this was all about so we made our way up to the Promenade.  All of a sudden ‘Puss N’ Boots’ and several crew members appeared and broke into several line dances.  The exhibition was quite fun to watch.


Then it was on to the Aqua Theater for the outdoor movie, “The Amazing Spiderman 2”.  We arrived just in time to watch another wonderful water show this time to the “Star Wars” soundtrack.  The water show was lovely.   Randy and I lost interest in the movie about half-way through so we headed down to guest relations to check on our tour.  We were not happy when we learned that it was our tour that had been cancelled.  Learning about it so late, we did not have the opportunity to sign up for an alternative.


We decided not be upset and just walk off the ship and walk around town on our own.    We returned to our cabin and found lying on our bed was a “Transatlantic Crossing Certificate” congratulating us on being a part of the 1st Western Transatlantic Crossing on board the Oasis of the Seas.  The only problem is that it was the 1st Eastern Transatlantic crossing.  No matter, we enjoyed receiving the certificate anyway.  It would make for a fun conversation piece once we returned home.


The next day we arrived in the port of Barcelona early in the morning to overcast skies.  Because we were considered consecutive cruisers an arrangement had been made to gather our tour group together, present us with our new sea pass cards, escort us down to customs and then escort us back onto the ship.  We were told it would take no time at all and we could go about our day as we wished.

Well, the plan did not go quite as anticipated.  We did get our new sea pass cards, an escort did take us down to customs, but once our passports were stamped we were told to take a seat and wait.  And wait we did.  We waited for almost two hours.

While waiting to return to the ship, some members of our group who, shall we say had strong personalities, were none too happy about waiting in the terminal took their frustrations out on the crew members who had escorted us.

By the time we made it back on board, Randy and I decided not to go on shore and instead spend the day relaxing poolside and catching up on some reading.   While we were a bit disappointed, we knew that the ship would be docking in Barcelona two more times before sailing on to Rotterdam.

Next, we start our five day cruise in the Mediterranean with stops in Rome and Naples.



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4 Responses to A great day at sea, an interesting day in port

  1. Diane Brandley says:

    Mary: We need to talk to you via phone or email re COT COmmittee. Please contact Paul DeChamps or me. diane B

  2. Randy says:

    Great to see Barcelona, Spain, if only from our Balcony.

  3. Adrian says:

    We’ve been considering an “Oasis” cruise. The more I see your Emails the closer that probably will happen. Enjoy.

  4. Connie says:

    at least a stamp o your passport 🙂

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