A rainy, fun day at sea


Rainy day in the Mediterranean

Rainy day in the Mediterranean

After two very long days of touring Rome, Capri, Sorrento and Pompeii, Randy and I were looking forward to a relaxing day at sea.


The skies were overcast and the threat of rain loomed over our day, but no matter there are plenty of activities to keep us busy for the day around the ship.  We decided to start our day with breakfast at Johnny Rockets today.  We had barely taken a seat when the skies open up.  We moved to a table under an umbrella and ordered breakfast.  The breakfast here is always so good.

Right after breakfast we made our way down to Studio B for a meeting for the consecutive cruisers.  Hopefully, the staff had come up with a better plan than the last one to get us off and back on the ship in Barcelona.  After listening to how our morning would go in port, we felt sure that it would indeed be better.

As we were leaving the meeting, we ran into Rachel and Paul.  Rachel was putting a list together of people who would like to share a table on the next leg of our cruise.  “Put us on the list,” I said happily.

You see, although we had secured our cabin for the first four legs of our trip we were assigned to a new table this leg and we were assigned to, once again, a table for ten but only two couples came to the table for dinner.  Carmine and Marie were good dinner companions but spent a couple of evenings at the Windjammer buffet, consequently, we found ourselves alone.

One night we noticed that the table next to us had the same situation.  I looked over at the table and asked, “Would you like company?”  Tom and Barbara said yes and we moved over for the last few nights.  This, our last night, Carmine and Marine joined us and we had a wonderful time getting to know one another and sharing our experiences on ship and shore.


After the meeting we went up to the Card Room to pick up the daily crossword and word find puzzles.  I like working on them when I take breaks from reading.  We then went up to look at the photographs we had taken this trip.  We purchased two.  My favorite was the one taken on the Royal Promenade in front of the 1930 Auburn Speedster.  At any point in the day passengers are posing and taking photographs next to this car.


By now it was time for lunch and we headed up to Central Park to the café for my favorite lunch.  I piled my bowl high with a wonderful combination of mixed greens, spinach, tomatoes, corn, carrots, hard-boiled eggs and mozzarella balls and just a touch of balsamic vinegar.  YUM!  We returned to our cabin to enjoy our lunch on the balcony and watch the rain falling gently on the rolling sea.


“Three Flags” by Neil J. Farkas



“LeBaou des Noirs I” by Anne Holtermann

After lunch I made my way down to Boleros for the Park West Grande Finale Art Auction.  I had my eye on a beautiful Japanese print and was curious to see how much would be offered for it.  I have purchased two paintings over the years from Park West that I just love.  In 2006 while aboard the Carnival Liberty I purchased a serioliograph on canvas entitled “Three Flags” by artist Neil J. Farkas.  On our first cruise on the Oasis, I purchased an abstract painting entitled “Le Baou de Noirs I” by artist Anne Holtermann.


“Another Jam Session” by Alfred Gockel

A fun part of the auction is the raffles.  I was so excited because I won one of the raffles!  I won a seriolithograph by Alfred Gockel entitled “Another Jam Session”.  Once I learned what the gallery was asking for the piece of art I was interested in, I decided to think about it for a while and left to make arrangements for the piece of art I had won to be sent back to Florida.


On my way back to the cabin Puss ‘N Boots and several crew members came out for another ‘surprise moment’ on the Promenade.  After they finished several upbeat line dances, I had an opportunity to have a photo taken.  I love these moments, they are so much fun.  They make me feel like a kid.


We spent the rest of the afternoon in the cabin until it was time to get dressed for cocktails and dinner.  While at the Diamond Lounge all the DreamWorks characters, production cast members and crew put on a wonderful parade on the Promenade.  I have seen this parade many times but it never gets old.  The costumes, colors, music, dance moves and DreamWorks characters are all wonderful.  Young and old line the Promenade to enjoy this fun activity.


We joined Carmine, Marie, Tom and Barbara and had a wonderful time talking about our day and the fun times that lay ahead for all of us as we continue our journey.

Tomorrow we dock in Barcelona.










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3 Responses to A rainy, fun day at sea

  1. Randy Chartier says:

    Looking forward to seeing Barcelona sites.

  2. Tom says:

    This was truly a trip of a lifetime.Since my operation I look at these pictures constantly.


    • Hi, Tom–How are you doing? So glad you enjoy seeing all the beautiful places we visited last year. We need to travel together again sometime in the future. Keep in touch. Mary

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