Shopping, Jewelry Shows and Water Shows

Early morning at the Solarium Pool on a gloomy day

Early morning at the Solarium Pool on a gloomy day

Our second day on this leg of the trip was a gloomy, overcast day with mildly rocking seas.  Randy and I decided to start our day with a healthy breakfast at the Solarium Bistro.  Did I mention that I love their turkey bacon and fresh pineapple?  Over breakfast we decided that it was going to be an inside day.


First activity on our agenda was a Crown & Anchor Society event.  Part of the morning entertainment was a demonstration by the Aqua Theater divers and, once again, enjoying the antics of Captain Selväg and Hotel Director Rissley.  We had been to one of these events on the first leg of our journey but enjoy the live entertainment and watching the captain and the hotel director acting silly.


We made our way to the Aqua Theater and got settled.  The Aqua Theater is truly an amazing area, on this, or any ship.  According to the ship’s website the Aqua Theater pool if the largest and deepest salt water pool at sea.  The pool is 21.9’ by 51.6’ wide, with a depth of 17.9’.  What is really amazing is the pool has custom stage lifts and the pool depth rises and falls to allow for intricate and multilevel performances and various functions throughout the day.


DSC04187DSC04181We have been at the pool while the divers are practicing; watched wonderful choreographed fountain shows programmed to music and lights.  And on several occasions, we have spent evenings watching a wonderful cast of professional divers; synchronized swimmers and gymnast perform the most amazing fetes in and out of the water.

Water show 2010

Water show 2010

DSC06568I remember the first time we watched the divers fall gracefully from the dive towers and the gymnasts and aerialists jumping, flipping and dismounting into the pool.  It was amazing.  Now picture yourself, sitting under the stars and all of a sudden the pool comes to life with music, lights and a cast of divers, gymnasts, aerialists and synchronized swimmers who dive, jump, swim, dance, and rise above the waters on a trapeze all to enthrall you.  And, the performers do all this while the ship is moving.  Trust me when I say, “It is an evening of entertainment you do not want to miss”.

DSC04203DSC04204We spent the rest of the day walking the Promenade window shopping and stopping for lunch at the Promenade Café.  Randy went up to the cabin to read a bit while I did a little window shopping.  I peeked into the art auction to see if the painting I had been admiring was still there.  It was.  While I was on the Promenade Effy was having a gala jewelry event.    There is always a large crowd that gathers at these events because there is always a raffle.  This time someone won a beautiful pair of gemstone earrings.  They were very pretty.  Once the ribbon was cut, I walked around the store and found myself admiring a beautiful pearl necklace by Mikimoto.  Admire the necklace is all I did.

(from left) Tom and Barbara, Paul and Rachel, Doug and Sue; and Randy and me

(from left) Tom and Barbara, Paul and Rachel, Doug and Sue; and Randy and me

As I mentioned earlier, we were able to secure our cabin for the first four of the legs of our cruise but not our dinner table.  One of our tablemates from the first leg was able to arrange for us and several other members of our tour group to be seated together.  What a great group of people.  There was Randy and me, Paul and Rachel, Tom and Barbara and a new couple Doug and Sue.  The conversation was interesting, lively, and at times, very funny all during dinner.  It was formal night so we had our picture taken.  We are a handsome bunch, don’t you think?


IMG_8763IMG_8705This evening’s entertainment was the “Oasis of Dream Aqua Show” at the Aqua Theater.  I had something to do in the cabin so Randy went ahead to secure seats for us.  When I arrived it was standing room only.  I had to search a bit but finally saw Randy waving to the left of the stage.  Unfortunately, about half-way through the show it was cancelled.  The water in the pool needed for the high divers was spilling over making it dangerous for the performance to continue.  It was disappointing but we would have several more chances on our journey to see the show again.

It was getting late so we retired to our cabin to watch yet another classic movie on Turner Classic Movies, “Magnum Force” with Clint Eastwood in his role as Dirty Harry.  Now how is that for an evening?

Tomorrow we  dock at Rome’s port Civitavecchia, Italy.





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3 Responses to Shopping, Jewelry Shows and Water Shows

  1. Randy Chartier says:

    nice water shows. not what you expect on the high seas.

  2. Sounds like you are having a nice time..Enjoy.

  3. Connie says:

    Sounds like a very interesting ship. Apparently, outiftted with a GREAT pool. Would have been a great show to watch.

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