Slowly cruising along Spanish coastline to Malaga

Port of Barcelona

Port of Barcelona

Right about now, I was feeling a little like Bill Murray in the movie Groundhog Day. Bill’s character relives a day over and over again. The start of each new leg of our tour starts all over again with the same menus, activities and entertainment.  The only thing that changed was the make-up of the passengers.  That was one aspect of the cruises that I really enjoyed.  All during our trip, we met many interesting and nice people from so many different countries.

This stop at Barcelona marked the end of our second 5-night cruise around the Mediterranean and the beginning of our 7-night cruise to Rotterdam.


It also marked our third time to dock in Barcelona.  Our first stop we missed an opportunity to visit the city.  Our second stop we took a wonderful and informative tour of the city with an emphasis on all the beautiful architecture of Gaudi.


DSC04457Today we decided to stay on the ship and take advantage of a beautiful day and spend some time at the pool.  We stayed at the pool until lunch time.  The ship had arranged a special lunch for the consecutive cruisers at the Opus dining room on deck 3.  Once again, we shared our table with fellow travelers Claire and Dory.


We talked a little about our experiences so far on the ship and on various shore excursions.  I mentioned earlier that I loaded my Kindle with 8 books for the trip.  I finished James Patterson’s NYPD Red 2 and, the next in the series of the Women’s Murder Club, 11th Hour by James Patterson.  And felt pretty good about that until I spoke to Claire and learned that she had already finished 14 books.

Lunch was wonderful.  We had a choice of an extensive buffet or a planned meal. We had a delicious lunch that included a seasonal salad, Cheese Tortelloni with sautéed mushrooms in a mascarpone cream sauce and a chocolate cherry cake for dessert.  I especially enjoyed the pasta.  It was so delicious I wanted more, however, I resisted because our server said the dessert was in his words, “Beyond delicious”.

We left port around 4:30pm for an evening and day at sea as we made our way to Malaga, Spain.


Our day at sea the clouds in the sky were dark and ominous but lightened up by mid-morning. We made our way to the pool Randy with his magazines and me with my Kindle.  I wanted to get started on my next book in the Women’s Murder Club, 12th of Never by James Patterson.  I knew I would never catch up to Claire but I, at least, wanted to finish the 8 books I brought with me.

Loved the surf board benches outside the Wipe Out Café.

Loved the surf board benches outside the Wipe Out Café


DSC04466Randy had discovered a hot dog wrapped in a pretzel bun that he really enjoyed at the Wipe-Out Café on the sports deck and so that’s where we had lunch.  After lunch we decided to play a game of miniature golf.  I love playing miniature golf on ships.  You are never quite sure where the ball is going to go depending on the movement of the ship or the wind conditions; conditions that make for some interesting scores and hearty laughter.  Randy won all three games.


“Searhorses (Syngnathidae Skeleton” by American artist Larry Kirklande

Brazilian Agate with Pink Quartz by American artist Larry Kirkland

Brazilian Agate with Pink Quartz by American artist Larry Kirkland

We spent the rest of the afternoon leisurely walking around the ship and stopping by these little pieces of art called, “Little Wonders”.  There are 42 in this collection of small natural wonders around the ship.  We discovered many as we walked around.

Time flies when you are having fun and today was no different.  We made our way back to the cabin to get ready for the evening.

We were happy to learn that Sue was able to make arrangements for all of us to be seated at the same dinner table this trip and had two more seats added for friends who would be joining the cruise in Barcelona. So, once again, Doug, Sue, Tom, Barbara, Rachel and Paul, Randy and I were together.  We were joined by Doug and Sue’s friends, Jim and JoAnne.  It was going to be a great cruise.


I was very happy this evening that the menu was familiar.  One of my favorite dishes was on the menu this evening, carved filet of beef tenderloins with  a Morel-Crimini mushroom sauce and whipped potatoes.  Every time we order this dish the beef is so tender you can cut it with a fork.  YUM!


After dinner we made our way down to the Globe and Atlas for an after dinner drink and saw that Captain Selväg was on the Promenade for  a “Picture Yourself with the Captain” photo event so, we got in line.  The photo opportunity was followed by the captain’s welcome aboard reception; a fun event with champagne, music and dancing.  It was time for us to turn in.

Tomorrow we dock at Malaga, Spain and are signed up for an all day excursion to the Alhambra Palace.  I was so excited.



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10 Responses to Slowly cruising along Spanish coastline to Malaga

  1. Sue Helffrich says:

    Thanks again for your wonderful blog. Happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy that “homemade” dinner.

  2. Roy Jackson says:

    With all the fine dining and spirits consumption, how does Randy manage to retain his boyish figure?
    Cheers from Leesburg VA.
    Got about three inches of snow yesterday.

    • Hi, Roy–Frankly, I don’t know how Randy does it either. Although he walks a few miles every day. Snow is the one thing I really miss being down here in Florida. Randy does not! Thanks for stopping by and leaving some words. Keep reading. Mary

  3. Dee Manin says:

    Happy Thanksgiving…..thanks for your travel log

  4. Randy says:

    Finally the trip is not repeating.

  5. The Traveling Net-Fairy says:

    Hi Mary! I sent you a longer message to your address from the email that I’ve registered here. I hope you get it. It may or may not impact on the rest of your trip. Anyway, best wishes for the rest of your traveling. I’m glad you’re enjoying it as much as I can see you are.

  6. Sal says:

    Hi Mary,
    We just returned from an 8 day cruise during Thanksgiving and we had the same filet of beef tenderloins and you could cut it with a fork.
    Enjoying your cruise log…………keep writing.

  7. Helene Likio says:

    Hello, just read a fantastic article on how to set up your visitor manual for you villa rental. Good to see.

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