A visit to the beautiful Alhambra Palace and Gardens


IMG_8906We originally made plans to take a tour of Malaga city but so many people we talked to said not to miss the Alhambra palace that we exchanged our tickets to take the Alhambra & Gardens tour.  By the time we boarded our bus the sun was shinning brightly and the air was very warm.  It was going to be a beautiful day for an excursion.


We were so glad we listened.  Today was a wonderful, beautiful, delightful eye-candy day.  During our 80-mile ride through Malaga and the countryside to Granada, our guide gave us a little history of the 800-year reign of the Moors in Spain until they were conquered by the Catholic Monarchs, Ferdinand and Isabella in 1492.



image1After the 1500’s the palace fell into disrepair for centuries.  The guide credited American Washington Irving with reviving interest in the Alhambra after he wrote his book, Tales of the Alhambra.  The Alhambra is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site.




DSC04552All I can say is, “Thank heavens for Washington Irving”.  Without a doubt this was the most beautiful site I had ever seen.  Everywhere I looked there was something beautiful that filled my eyes.  The Moorish architecture was breathtaking, the gardens were beautiful and the fountains were splendid.  I agree with Washington Irving when he wrote, “How unworthy is my scribbling’s of this place”.


IMG_9052At the end of our tour we took a stroll to the Hotel Alixares where we enjoyed a delicious buffet lunch.  While we ate a group of troubadours came into the room and serenaded us with wonderful songs like Granada, Guantanamera, Tico Tico among others.




We took a short walk down the hill to visit several souvenir shops before getting back on the bus for the ride back to the pier.  The ride back through the countryside was lovely.



By the time we arrived at the ship we had just enough time to freshen up and head for dinner.  We skipped the entertainment for the evening and retired back to our cabin.  It had been a long day and we wanted to just sit on the balcony look at the stars and relive all the beautiful sites we had seen in Alhambra.

Tomorrow we will be at sea.





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10 Responses to A visit to the beautiful Alhambra Palace and Gardens

  1. Randy says:

    A beautiful trip….

  2. Wilbur Lindstrom says:

    Makes me want to follow in your footsteps. Enjoy the balance of your wonderful trip.

  3. Mary says:

    Breathtaking! Thanks for letting me live vicariously.

  4. Connie says:

    I would love to go there and view that in person. Beautiful pictures.

  5. Steve says:

    I went to the Alhambra years ago, in 1994, and I remember being amazed. You definitely made the right decision, choosing this over Malaga!

  6. Bob Messersmith says:

    when we lived in Spain, we took the kids to the Alhambra; a truly beautiful place! Your pic thru the Moorish archway and along the ramparts should be a painting!!..Bob and Chris

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