A leisurely, kick-back day at sea


Another beautiful sunrise!

Another beautiful sunrise!

Sometime in the night we slipped passed the Rock of Gibraltar and left the Mediterranean Sea and entered the North Atlantic.  When we awoke the sky was foggy but we still managed to see a nice sunrise.

After reading the Cruise Compass the night before, we planned a few events we would like to participate in but for the most part decided we would just take a leisurely walk around the ship and see what opportunities for fun would present themselves.


DSC04670We just happened to be down in Central Park when we learned that the DreamWorks Vikings were going to be having a ‘meet and greet’ event.  I spoke to the photographer for a few moments and told her that I was on a mission to get my picture taken with all the characters on board.  She said, “Okay, then, stand here and I will put in the front of the line”.



img010bBefore too long a line had formed (mostly of children) to have their picture taken with the Vikings.  I was not embarrassed to be in line by the way.  Over the weeks I had watched as many men and women giggled their way through the crowds to get their pictures taken.  I continue to be impressed with men and women who don these costumes.  They bring life to the characters as well as joy to the hearts of all the boys, girls, as well as those of us adults, like me, that are young at heart.

Quartz Elements on Brazilian Agate (mixed media) by American artist Larry Kirkland

Quartz Elements on Brazilian Agate (mixed media) by American artist Larry Kirkland

DSC04650bBy the time the meet and greet was over, it was lunch time.  On our way back to the cabin we found yet another ‘small wonder’.  I leaned over and look down and saw beautiful colors and shapes.  We continued on to our cabin and ordered room service.  We had a great Turkey & Cheese Panini, chips and ice-tea as we watched the sun break through the clouds.



The day progressively got warmer as the sun rose high in the sky.  We made our way up to the sports deck to play miniature golf again.  The last time we competed, Randy won all three games, today was no different.  I closed the gap in our scores but Randy still won both games but there will be a next time.


Central Park is one of our favorite spots on the ship so we headed back there to take advantage of the beautiful, sunny day.  We love Central Park because we enjoy people watching, looking at all the beautiful flowers, vines and trees and the wonderful sounds of birds chirping.  It only takes a little suspension of belief to imagine that you are, not on the high seas, but a lovely park somewhere in the world.


DSC04700bWe noticed a show listed in the Cruise Compass that we had never attended and walked down to the Aqua Theater to watch a water show called, “Splish Splash”.  What a fun show.  The cast of professional divers, acrobats and aerialist kept us laughing and applauding throughout the show as they performed funny stunts and skits.  This group of performers never ceases to amaze.  The afternoon was growing short and it was time to prepare for an evening of cocktails, dinner and a headliner show featuring magician Jamie Allan.


While we waited to enter the theater DreamWorks character Puss in Boots came along and, much to my delight, was very happy to stop for a photo opportunity.

DSC04735bAllan was fascinating to watch as he made things appear and disappear at will.  Allan created magic using iPads, laser beams, projection screens and other modern inventions to create great magic.  Randy and I both found Allan to be an original and his show, in a word was, magical.

What a wonderful day of just kicking back and letting the day present itself.  As I thought about our day, I decided that the day presented itself very well indeed.

Tomorrow we dock at Vigo, Spain.  This will be our first stop at Vigo.  We are both excited at another opportunity to see more of Europe.







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9 Responses to A leisurely, kick-back day at sea

  1. Great pics! Looks like lots of fun!

    • Hello, Thanks for stopping by and leaving some words. Glad you liked the pictures. I have been working on my picture taking skills for a while but I have a long way to go yet. Keep reading. Mary

  2. Genny says:

    That’s a striking Aechmea (EEK-me-uh) Bromeliad, perhaps ‘Blue Tango’. Beautiful!

    • Hi, Genny–Glad you called today. I have had a lot on my mind and have not paid much attention to the email or comments on the blog. I love the ‘small wonders’ artwork around the ship. I saw many but would have like to have seen them all. Perhaps next time. Mary

  3. Bob and Sandy Kessler says:

    What a fun day that looked to be with the beautiful “Central Park” and the Dream Works characters.

  4. Thanks for posting all the nice pictures.

  5. NBA籃球 says:

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