A visit to the medieval town of Rothenburg, Germany

One of the towers on wall that surrounds medieval town of Rothenburg, Germany

One of the towers on wall that surrounds medieval town of Rothenburg, Germany


Entering the gate to the town

Entering the gate to the town



What a day!




Clock Tower and Market Place

Clock Tower and Market Place


View of wall that encircles entire town.

We were up by 6am to get ready for our day’s ride to Seefeld, Austria with a stop in the medieval town of Rothenburg, Germany.  We were in the dining room by 6:30am for breakfast, and what a great breakfast.  The buffet was a beautiful work of art and the food delicious.  There was an assortment of real scrambled eggs, bacon, cereals, breakfast breads, rolls, cheeses, meats, tomatoes, yogurts and on and on.  The coffee was wonderful.


We stepped out of the hotel to a fog that was as thick as pea soup, consequently the traffic was moving very slowly.  As we approached the lunch hour, we stopped at the medieval town of Rothenburg.


We made a rest stop along the way and we discovered that you pay to use the restroom.  The ticket was .70 Euros but the funny thing was, once you pay you receive a voucher for .50 Euros to use to purchase merchandise in the store.  I thought this was very funny.  While we were waiting for everyone I walked up the stairs and found a series of beautiful pieces of artwork.  They were lovely as was the view.

Beautiful example of timbered framed buildings

Beautiful example of timbered framed buildings

DSC05095Doug and Sue joined us as we entered the town.  We walked along looking at all the beautiful buildings, peering into each shop and trying to decide where to have lunch.  We stopped in the information office and asked a very nice young man if he had any recommendations for a place to eat lunch and what the local beer was.





He marked several places on our town map and off we went in search of the restaurant.  The restaurant that he highly recommended was closed so we started walking back towards the market square looking at several sidewalk cafés along the way.


The tables were filled at the restaurant that looked the most inviting.  We approached the waiter and he said, “We have a lovely terrace where you could find some tables”.  Actually, the Eisenhut Hotel-Restaurant had the small sidewalk café, an inside restaurant spread over several rooms, a sunroom eating area and the wonderful terrace.


DSC05085It was a beautiful day so we chose the terrace.  There was a pleasant breeze and the terrace overlooked the back of the town with a large field of trees.  Randy and I ordered a local pilsner and bowls of warm, delicious potato soup.  We were having such a good time chatting that we lost all sense of time.  As we talked Sue and I realized that we had a lot in common.  As we chatted Sue leaned back in her chair and said excitedly, “Who knew?” she started and continued saying, “That we would travel across the Atlantic and parts of Europe and find someone I have so much in common with”.  We all laughed and prepared to leave.


Sue and I both wanted to visit the Käthe Wohlfahrt Christmas Shop.  Unfortunately, we spent so much time at lunch we could only look around.  What a beautiful shop.  Sue and I walked around oohing and aahing at all the beautiful Christmas ornaments, trees heavily laden with decorations, lace table cloths, beer steins and so much more.


Delicious looking mini-Schneeballen (a delicacy of Rothenburg)

Delicious looking mini-Schneeballen (a delicacy of Rothenburg)

There was an 18-foot revolving Christmas tree in the shop’s center and a 13-foot nutcracker welcoming guest to the shop.  It was hard to leave but we needed to get back to the bus.  As we walked back to the bus we stopped at one of the bakeries along the way and bought some mini-Schneeballens, a local delicacy, for later in the day.  We literally made it back to the bus before we had to leave and continue our journey.


The afternoon found us traveling through Bavaria with one pastoral scene after another.  As we got closer to Seefeld, we started seeing the beautiful Alps.  In every seat you could see cameras, iPads and iPods being put up against the windows in hopes of capturing these majestic mountains.


DSC05197We arrived at the My Mountain Lodge Hotel Marthe in Seefeld, Austria a little after 7pm that evening.  First order of business was get checked in, bring luggage to room and meet in the dining room for dinner.  The dinner was delicious.  We started with a salad bar, cream tomato soup, rice, vegetables and strips of chicken in a light cream sauce. Dessert was a beautiful affair of berries and cream.

Of course, Randy and I ordered the local beer to wash our dinner down.  We retired early because we had to be up at 6am again tomorrow.

Our next stop is Munich, Germany.



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3 Responses to A visit to the medieval town of Rothenburg, Germany

  1. Randy Chartier says:

    Beautiful little town and wonderful scenery on our trip thru Germany.

  2. Connie says:

    Again, wonderful photos on your whirlwind journey. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Sal says:

    Nice photos!
    When we were in Rothenburg many years ago, we climbed the tower and had a nice view of the city and the surrounding area. I surmise that the town hasn’t changed much in all these years.

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