Leisure time in Lucerne

Chapel Bridge

Chapel Bridge

From the moment we entered Lucerne, , I loved it.  There was just something about the city that made me feel welcomed.  I loved the lake front, the beautiful buildings, the architecture and looked forward to discovering as much as I could about this wonderful city.

Unfortunately, it was not to be for me.  On our way home from the restaurant last evening, I was, once again, hit with pain and spent a fretful night.

Our wonderful guide, Mary, called early in the morning and offered to take me to a pharmacist or a doctor but, frankly all I wanted to do was go back to sleep.  A little later in the morning, Randy and I did indeed go to the pharmacist and, after explaining my symptoms was given some over-the-counter medication.

View of old Town Hall from bridge

View of old Town Hall from bridge

I went back to the hotel and rested while Randy set out to see the city.  It was an overcast day when he set out but by late afternoon the sun came out.  When he returned he shared the photos he had taken and some of his impressions of this beautiful city.

But first, he shared the efforts he made to find me some clear soup in the many restaurants he came across as he walked around the city.


“I started on my trek through the city exploring Lucerne trying unsuccessfully to find you some soup.  The only soup I could find at the many restaurants that I checked was Pumpkin soup.  I did not think you would like such a heavy soup so, I continued my search,” Randy explained.

“I did, however, find many candy shops and bakeries.  I did not buy anything because I did not think you would find these soothing to you tummy”.


DSC05905“I was able to explore the city and its many narrow streets and alleys.  The city is spotless and after Italy I found that refreshing.  I was impressed to see that all buses and trolleys were electric and thought it is a good way to get people around,” he continued.

He went on to say he was amazed that people in Lucerne do not jay walk.  Randy said he noticed that everyone waited until the WALK light appears before they cross even if the way is clear.

Another view of Chapel Bridge

Another view of Chapel Bridge

During his trek, Randy shared that he first crossed the Chapel Bridge and then walked partially across the other two bridges to take pictures.

DSC05926“I loved the views from the bridges, all those beautiful sidewalk cafés, some with murals, some with lovely flowers.  I thought the entire waterfront area was very picturesque,”.


DSC05929DSC05930“I eventually returned to the Chapel Bridge and could see  a church across the water that looked fairly plain on the outside but turned out to be very ornate on the inside.  The Jesuit Church was small but very beautiful.”





Randy continued walking eventually making it to the section of the city called the Weinmarkt with a beautiful fountain and more lovely buildings.


As Randy was walking along he came across, what he thought was a strange sight on a sidewalk, a bronze relief of the city.  The relief was in remarkable detail.  I thought that was really cool.

Eventually he started making his way back to the hotel stopping at a supermarket in the underground train station to purchase some bottled water.  He was hoping to use his credit card but ran into difficulty.  A young man at the self-checkout said that they accepted Euros and so, he gave it a try.  He was not successful and wound up with a handful of Swiss Francs in change.

“Now I have three currencies to worry about exchanging,” he said with exasperation.

While in the train station Randy located the doctor’s office that Mary told us about.

As the day wore on it became clear that I needed to seek assistance from a doctor so Randy and I made our way to the train station.  The doctor’s office was equivalent to our Urgent care facilities.  We were there about 4 hours but it was worth the wait.

The staff and doctors all spoke perfect English which was a great relief to me.  The doctor diagnosed my problem as an acute gastrointestinal infection, gave me several medications that would take care of the problem.  All the medication cartons were written in German. I was very impressed that he took the time to write, in English, the amount and how many times a day I should take each medication.  I was very appreciative of his efforts.

By now it was almost 9pm and Randy was hungry.  We stopped at a McDonald’s that was on our way back to the hotel and had a bite to eat.  We returned to the hotel and settled in for a good night’s sleep.

I was so happy that Randy had a chance to see some of the city before we left.  And, Randy was happy and relieved that I would finally be on the mend especially as we had a very long ride to Paris.

Our next destination, Paris.



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7 Responses to Leisure time in Lucerne

  1. Randy Chartier says:

    It indeed was a long day. Finally I hope Mary is on the mend, so she can see Paris with me.

  2. Connie says:

    Beautiful City

  3. Bob and Sandy Kessler says:

    Mary, so sorry that you could not be part of the explorations that Randy enjoyed today. But, certainly glad that you started to recover.

  4. Genny says:

    The 3 currencies could be “cheap” souvenirs from your travels! Frame them, along with memorable pictures or maps from each one. Or, make another trip back to spend them!!!

    • Genny–Actually, Randy gave them to a friend we met on the cruise. He collects foreign coins. And, they travel all the time to Europe so I am sure he will put them to good used way before we do. Mary

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