Lazy day exploring the ship


Awoke this morning to cold weather and seas that threatened to get rougher as the day rolled on.


We made our way down to the new Diamond Lounge to grab a café latte and a bite to eat. The new lounge is very nice.

The lounge is located on deck four next to the dining room. I loved that we had windows and could watch the waves as we enjoyed our coffee and talked to friends. The room is long room with a good deal of seating and tables.


As you enter the lounge the serving area is to the left with an island with wonderful offerings for breakfast, a coffee machine that is kept very busy making café lattes, espresso and regular coffee all during the day.


To the left of the entrance and a couple of steps up is a long room filled with chairs, tables, arranged for small and large groups. The chairs are stuffed and comfortable along the windows, in the center of the room are tables and chairs for meals or playing cards, and there are a few tables along the opposite wall for larger groups

There is also a small computer station with two computers for members use.

Carousel on Boardwalk

Carousel on Boardwalk

After breakfast we decided to take a walk on the boardwalk to see what, if any, changes had transpired during the ships time in dry dock


The first change we noticed was the Donut Hut had been replaced with the Boardwalk Dog House featuring a variety of hot dogs, sausages and fillings. Everything looked really good so we decided to have lunch. I ordered the Coney Dog and it was delicious. Randy decided to try The German which is a Thuringia bratwurst. I enjoyed mine and Randy enjoyed his.


DSC06851We walked further onto the boardwalk and noticed that the photo booth had been removed and new venues had been added. Pets at Sea had been changed to the Britto shop, the Ice Cream Parlor was renamed Cups and Scoops (the parlor is now a combination of the ice cream parlor and the Cupcake Cupboard), and Pinwheels is now an Arcade.


DSC06613bThen we noticed one of my favorite changes; the seafood restaurant had been replaced with a Mexican food restaurant called Sabor Taqueria & Tequila Bar. I immediately made a mental note to have lunch there one day during the cruise. The Sabor is a premium restaurant with an ala carte menu. We looked over the menu and felt the prices were very reasonable.

After spending most of our afternoon just walking around the ship we returned to our cabin to read a little and then prepare for cocktails and dinner. It was nice to return to the Blaze and see familiar faces on both sides of the bar. As soon as our favorite bartender Raymond saw our faces he prepared our favorite drinks and had them on the bar before we sat down. After being gone for over two weeks, I was amazed that he remembered

Tonight was formal night and the first night we would be meeting the new members of our dining room table. We made introductions all around and had a very nice evening getting to know one another and talking about some of the changes on the ship. Topic of the evening around the table was changes on the ship


I was happy when I saw a favorite of mine on the menu; Carved filet of beef tenderloins with Morel-crimini mushroom sauce and whipped potatoes. As always this dish was just delicious.

After dinner, several of us walked up to the theatre to see the headliner for the evening, Cregan & Co

Jim Cregan

Jim Cregan

Jim Cregan, Rod Stewart’s original guitarist, along with collaborative singer/songwriter Ben Mills, drummer Craig Howcroft, bass player Pat Davey and pianist Sam Tanner kept the audience rocking with great Rod Stewart hits. The audience sang along and danced in their seats to such hits as Hot Legs, Forever Young, Maggie May, Young Turks, Little Miss Rock & Roll and many other.

Lead singer, Ben Mills

Lead singer, Ben Mills

Ben Mills was so good you thought you were actually listening to Rod Stewart himself down to the gravelly voice.


This group was just wonderful! Before the group started to take their bow the audience rose to their feet and honored the group with a standing ovation

It was a wonderful day but we were still trying to catch up to our rest after such a hectic pace touring Europe so we made our way back to the cabin for a little reading and a good night’s sleep

Tomorrow we are at sea and more exploring around the ship.



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3 Responses to Lazy day exploring the ship

  1. Sal says:

    Thanks for the photos of the Diamond Lounge. It looks great! I don’t think I’ll ever achieve Diamond status. We will, however, be sailing on the Oasis for the first time next Nov. with the Travel Club.

  2. Bob Messersmith says:

    thanks for showing us the ship updates; we are going on it in January..have a merry Christmas!
    Bob and Chris

  3. Bob and Sandy Kessler says:

    That is sure some mighty fine looking tenderloin. Oh my goodnesss. My mouth Is watering just looking at the picture.

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