Dark skies, angry seas and still we had fun!


I woke this morning feeling as though I had not rested at all. The seas had become angrier and the wind became stronger as the night rolled into the wee hours of the morning.

I found the ship rolling side to side soothing but the combination of the angry seas and strong winds caused the most awful creaking noise in the cabin making it very difficult to sleep soundly.

When I finally got up from the bed, I looked out beyond the balcony to see a very angry sky and angry seas with large whitecaps dancing on the surface of the water and knew it was not going to be a poolside day.

While having breakfast in the lounge, we looked over the daily Cruise Compass to see what activities we would like to participate in. There are always so many activities to choose from. There is bingo, card games, trivia, lectures, fitness programs, various arts and crafts program and so much more, it is always hard to choose.

What caught our eye was a lecture being given in the On Air club given by Ron Bowers, Senior Prosecutor Los Angeles District Attorney’s office.  The lecture today was one of a series Bowers would be doing during the length of the cruise.

Today’s lecture was called, “Rich Kid Killers of Beverly Hills” and covered the two cases of the Billionaire Boys Club and the Menendez brothers. It was very interesting the way he tied the two cases together. The lecture was interesting and aided by a wonderful slide presentation. Randy and I decided we would make attending the lectures a daily routine.


DSC06647At about 11:30 there was a Tag Heuer presentation and fashion show.  I love Tag Heuer watches and tried to buy Randy a Tag Heuer some years ago in Grand Cayman but he preferred a good, dependable Timex. I thought that was very funny but everyone has their own style so I did not press the matter.


At noon every day the captain would make his daily remarks. Today he announced that we would be encountering of 5-8 meters (15 to 24 feet). At one point Randy noticed a crew member walking around with a bowl of sea sickness pills and offering them to anyone experiencing difficulty with the ship’s movement.  Many passengers took the pills.

The only time I feel the movement is when I am walking down the passageway to and from the cabin. It became instinctive to keep my hand at the ready to rest on the wall as I was walking. But other than that, Randy and I did not experience any discomfort.


DSC06649On our way to get lunch at the Boardwalk Dog House I came across another ‘little wonder’ called Scallops (Pectin Nobilis, Catophragmiae and Nemocardium Bechi) by American artist Larry Kirkland. I love these little pieces of nature’s beauty. I hope to find more as the days pass by.

After lunch we strolled through the Promenade listening to the fun Reggae and steel drum music of Natural Vibz. We watched as people started to dance on the Promenade. It is always fun to watch people having a good time.


DSC06606bDSC06607bI noticed when we boarded the ship a couple of days ago that the names of the dining rooms had changed and heard that the menus would be changing too.  So, I went to each dining room to see if I could find out what the changes would be.  I learned that the dining room on deck 3 had changed to the American Icon Grill and will offer comfort foods on their menu.  The dining room on deck 4 changed to The Grande where every night would be formal night.  The dining room on deck 5 changed to the Silk restaurant which will have an Asian flair.  These changes are not expected to begin until March 14th, until then the passengers will, “enjoy the traditional dining room experience in the newly designed spaces.


The one change I was disappointed in the dining room was the beautiful crystal chandelier had been changed to a more modern one.  I like this one too, but I really loved the elegance of the crystal.

Randy and I thought it would be fun to put a group together to have a dinner at Chops Grill so off we went to Dazzles to find Rachel and Paul. We continued our search and by the end of the day we had asked Doug, Sue, Tom, Barbara, Paul, Rachel, Joe and Marilyn and all were eager to get together.



We then went down to Central Park to make our reservation at Chops. After we made the reservation we walked through the park and I noticed that the living wall had been pruned and looked fresh and wonderful.

Now it was time to head back to the cabin for a rest then get ready for cocktails and dinner.


DSC06681bI loved the menu this evening. I had the Fried Cheddar Cheese sticks with Lingonberry dipping sauce and it was wonderful. The crust was light, the cheese soft and delicious and the Lingonberry sauce was tasty and sweet.  I followed that up with a delicious Yukon Gold Potato pie served with succotash. The pie was rich and delicious. But it was exactly the richness that made it very hard to finish. But, I sacrificed myself and ate it

We decided to forgo entertainment this evening deciding instead to walk the Promenade, stop in the Globe and Atlas for an after dinner drink, then head back to the cabin.


As luck would have it, we were heading back to the cabin we and ran into the Penguins of Madagascar holding a photo opportunity. Well, of course, I could not pass this fun opportunity by so we stopped. I love the DreamWorks characters and will stop at any opportunity to have a picture taken with them. These little opportunities are so much fun.

Tomorrow we are back in Vigo, Spain.



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7 Responses to Dark skies, angry seas and still we had fun!

  1. Connie says:

    Vigo…Didn’t you say you loved this port?

  2. Mary and Chuck Odders says:

    I agree with you about the chandelier. Penguins are cute. So are you.
    Mary Odders

  3. Randy says:

    I can not wait to get to Vigo….

  4. Ellen says:

    Dear Mary and Randy, as promised I waited to read your adventure as a story book. I so enjoyed everything I read.

    I loved many of the street scenes, especially the beautiful flowers on the streets of Marbella. My favorite picture of you and Randy was the informal on sitting on the stairs towards the beginning of this adventure of a lifetime.

    Thanks so much for sharing.


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