Foggy days, delicious food and great entertainment


DSC06864For two days the ship was enveloped in a thick, soupy fog. It was an eerie feeling as I looked out and saw only a wall of misty white beyond the balcony.

As usual, mornings found us up early and gathering in the lounge with friends to enjoy a bite to eat and share stories about how we spend our days.

The days were still on the chilly side so we decided to continue to attend the crime lectures of Ronald E. Bowers.

As I mentioned earlier, the lectures were moved to Studio B because the room could accommodate several hundred. And, several hundred did indeed show up.

The beginning of the first lecture was marred by a disturbance in the audience. Two gentlemen got into an argument over a seat leading to a physical altercation. One of the gentlemen was escorted out of the area quickly.

Randy and I sat across the room and could not believe what we were seeing. All we could think was how foolish that a grown man would fight over a seat in a room with hundreds of seats but we were glad to see that it was taken care of quickly

Once the excitement was over Bowers started his topic on, “Greedy Old Lady Killers (Why do grandmothers make the most premeditated killers?)” an exploration of the crimes of Sante Kimes and her son Kenny.


The next lecture we attended was “Mysterious Celebrity Deaths” examining the deaths of Marilyn Monroe, Anna Nicole Smith and Michael Jackson.

I enjoyed these lectures by Bowers because he explained the crimes and the conclusions in every day terms holding the attention of the audience and periodically posing questions that give everyone food for thought for another day.


One foggy day we made arrangements with Doug and Sue to go to the new specialty restaurant on the Boardwalk the Sabor Taqueria & Tequila Bar.

DSC06855bWe all love Mexican food and were anxious to try the restaurant out. We sat in a comfortable booth when a server approached our booth with a food cart filled with all the ingredients to make fresh guacamole including avocado, tomato, onion, lime and coriander. The guacamole was served with homemade chips and salsa.

Sue and Doug like their guacamole spicy, Randy likes his plain so two bowls were prepared and everyone enjoyed their choices.


The restaurant’s menu is a wonderful collection of choices that represent modern Mexico. It was so hard to choose.

After a few moments, I chose the Chicken roasted Empanadas with green mole, spicy peanut sauce and lemon verde. I have never had empanadas before but as soon as I saw that it included spicy peanut sauce, I was sold. What a great choice. I think I embarrassed myself while eating because I kept saying, “Wow, this is good. This is delicious. I am so glad I chose this dish, it is so good”. And, it was! And frankly, I did not think it was that spicy, just delicious.


Normally, we do not eat desserts at lunch but I was intrigued by the description for the dessert, Caja de Dulces or “box of sweets”. The box was actually a platter of several delicious mini Mexican desserts. The dessert was just perfect for the four of us.

While yesterday was truly like cruising through thick pea soup, today there was hope that the sun would finally break through the mist. And, it did by mid-day giving us an opportunity to enjoy sitting on the balcony.


DSC06881What a nice couple of days. We skipped the entertainment yesterday but could not wait to hear the music of the Graffiti Classics. The write-up promised, “A jaw-dropping, mouth-watering, belly-aching, and side-splitting,” evening of entertainment. This wonderful group lived up to, and surpassed, that promise.



The group played a variety of music from several different genres while they danced and sang, engaging the audience to the point of non-top laughter and applause. It was amazing to watch this group play classical, jazz, folk, acoustic and opera with such ease as they energetically crossed the stage with humorous moves. This show was fun, fun, fun!

It was time to return to the cabin and settle in for the evening. We both retired realizing that our wonderful journey would be coming to an end in a few days and were both a little sad and yet excited at the same time.

Tomorrow and beyond promise to be a continuation of good times as we make our way back to Florida.









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4 Responses to Foggy days, delicious food and great entertainment

  1. Randy says:

    You need to see the Graffiti Classics, they are great.

  2. Genny says:

    I never heard of putting coriander in Guac! You didn’t say if it was good or yuck; what say you?

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