Friendship and good times highlight last days on the Oasis

Celebrating new friendships at Chops Grill

Celebrating new friendships at Chops Grill

All too soon our bucket list transatlantic cruise to Europe was fast coming to an end.

Our days had become somewhat predictable punctuated by fun events that included interesting times attending crime lectures, organizing a wonderful ‘new-found’ friends farewell dinner, one last warm day poolside and attending a ‘soft opening’ of the play Cats.


We continued to enjoy breakfast at the Diamond lounge invariably running into our friends guaranteeing that the rest of our day would be wonderful after such a fun and happy start.


The last crime lecture by Ronald E. Bowers was a funny one. “Beverly Hills Cops (Smart Cops or Dumb Crooks) was a fun look at just how easy it is when crooks make stupid choices leading to their capture and incarceration.


Examples included, “If you are driving and drunk don’t run into a DUI team”, “If you are trying to escape from a building make sure your rope is long enough”, “When mailing letters from jail, make sure you have enough postage”, and my personal favorite, “Be careful what type of tattoo you get”.

In the latter’s case the criminal actually had his crime tattooed on his arm. The entire audience had a wonderful time listening and laughing as Bowers described these funny tales of criminals and asking the question, “Is it smart cops or dumb criminals”.


One evening we arranged to celebrate new friendships we made while on this wonderful journey. A group of us arranged to have dinner at Chops Grille and celebrate meeting, spending time getting to know each other and, hopefully, continuing to forge these friendships once the journey ends.

So, Randy, me, Paul, Rachel, Doug, Sue, Tom, Barbara, Joe and Marilyn gathered at Chops Grille to have a fun evening breaking bread together.  We chose Chops Grill because it is one of our very favorite specialty restaurants on Royal Caribbean ships. The atmosphere is intimate and inviting, the food is always outstanding and, the service impeccable.


The following day started out a bit overcast and small droplets of rain fell periodically, but we managed to find two chairs at the Solarium pool and just sat back and let the sun warm us through after so many foggy, rainy, chilly days on the high seas.


One event we had been waiting for since we reboarded the ship in Southhampton was seeing the ships production of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s play Cats Randy and I had both seen Cats back in the eighties and were anxious to see this production.

We were not disappointed. The play was not to have its official start for a few weeks so this was to be a ‘soft opening’ that did not include orchestration and depending on what happened on stage may be stopped.


The play did not have to be stopped but went to conclusion much to our pleasure. While there was no orchestration there was a pianist who played through the entire production. There were a few minor hiccups during the evening but nothing that would stop the show.


During the intermission, I noticed that Old Deuteronomy stayed on the stage and various members of the audience were being allowed to go up on the stage and take a picture with Old Deuteronomy. At first I thought these were members of the audience that had made prior arrangements then I realized, no, whoever wanted to could go up.


I was out of my seat in a heartbeat with Randy a few steps behind and made my way to the stage. I was allowed up and had a photo taken. I thanked him for his kindness and went back to my seat a happy person.  At the conclusion of the play the audience rewarded the troupe with a richly deserved standing ovation. On our way out of the theater the pianist finally finished and everyone stopped and gave him a standing ovation too. Again, this was richly deserved.

Tomorrow is our last fun day at sea and then, home port.



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4 Responses to Friendship and good times highlight last days on the Oasis

  1. Sue says:

    Your pictures of “Cats” are so much better than mine. A great show.

  2. Bob Messersmith says:

    Looking forward to CATS on the Oasis next month….Bob and Chris GREAT PICS!

  3. Randy says:

    Cats was great!!!!

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