The sun sets on our wonderful “Once in a lifetime Oasis of the Seas Cruise-Tour”


We finally reached the last day of our wonderful “Once in a lifetime” with Legendary Journeys; and what a trip it was.

We spent 57 days visiting many beautiful countries, touring many wonderful cities and seeing many wonderful sites.   As I think about what Randy and I just did, I wonder if I will be able to remember all the wonderful details of our adventures.  Then I think: Thank heavens for pictures.

Doug, Randy, Sue, Rachel and Barbara

Doug, Randy, Sue, Rachel and Barbara

Sue and Rachel

Sue and Rachel

We started off our day like so many others in the lounge have a good times and saying our goodbyes to our new friends  before we leave the ship traveling to homes both far and near.

As we sat chatting, I suddenly realized how much I will miss these gatherings. This, I found out was a shared thought and so, we talked about arranging another cruise sometime in the future.

One of the perks of sailing regularly on Royal Caribbean is the accumulation of little benefits to enhance your stay. Things like two-for-one drinks, percentages off drinks, discounts on merchandise and pictures, etc.

So, after we left the lounge we made our way to the Promenade and joined the hundreds of other passengers looking to see what bargains were to be had on the last day of the cruise. Watching people at the counters in the center of the Promenade is like watching a feeding frenzy at the zoo. I considered joining the fray but then I remember the times my mom shopped the basement sales in New York when I was a little girl. I still shudder at the thought and walked on by.

We did, however, stop in the logo shop to buy some souvenirs for family members then stopped by the photography studio to pick our last two pictures.



DSC06945bDSC06946Today we decided to take advantage of our two-for-one milk shake deal at Johnny Rockets. While we were enjoying our shakes we looked up and saw Doug and Sue waving at us from their balcony.  A bit later, Barbara came out and waved too.

I mentioned earlier that there are 42 ‘little wonders’ artworks around the ship. I was only able to find a fraction of these fun and beautiful pieces artwork during the voyage and today I found two more both by photographer Peter Bahouth.



Stereoscopic slide viewer

One was a beautiful stereographic photograph entitled “P Tree”.   Bahouth wrote, “There were many trees amongst these rocks. This lone tree with its bright green leaves is captured beautifully against the deep blue sky framed by the wispy clouds”.

The second was entitled, “Road Trip”.  The road is in Maui and looked very familiar.  The description read, “This shot taken at the surface of the far side of Maui, captures the way a road points to the horizon especially when it is empty of cars or people”.  Just looking at this road brought back wonderful memories of a cruise we took on the  Star Princess to the Hawaiian Islands earlier in the year.  I saw both of these wonderful photographs through this funny robot-like viewer.  There are many of these around the ship.  Stop and see, you will not be disappointed.


IMG_1033We spent the rest of the day enjoying the ship, packing and preparing for our last stop at the Blaze for cocktails with some other members of our tour group.

Before returning to the cabin we spent some time at the stern of the ship watching one last sunset over the ocean.

As I looked out over the water I thought: I love to travel but there is just something about coming home that is just priceless. I am so looking forward to being in my own home, doing ordinary things and, at the end of the day, falling asleep in my own bed.

Tomorrow we disembark, board a bus and journey back home. I am so excited.




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10 Responses to The sun sets on our wonderful “Once in a lifetime Oasis of the Seas Cruise-Tour”

  1. Barbara Spivey says:

    Yes. What a wonderful time we had. Looking forward to another cruise together in the near future.

  2. Randy Chartier says:

    Home to my bed and to ride my motorcycle again. YES…. however, I am so glad we took this “once in a lifetime cruise tour.

  3. Connie says:

    Thanks for sharing the journey.

  4. Sue says:

    Thanks so much for sharing. Yes, we definitely need to take another cruise together and with Barbara and Tom and whoever else wants to join us. Happy New Year

  5. Bob Messersmith says:

    Our next”royal” is the Rhapsody on march 13, 2016 ,2 weeks, From Buenos Aires ,around the horn and flying back from Valpairaiso. we have always wanted to see Patagonia.Join Us!! bob and chris

    • Hi, Bob–How sweet for the invitation. Unfortunately, we cannot go. I always go to Virginia to visit my daughter Kristine during the NCAA basketball tournament. But keep us apprised about your travel plans perhaps we can travel together sometime in the future. Happy New Year. Mary

  6. Sal says:

    Thanks, Mary for your travel log…………..I enjoyed reading your comments and seeing your photos.

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