Picture perfect day in Falmouth, Jamaica


img017bWhat a lovely day!

Like so many travelers, when Randy and I first started cruising it was all about doing and seeing as much as we could at every port.  Over time, I felt as though we were so involved in tourist activities that we were missing the essence of the places we were visiting.

Now, when we travel we talk about what we would really like to do when we are revisiting or traveling to a new destination.  We had been to Jamaica several times and took a, what Randy called a boozy catamaran ride to Dunn’s River Falls, revisiting the falls again several years later. Today we would dock at Falmouth, Jamaica and decided we would see what there was to see in town and perhaps find a local restaurant to visit and enjoy the local cuisine.


The day started with sunny skies, warm weather and the promise of warmer weather as the day wore on.  We grabbed a quick breakfast in the lounge and met yet another very nice couple and talked and talked.


DSC07778The port area was very nice with a many jewelry, souvenir and gifts shops to visit.  There was also a large craft market in the middle of the square and many cart vendors scattered around the square.  We walked around a bit.  As usual I was looking for magnets for Kristine and Roxy and stopped at one cart that looked most interesting.  The gentleman who owned the cart was extremely pleasant and helpful and happy that we stopped by.

We told him that were just looking at that point but assured him we would be back on our return trip to the ship.  We asked him if he could recommend a good local restaurant where we could get a bite to eat for lunch.  “Nazz,” he replied.

“Stop at the gate and ask the security people and they will give you directions to get there,” he continued.

So, off we went.  We stopped at the gate and asked the two security guards if they would give us directions to Nazz.  To our pleasant surprise one of the guards said, “It is almost time for my lunch break, I will take you”.  Her name was Crystal and as we walked she told us a little bit about Falmouth.

We walked passed little shops and tents all brimming with island merchandise and souveniers.  We came across a group of tourist getting ready to participate in a Segway tour.  Crystal asked me if I would every do that and I said emphatically, “No!”  “I am sure,” I said, “I would run into a building or causing some other kind of mayhem”.  We all laughed.  It did not take us long at all to get to the restaurant.


The restaurant was located on a very noisy corner.  The cacophony of sounds on that corner was amazing.  There were no stops signs, traffic lights so car, van and bus horns were blaring all the time.  Cart vendors were hawking their wares as they walked down the street.  Someone would see a friend and yell greetings across the street with an immediate response being yelled back.  I loved it.

The inside of the restaurant was very nice with dark wooden tables and chairs but I wanted to enjoy the patio and absorb my surroundings.  We invited Crystal to join us for lunch but she had to make her way back to the port.  After she made sure we knew how to get back to the port she said her goodbyes and left.


DSC07784bAfter looking over the menu, Randy and I both ordered the barbeque chicken, red beans and rice and slaw.  What a great choice.  The chicken was perfectly cooked with a wonderful dry rub, the red beans and rice were so aromatic and perfectly cooked and the sweet slaw was just wonderful. There was also a small bowl of barbeque sauce to dip the chicken in that had just enough heat to make the chicken interesting.


DSC07805Sated, we made our way back to the port passing by many shops.  Once back at the pier, we took a walk through Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville restaurant.  Margaritaville is not just a restaurant but a complex of restaurants, bars, shops, and a swimming pool.  We stopped for a little bit so Randy could get connected so he could send along a message and a few photos from our travels to family and friends.


DSC07802bWe eventually made our way back to the cart vendor and told him how much we loved Nazz and thanked him for his recommendation.  We picked out two magnets and off we went back to the ship stopping along the way to read the wonderful historical signs that lined the street giving a bit of history of the Island, the original inhabitants, the Tainos, past governors, slave emancipation and eventually Jamaica becoming an independent nation in 1962.  We ran into Crystal at the entrance to the pier and, once again, thanked her for kindness in taking the time to show us where the restaurant was and said, “Goodbye”.


By the time we made our way back to the cabin it was time to get ready for cocktails and dinner.  We met Bev, Jan, Don and Kathy and had a lovely time before heading to the dining room.

DSC07807 After such a big lunch I really was not very hungry and decided to just order the starter size Caprese Salad but to bring it out as my main dish.  Our waiter was distressed that I was not going to eat a main course but I assured him I would be fine.  When the salad came to the table I was surprised to see that the salad completely filled the plate.  Rajesh decided to order the salad as a main course.  I was not sure I could do it, but I finished it all and it was delicious.

These Guys--Josh Downtain, Jazzy Smith, Thomas Nanthavongdouangsy, Erik Carlson

These Guys–.Josh Downtain, Jazzy Smith, Thomas Nanthavongdouangsy, Erik Carlson

DSC07814bThe headliner group this evening was “These Guys”.  They were terrific. This group of singers kept the audience clapping, tapping their feet, singing along and have a great time all through their show even stopping at one point to introduce the members of the group and explain how they came to be together.  They are originally an Acapella group but also do a little Doo Wop, Barbershop quartet, a little jazz, a little soul and more.

On our way out of the theater I stopped to tell them how much we enjoyed their show and they offered to take a photo.  I thought that was very nice.

The whole day was just wonderful.  Now it was time to retire to our cabin for a good night’s sleep.

Our next stop is Georgetown, Grand Cayman.



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4 Responses to Picture perfect day in Falmouth, Jamaica

  1. Randy says:

    A very nice relaxing day in port with a fantastic lunch.

  2. Jim Morgan says:

    Glad Randy posed for a picture next to a poster of Uncle Henry..

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