A foodie without a refrigerator

Where do I begin?  It is now our eighth week trying to get our refrigerator fixed or replaced to no avail.

The saga of our broken refrigerator started in January when we noticed that the ice maker in the freezer was not producing ice.  I remember one evening sitting on the couch getting ready to watch a little television when I looked over at Randy and said, “I haven’t heard the ice drop this evening”.

You know how it is, there are background noises that we all get used to and, for me, one consistent noise was the ice dropping in the basket mid-evening followed by the whoosh of water filling the ice maker again.

Randy jumped into action reading the manual and searching the web for information on how to fix the problem.  After a few attempts, he finally called a repair service to come out and take a look.  Once the repairman realized that the refrigerator was still within the warranty period, he said he could not work on it and that we should call the manufacturer.

We did, and they sent out another local repair company.  After taking a look the repairman said it was our dryer and he would have to order a dye dryer and that it would be easy to install.  He ordered the part and set up another date to come back and replace the part.

He returned a few days later and replaced the part and magically the refrigerator started to work again.

I was a little hesitant to fill my freezer again until I was sure that all was well but little by little I made several homemade soups and bought a few pieces of meat and retrieved a 10lb turkey that was residing in my next door neighbor’s freezer.

A few weeks passed and started to notice that the freezer was getting warm again.  I took out a bowl of soup out for dinner and noticed that it defrosted much faster than in the past.  That brought me back to the freezer to check and, sure enough, the soups that should have been frozen solid were returning to liquid form.

Another repair call was placed and this time we needed an evaporator due to a leak.  The repairman noticed that the Freon level was way down and replaced what was lost.  Well, that did not last long.  Within a week he was back replacing the evaporator and recharging the Freon.

I remember saying to Randy, “Maybe I will just bring the turkey back and cook a big meal rather than have him stay”.

Randy looked at me and asked, “What are you going to do with the leftovers?”

I just stood there staring at him.  I felt my shoulders slump and said, “Oh, good heavens, I didn’t even think of that”.

The next day, I woke and headed to the kitchen to start the coffee brewing.  Before I got to the kitchen I was hit with a wall of noxious odor that took my breath away.  I opened my refrigerator and actually felt faint the smell was so bad.  Angry, I spent the rest of the morning tolerating the odor and throwing everything in the trash.  I remember just standing there when I was finished looking at my, now totally empty refrigerator, feeling frustrated and oh, so angry.

We made yet another call to the manufacturer’s customer service line only to be told that they would, once again, have to send a repairman out to take another look.

This time not only did the evaporator fail, and the Freon leak again, but the compressor blew and spilled oil all over the parts.

At this point, we lost all our food from the freezer twice, the smell, even days later, was not very pleasant and the manufacturer has spent over $1,600 on parts and labor.

Now, adding insult to injury, I am a foodie who loves to be in the kitchen preparing wonderful dishes and here we were spending every evening eating out; and trust me when I tell you, it is getting old.

So, the question is, “At what point does the manufacturer say it is time to replace the refrigerator?”

Evidently, not yet.  The new parts arrived today and the repairman will come tomorrow to install.  I can’t help but wonder how long this repair will last and if the noxious odor will remain?

We actually went to Lowe’s to look for a replacement and found two that we liked.  I was thinking about getting a black refrigerator this time but when I inquired how long it would take to have one delivered and found out that it would take two weeks, tears welled up in my eyes.

I stood in the aisle in the store and thought: Oh, for heaven’s sake, who cries over a delivery date for an appliance?

The answer was simple: A foodie without a refrigerator.


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10 Responses to A foodie without a refrigerator

  1. Randy says:

    No refrig and extensive time between attempted repairs are not good. Samsung customer service is terrible.

  2. Randy says:

    I miss the amazing cooking that Mary brings to the table for my taste buds to sample.

  3. Tina says:

    If Mary wants to come to my house to cook, she’s welcome. But she has to leave the leftovers for ransom.

  4. I received this from my friend Connie—“I would have had to buy a new one by this time, I can not go without ICE!” I miss having ice too!

  5. Lois says:

    ENOUGH WITH REPAIRS! Send a copy of this to the manufacturer. By the way, what brand is this refrigerator?

  6. Barbara Spivey says:

    It doesn’t rain–but it pours. Hang in there Mary. Keep cooking !

  7. Genny says:

    Oh poor babies! My personal opinion is wherever you bought it should replace it or refund your money. You’ve endured long enough!!!

  8. Darlyne Harper says:

    I’m a foodie too and it would drive me crazy, I think they should pay for spoiled contents too!

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