Cruising to Europe on the Brilliance of the Seas-At Sea


The first thing I do when I awake on a ship is to go out on the balcony and take a picture of the morning sky.  Today I saw a sky filled with clouds, some looking a bit ominous, and beautiful blue calm seas.  It is going to be a good day, I thought.

We made our way up to the Diamond Lounge for a continental breakfast of fruit, pastries and coffee.  One of the reasons we love to go to the lounge for breakfast is that they have a wonderful coffee machine that makes a perfect cafe latte.

We sat with a very nice couple from Texas.  But, as soon as they started to speak I knew they not from Texas at all.  Mack and Gaby were originally from Great Britain. They had been sent to Texas by Mobile Oil and lived there for 30 years.

We had a lovely time talking about past cruises and the communities we each lived in.  Mack and Gaby belong to a group of travelers called Friends.  A very unique group of travelers who travel too different countries around the world and instead of staying in hotels they live with a family for a week.  As they land in a country a group from that country is boarding a plane to visit America.  This arrangement is similar to the foreign exchange student program only it is for adults.  Randy and I thought this was quite unique.

Mack said they had made life-long friends all over the world.  He said it is quite nice when something dramatic happens he will receive emails from all over the world asking if he and his wife, Gaby are okay.  And, of course, they do the same.

“It is quite lovely to know that so many people are interested in your well-being,” Mack remarked.


We made our way down to the cabin around 10: 30.  As we were walking, we started to hear loud thunderous sounds.  We learned that we were sailing directly into a storm.  We had seen the news and they mentioned we may be heading into the first name storm of the year.  If we did, it would be called Anna.


The sky became quite threatening, the white caps became more pronounced and the wind picked-up. I heard a crack of thunder and looked up ad saw a wall of rain heading in the direction of the ship.  Slowly, slowly the mist was skimming across the sea before long, I thought, the ship would be engulfed in fog and rain.  We encountered winds upwards of 40 miles per hour with swells of 15 feet.



IMG_0618bLater that afternoon we decided to take a walk around the ship.  As we walked down the stairs my eyes caught a piece of artwork on deck 5 that I thought was quite interesting.  I took a few moments to study the piece and read the plaque upon the wall describing what I was looking at:

“Earth”—Anodized Aluminum and Gold Leaf by Steinunn Thorarinsdottir (1955)

The inscription read:

“The Earth is our home; there the quest for unity and harmony is an ongoing struggle.  When united, two half-rings form a sphere, symbolizing the Earth.  Although the Earth is immovable, it is but a delicate shell, as delicate as life itself.  In union, all is possible.”

We spent some time just walking around the ship and then retired to our cabin for a nice rest.  Five o’clock rolled around quickly and we headed once again to the Diamond lounge for cocktails.  There we met Mack and Gaby again and continued our conversation that we started at breakfast.


From left: Sal, Randy, Mary, Anna, DeAnn, Dan, Rae and Don.

After cocktails, we joined our tablemates for another enjoyable dinner.  Tonight we decided to attend the production show A Celebration of Live Music starring the Royal Caribbean singer and dancers featuring the wonderful music of the Brilliance of the Seas orchestra.


DSC08235bThere were two wonderful highlights at tonight’s performance.  One was a musical tribute to the music of conductor, musician and composer John Williams featuring pieces from ET, Star Wars, Superman and more.  The other highlight was a trio of musicians from Ukraine called the Starlight Trio.  The entire show was just wonderful!

It was a wonderfully relaxing day and now it was time to return to the cabin for a good night’s sleep.



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5 Responses to Cruising to Europe on the Brilliance of the Seas-At Sea

  1. Randy says:

    Sleep on a gently rocking ship is like being rocked in your cradle. So relaxing. I wonder what tomorrow will bring???

  2. helffrich says:

    Can’t wait to hear what’s next.

  3. Barbara Spivey says:

    Sounds like a great time.
    Barbara spivey

  4. JudyD says:

    Exploring ships for interesting displays, artwork, nooks and crannies is always fun and almost always enlightening. Enjoy your experience. We have done Atlantic crossings several time and loved them. Have fun meeting all the interesting people you will encounter.

    • Hi, Judy–Loved, loved this trip. Yes, I really enjoy exploring each ship we travel on. My favorite ship to explore for art to date is the Oasis of the Seas. So many beautiful things to get lost in. Thanks for stopping by and leaving some words. Mary

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