A relaxing day at sea


Have you ever awakened in the morning and thought to yourself; I wish I could put myfeet up and spend the entire day  reading  a good book?

Well, today we decided to just that; kick back and do nothing but read.


The forecast for today was sunny with a temperature of 89°.  Well, the day started with a heavy cloud cover and by 9:30am a wall of rain made its way across our bow.   With the rain came cooler weather.

We decided to go to the lounge for our, now usual, continental breakfast and coffee and just sit and look out the windows.  The lounge is just two decks above the main pool.  We watched as several people attempted to entered the pool and retreated quickly and made their way to the warm waters of the hot tub.

There were many passengers sitting around the pool with books in hand all covered in wearing jackets or using towels as blankets to hold off the chill in the air.

We spent the rest of the morning reading; Randy on the balcony, me lounging on the bed.  We ate lunch at the Windjammer and shared a table with a very nice couple from Britain who were making their way back to England after vacationing in Florida.


By 1pm the weather was starting to clear but we both wanted to continue reading until it was time to make our way down to  the theater to listen to another in the enrichment series of lectures by Chris West.


Today’s lecture was entitled, “Espionage Missions to Steal the Cure for Malaria”.

This was a fascinating tale of intrigue to find a cure for malaria.  He recounted a legend of a beautiful Spanish countess who had been cured of malaria during her stay in Peru by drinking medicine made from the bark of a cinchona tree.

One of the slides in his presentation detailed earlier methods of treating malaria that were down-right scary, to beyond silly.  There were cures that included limb amputations, blood-letting, wearing amulets, applying split pickled herrings to the feet, placing the fourth book of the Iliad under a patient’s head, and more.

West went on to chronicle the exploits of three Britons; Richard Spruce, Charles Ledger and Clements Markham and their attempts to find and bring back to England the seeds to the cinchona tree from Peru.

The story of these three gentlemen and their exploits was at times very interesting and at times very sad.  This was our second lecture and I was enjoying Mr. West’s knowledge of his subjects and good sense of humor.  At the end of his lectures West would open the floor for a question and answer period from the audience.  I must say, there some very interesting questions from the audience.

The day was waning and it was time to get ready for the evening.  We made our way back to the cabin and prepared for our evening of cocktails, dinner and a Crown and Anchor event in the theater.


Dinner was lovely as always but we did not linger as we had been invited to attend an eent that included a glass of champagne and meet the officers of the ship.  Our Cruise Director, Clo, greeted everyone and then turned the microphone over to the crew members on stage to say a few words about themselves.

Afterwards many of the officers stood in line to meet and greet as the audience exited the theatre.  I stopped for a moment for a photo opportunity with the Captain Stig.  I find Captain Stig to be a very personable and, at times, very funny person.

We spent a little time walking through the shops and then retired back to our cabin to continue our reading.

Today was a lovely, relaxing day at sea.



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4 Responses to A relaxing day at sea

  1. helffrich says:

    Today is one of those, sit on the balcony and read days.

    • barbara reese says:

      There is something about looking out at the ocean seeing beyond the horizon to nothingness, then grabbing a book and reading all day while your ship continues into the beautiful relaxing world of –space and volumes of water.

      I envy you. Barbara Reese

  2. Randy says:

    This day was so relaxing, I fell asleep on the balcony listening to the sounds of the water splashing off the bow of the ship. What a life!!!!

  3. Bob and Sandy says:

    Sounds great and looks even greater.

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