Blue skies, marshmallow white clouds and cobalt blue rolling seas


What a great day!  The day started with a beautiful blue sky, marshmallow white clouds and cobalt blue rolling seas.  I thought, Could it get any better than this.


DSC09236bDSC08602bWe were up early and up to the lounge for a great, light breakfast and coffee.  We sat, as always, and talked about what we would like to do for the day.  We looked over the Cruise Compass and marked off several events that sounded interesting.

First thing on our agenda for the day was to attend Sunday mass with Father David Remy officiating.  It was really nice to see several passengers go up on stage to assist Father David conduct the mass.  Father David is a U.S. Navy Chaplain (Ret.).  Father David is also a mystery novelist.  We found Father David to be a very pleasant man and enjoyed the service very much.

Next on our agenda was to meet Dorit to go over Randy’s instructions on accompanying our group through Heathrow and Dulles airports on our way home after the second leg of the cruise and talk over the changes to our reservation for an upcoming cruise on Celebrity Cruise Lines in the fall.

Business done, we made our way up to deck 6, found two very comfortable chairs and spent the rest of our morning reading.  Before returning to the cabin, Randy ran down to deck 4 to the game room and picked up the daily trivia, Sudoku and work search sheet and a deck of cards.

We noticed that the future cruise representative was at her desk and decided to take advantage of her being available and made arrangements to sail on a February 2016 cruise with several of our friends.  That taken care of, we headed to the Windjammer for a quick lunch.

IMG_0619cDSC08403bBefore returning to the cabin we walked down to deck 4 to linger at a second Steinunn Thorarinsdottir bronze sculpture (b. 1955, Icelandic).  This one was called “Sea”.

The accompanying plaque read:

“Life on earth began with the sea.  Even our tears taste of salt.  Since the beginning of time men have sailed the sea to conquer its vastness.  Through the centuries the fish have not only been food on our tables, but also a symbol for a part of the world which is hidden to us, the sea.  We have a desire to be near to our origin and thus an integral part of nature”. 


We spent a quiet afternoon in the cabin reading, playing cards and catching up on the news before preparing for the evening.


DSC08411We met Steve and Luann at the lounge and had a great time solving the world’s problems, talking about future cruises and shore excursions we were signed up for on this leg of the trip.


Clockwise from top--Don and Rae, DeAnn and Dan, Randy and Mary, Sal and Anna

Clockwise from top–Don and Rae, DeAnn and Dan, Randy and Mary, Sal and Anna

As always dinner was wonderful.  I love the easy conversation between all our tablemates and, of course, the delicious food.  Tonight I decided to eat simply.


DSC08420bI chose the Seared Beef Carpaccio.  This dish is a delicious combination of thinly sliced marinated beef, shaved asparagus, aged Manchego cheese, buttermilk and a Dijon mustard drizzle.  For dessert I opted for a light dessert; a two-tone chocolate Praline Finger.  Both dishes were just yummy!


After dinner we made our way to the theater for tonight’s headliner show featuring musician, performer and singer, Glenn Smith.  What a show.  This wonderful performer had boundless energy, engaged well with the audience and the music he performed was wonderful.  There was no doubt that he would and did receive a standing ovation at the end of his performance.

It had been a very good day but it was time to retire to the cabin for a good night’s sleep.



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3 Responses to Blue skies, marshmallow white clouds and cobalt blue rolling seas

  1. Randy says:

    The Ocean was very calm today and the temperature was very mild. Knowing that the Baltic was going to be cool, I cherished this day along with what we had done.

  2. Barbara Spivey says:

    Hi Mary,
    We are also on a fall celebrity cruise. What month and ship are you?

    • Hi, Barbara–We are on the Celebrity Equinox–11 day cruise to the Ultimate Caribbean on November 30th. Wouldn’t that be sweet if we were on the same ship? Let me know.

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