Stormy weather brewing in the Atlantic


I awoke this morning after a great night’s sleep to a storm brewing off in the distance. The skies were filled with angry, dark clouds and the sea was becoming angry with whitecaps.


Oddly, though the air was warmer than I expected when I stepped out onto the balcony. We knew the warm air was short lived as the temperature was predicted to drop as the day wore on.

Around 9am we made our way up to the lounge for a quick breakfast. Steve and Luann joined us a little later and we spent time talking about other cruise adventures we had had and what our respective plans were for the day.

We returned to the cabin so we could get ready for our special brunch at Chops Grille.

Earlier in the cruise, we were walking into the Windjammer for lunch and a server from Chops Grilled was talking to passengers as they walked by telling them about a special brunch that would be held on the 8th day of the cruise featuring many of the wonderful dishes from both Chops Grille and Giovanni’s Table restaurants as well as a guided tour of the galley.

Chops is one of our favorite specialty restaurants so, of course, we signed up. Well, today is the day for that special brunch.


Our tour started outside Chops Grille with a glass of champagne, mimosas and a mystery drink that I could not identify. There were also some delicious looking appetizers. I decided to avoid the appetizers saving my appetite for the main event.


The tour was wonderful. The chef broke the group into two groups. Our group was led by sous chef Prashant Pandit.  One of the things we all noticed as we walked around was the crew members were wearing bandanas of different colors.  We asked what the colors meant.  Prashant told us the yellow bandana signified that the cook was new.  The blue bandana indicated that the cook was knowledgeable and assisted the main cook.  The red bandana indicated the cook’s status as the lead chef.  I thought that was very interesting.


DSC08459DSC08446What made the tour interesting is that it was held as the various chefs were preparing foods for the day for the various restaurants around the ship as well room service.


DSC08472DSC08471At the conclusion of the tour we were taken back to Chops Grille to enjoy a wonderful array of foods. There was a selection of breakfast foods, a carving station, salad, breads, cold cuts, cheeses and more.


The table that everyone stopped by as they entered the restaurant was the dessert table. Oh, my, the desserts!!!!! Decadent is the only word that can be used to describe what was before us. There was a beautiful trifle, brownies, chocolate and raspberry cake, tiramisu and crème brulee.

As everyone prepared to enjoy their dishes, the chef said a few words of welcome and invited us to enjoy our afternoon; and we did enjoy our afternoon if gastronomic delights.


Since coming on board, I had been eating a light, continental breakfast of fruit, croissants and coffee. So, today I decided to eat breakfast foods. I chose the Banana Eggy Bread with Streaky Bacon, the Denver Omelet Arnold, a small salad, cheese, a croissant and a small portion of crème brulee for dessert.

The Banana Eggy Bread was so delicious. The eggy bread was filled with thick sliced pieces of banana with small specs of bacon throughout. The omelet was so cheesy. I loved everything.

Randy opted to take little bits of everything. According to Randy, everything was just perfect.

Appetites satiated, we returned to the cabin for a relaxing afternoon.

I enjoyed lunch so much I could not eat a large dinner. I decided to eat a small mozzarella salad and shrimp cocktail. The dishes were just perfect in size and taste.


We had seen the production show on another ship so decided to take a leisurely walk around the promenade deck.   Again, I was surprised that the air was as warm as it was. I was mesmerized watching the sea rolling with angry whitecaps. The waves were reaching at least 10′ or more and filled with so many angry white caps; it was lovely to watch.

Today was a wonderfully delicous day.  Now it was time for a nightcap at the Colony Club before retiring to the cabin for a good night’s rest.



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3 Responses to Stormy weather brewing in the Atlantic

  1. Randy says:

    Great food and a great day. ! !!!!

  2. B confidential says:

    Reblogged this on B Confidential Club.

  3. helffrich says:

    We have never done a luncheon like that. It sounds wonderful.

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