A lazy day at sea


I stepped out onto the balcony to a cold, damp, foggy, rainy morning. It is going to be another day of high seas and fog.

Oh, my, I can’t believe we slept until 9:30am. We have been steadily losing time as we cross the Atlantic and I think it is catching up with both of us. We dressed quickly and headed to the Diamond Lounge for a small breakfast and coffee.

Then we were off to the shops to look at windbreakers. We both brought warm jackets with us but it has been so damp and rainy, Randy felt he may need a waterproof jacket when we get to the Baltic. We looked but did not purchase.  Then off to the photo gallery to look at all the pictures that had been taken so far and cull out the ones we liked for the first week of this trip.


DSC08504Up to the Crown and Anchor area on deck 7 to log on to the computer to see if we could catch up on our emails and Facebook. While Randy caught up on his emails I watched from the railing the goings on in the Centrum. There was a fun Black Forest cake competition going on between passengers and chefs.  Of course, everyone that was watching the competition got to taste the end results of their efforts.   Next was a lively exercise class. Both were fun to watch.

maddy 1derek 2I checked my Facebook page and was so excited.  My daughter Jennifer had posted pictures of Madalyn before prom and Derek enjoying a ‘fun run’ at his elementary school. Love it!  What a nice treat to see pictures of your loved ones while sailing along in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.

Off to have a quick lunch at the Windjammer. The weather had been so cold and damp that all I craved was a nice bowl of warm soup. I had a Mediterranean bean soup that was a bit bland but warm and filling.


Back to the room for a bit then off to the next lecture in the Chris West enrichment series. Today’s lecture was on the Vikings of Ireland and Normandy. I thought that this was his best lecture to date. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Others must have too because he had many more questions at the conclusion of this lecture.

I think I enjoyed this lecture so much because it gave background to the Vikings series we have been watching on the History Channel. We have seen season 1, 2 and 3 the period of time that West covered in his lecture.

The television series chronicles the lives, loves and conflicts of the family of Ragnar Lothbrok (Travis Fimmel) as they explore and raid across the northern seas. It also shines a light on the conflicts between Paganism and Christianity. Randy and I are anxiously waiting for season 4.


Back to the cabin to prepare for cocktails and dinner. Dinner was good this evening. I started with a Thai chicken salad that was just yummy. The main course was pork loin, rosemary potatoes, peas, carrots. It was okay but needed a little more seasoning.


This evening I decided to have the BBB crème brúlée for dessert. This is a Baileys Irish cream-flavored crème brúlée with caramelized bananas and is just delicious. This is one of my very favorite desserts whenever we cruise.


We left the dining room and made our way to the theatre to catch the headliner show time featuring the magic of Puck. Evidently, he was a runner-up winner of America’s Got Talent competition. The show was entertaining but it is obvious that he has a long way to go yet to capture the audience.

Back to the room for a good night’s sleep.  Tomorrow I am up early to explore the ship with my camera.



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3 Responses to A lazy day at sea

  1. Genny says:

    My, my how Maddie has grown into a lovely young lady! I wish her success in her future endeavors. I know you are a proud Grandmother.

  2. Bob and Sandy says:

    Good grief, can’t believe how Maddie has grown. She is very pretty. And Derek has matured also.

  3. Randy says:

    Another day of cruising, boozing and snoozing.

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