Exploring the Brilliance of the Seas

Beautiful tapestry in the Minstrel dining room

Beautiful tapestry in the Minstrel dining room

What an interesting day!

I was up at 6:30am to get ready for my walk around the ship. At least one day each trip I like to get up early and walk around the ship to take pictures before the various venues become crowded with people.


Before leaving the cabin, I stepped out onto the balcony to a cold, windy day. But, low and behold there was a big yellow ball of fire high in the sky promising a wonderful day.


By the time I walked the three flights up to deck 11 a storm cloud had decided to stop right above the ship like a big umbrella blocking out the sun and my hopes of getting some good shots of the pool and sports decks.


That was not the only impediment to my getting a nice picture of the main pool, the entire pool had been covered with a giant blue net and had been emptied. I realized that it was being cleaned.  Not to be dissuaded from my goal, I wandered into the Solarium pool area. Just one small step from the main pool, through a sliding door was like walking from a cold wind tunnel into a sauna.


The Solarium pool is is unique because it has a moving glass ceiling. During bad weather the ceiling closes to keep the pool area nice and warm. It is quite a lovely area with padded lounge chairs, heated pool, and hot tub.

IMG_0558bIMG_0560bThere is also a bar, and, if you get hungry, there is the Park Café that features soups, salads, sandwiches and pastries and is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner and, is complimentary.

My next stop was to be the sport deck and the miniature golf course. But, frankly the wind was blowing so hard I had to seek refuge under an overhang and slowly made my way back to the shelter of the stairway.


I stopped next at the 11th deck landing looking down at the Centrum. The Centrum atrium is located on deck 4. The Centrum is a seven-story atrium surrounded by a variety of bars, lounges and shops. At any time of the day you can see people looking down at all the fun activities taking place on the Centrum floor.

At any given time there is some kind of activity or entertainment to enjoy at the Centrum. There is karaoke, exercise classes, food demonstrations, spa demonstrations, etc. And, while all that is going on, people are reading, knitting, playing cards, talking with friends or just relaxing.  Today there was a class to learn the Michael Jackson ‘Thriller’ dance class. Now, that was fun to watch!


Deck 6 features the Vintages Bar. The Vintages Bar offers a wide range of wines from around the world as well as wine tastings and classes.


IMG_0580bAlso on deck 6 is the Schooner Bar, Chops Grille, Giovanni’s and the Colony Club. I love the Schooner Bar and the Colony Club. Bother venues offer wonderful atmospheres and fun entertainment.


IMG_0669bOur group was enjoying our nightly dinners at the Minstrel dining room on deck 4. My favorite two things to look at as we made our way to the table each evening was the wonderful staircase, waterfall and grand piano from the My Time dining area on deck 5 and the beautiful tapestry lining the back wall of the room. Many, many passengers could be seen nightly having their pictures taken in front of the waterfall.


Also on deck 4 is the card room. This has been a very busy room indeed during our crossing. I come down each day and pick up the daily trivia, Sudoku and word search puzzles.


IMG_0651I loved the violin art work in the card room by American artist Marc Berlet.  The pieces are painted steel with bronze details.  The accompaning plaque read:

“Food, spirits and music all combine to enhance a memorable sensorial experience of find dining”.

I spent about an hour taking pictures then made my way back to the cabin to pick up Randy and head to the lounge for breakfast. Before too long Steve and LuAnn joined us and we a wonderful talk.

At noon we made our way to the shops. Today was the opening of the Russian Bazaar. It was a one day only event and the shops were filled to the rafters with eager window shoppers and buyers of the beautiful nesting dolls, black lacquer boxes, Faberge eggs, Christmas ornaments and other souvenirs made in Russia. The passageway and stores were so full we decided to wait until later in the day.


On our way to an enrichment class by Chris West we stopped at the Centrum and enjoyed listening to Anna singing a tune during karaoke time.


Roald Amundsen

Roald Amundsen

Today’s enrichment lecture was Polar Explorers Nansen & Amundsen – The Ice Caps of the Atlantic. The exploits of these exceptional people was just amazing. I must say, I have really enjoyed this series of talks.


Cold, delicious Cosmo

Cold, delicious Cosmo

We had just enough time to get back to the cabin and prepare for the evening activities. We started off with cocktails at the lounge, dinner at the Minstrel and ended our evening at a Top Tier event at the Colony Club.



Randy was particularly happy this evening because lobster was on the menu.  I decided to try something different and chose the Tandoori Chicken.  It was spicey, hot and delicious.


IMG_0757IMG_0746bWe sat with Sal and Anna as we listened to Captain Stig talk about his career on the sea and gave us updates on our ports of call in the coming days.  On our way out I stopped and had a photo taken with our wonderful cruise director, Clo.

trip to Baltic 1135b

Up early and now it was time to retire to the cabin early but not before I stepped out onto the Promenade deck and watched the sun set over the horizon.

trip to Baltic 1131b

Tomorrow we continued our voyalge to our second port-of-call, Cork Ireland. I am so excited.



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7 Responses to Exploring the Brilliance of the Seas

  1. Barbara Spivey says:

    Sounds fabulous.

  2. helffrich says:

    The enrichment series sounds interesting..

  3. helffrich says:

    I have great memories of Brilliance. Great pictures.

  4. Randy says:

    The Brilliance is a very nice ship and the crew was amazing. Our trip so far has been quite smooth and the weather cool and refreshing. It is different to see the ship with basically no one up and about…

  5. Liz says:

    Thanks for sharing…I enjoyed it.

  6. Bob and Sandy says:

    More wonderful pictures of people and food!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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