A glorious, relaxed day at sea


I knew from the moment I stepped onto the balcony that it was going to be a glorious day.  We slept in this morning so, by the time I stepped out onto the balcony the sun was already high in the sky.  The sun gave off a white hot aura as its rays rained down made the ripples in the beautiful, blue sea shimmer like so many diamonds.

My wonderful husband volunteered to go up to the lounge and bring us back café lattes to enjoy while watching the morning news.  When he returned to the cabin he also had a plate filled with pastries.  Now, for me, watching him enter the cabin with these lovely treats was a glorious moment.

After spending the few days touring historic, beautiful and interesting cities, we were looking forward to enjoying a day of relaxation.

We looked over the Cruise Compass to see what was happening around the ship and decided that we were interested in two activities.  The first was an enrichment presentation by history and culture guest speaker, Dr. Carl G. Schott.  We were drawn to this activity as we would be visiting parts of Scandinavia during this leg of the cruise.

The second activity that piqued our interest was the Captain’s Toast and Production Show after dinner.

That settled, we enjoyed our lite breakfast and decided to amuse ourselves reading a little, taking a slow walk around the ship, visiting the shops and going to the casino to take advantage of our three free pulls.

As usual, we did not win anything with our free pulls, however, we were given raffle tickets for a drawing in the casino the last night of the cruise.   Now, that sounds great, but the drawing is not until late in the evening and we have never won anything to date so we just laughed and put the tickets away.


The enrichment presentation was wonderful.  Dr. Schott gave a lively talk called the Gateway to ScandinaviaHe regaled us with tales of Nordic Gods and shared with us the history of Danish castles, palaces and cathedrals.

He spoke at length about the Danish monarchy spending a great deal of time on the history of King Christian X. King Christian X reigned from 1912 to 1947 and became a popular symbol of resistance during the German occupation during World War II.  After his talk, Randy and I were even more eager to visit Copenhagen tomorrow.


The afternoon passed slowly as we settled into our cabin and enjoyed loosing ourselves in our books and magazines.  A little after we returned a dish of deliciously yummy treats were delivered to our cabin.  This dish of small confections is one of the perks we receive as diamond members of the Crown and Anchor Society.  My first choice is always the dipped strawberries.  Again, yummy!  We ate several and saved the rest for later.

Dan, Christine and DeAnn.

Dan, Christine and DeAnn.

Before too long it was time to dress for cocktails and dinner.  Tonight was a formal evening so out came the suit and tie for Randy and a cocktail outfit for me.  We made  our way to the lounge for cocktails with friends then off to dinner.


Dinner is always fun as we all share stories about past travels, future travels, upcoming tours and activities around the ship.  Sal and Anna were with us for dinner but at the same time I snapped a picture Sal was making a dramatic point.  Don and Rae did not come to dinner this evening.  They were missed.  While we ate, our favorite assistant server from the first leg of our cruise, Christine came by to say, “Hello”.  Christine is a joyful person who always has a ready smile and kind word for everyone.  She promised that she would stop by and say hello and, she did.


Randy likes his tenderloins medium-rare

Randy likes his tenderloins medium-rare


Dinner was delicious.  Tonight they offered one of my very favorite dishes: Carved filet of beef Tenderloin with Morel-crimini mushroom sauce, creamy whipped potatoes and asparagus.  Yummy.  No need for dessert this evening.


After dinner we made our way to the Centrum to enjoy an evening of champagne, dance a little, meet some of the senior officers, enjoy a special floor performance by the Royal Caribbean singers and dancers and a chance to have our photograph taken with Captain Stig.

I remembered at one of the talks on the first leg of our cruise that Captain Stig had been on the Majesty of the Seas. As we chatted with the captain I asked, “Were you the captain of the Majesty in 1996?”  Before he answered, I explained that Randy and I were engaged on the Majesty that year.

“No, at that time I was the staff captain.  I became captain of the Majesty in 1997,” he replied. I learned that the staff captain on a cruise ship is the second in command.


There was no room near the Centrum so we walked up to deck 6 and found a place along the railing to watch the performance.


The performance was interesting.  The performers were dressed in ornate gold and white costumes reminiscent of 17th century France.  The music was at times done in ¾ time with the dancers taking small steps and at others the music and dancing was quite lively and fun.


Half way through performance, several members of the crew and staff were brought on to the Centrum floor and introduced to the passengers by our cruise director Clodagh O’Connor after which the captain said a few words.

The singers and dancers returned to the floor and concluded their performance.  It was quite lovely.

Our glorious, relaxed day had come to an end so we retired to our cabin for a good night’s sleep.

Tomorrow we dock in Copenhagen, Denmark.



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One Response to A glorious, relaxed day at sea

  1. Randy says:

    What a wonderful day and evening it was!!!!!

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