Fun, busy and dramatic day at sea


Copenhagen Search and Rescue helicopter

Copenhagen Search and Rescue helicopter

Oh, joy and rapture, we slept in this morning.  We hurried to dress and made our way up to the Diamond Lounge where we met Steve and LuAnn and enjoyed a lite breakfast and great conversation.


The windows of the lounge look down on the pool and it is always fun to see the contrasts in dress.  People on deck 12 are bundled up while people down on the pool deck are in a variety of clothing including shorts and bundled in towels.  The temperature was in the high 40’s his morning.  I am not sure if it is wishful thinking that the weather would magically change and they would be able to jump in the pool or what; but, it is funny.

We noticed a problem with our account so, off we went to Guest Services on deck 4 to get that taken care of.  The transition from leg one of our cruise to leg two of our cruise had us settling our account in cash.  Really?  But, no worries, the problem was taken care quickly and we were on our way to the theater.


The Brilliance of the Seas

We settled into our seats and waited for Captain Stig to take the microphone for his ‘nautical chat’.  I love these chats.  They are always informative and fun.  I especially enjoy the question and answer period at the end of the chats.  Captain Stig was joined by hotel manager, Joni Gevriye and cruise director Clodagh O’Connor.  These three together are quite a team.  It was always obvious that they enjoyed working together.

The captain prepared a very nice slide show that included pictures of his personal boat the Nordic Song, his wife and son.  He shared stories of his trans-Atlantic crossing from Florida to Norway with his 8-year old son.  It was an amazing tale.  The trip took him 22 days.

Search and Rescue helicopter from Copenhagen

Search and Rescue helicopter from Copenhagen making its way to the helipad

During his chat, the captain’s phone rang and he excused himself telling everyone that he had to leave early because one of the crew members had a medical emergency and was going to be taken by helicopter to Copenhagen for hospitalization.  By the time we arrived the deck was filling up with passengers as they eagerly awaited the helicopter.  The helicopter circled the ship a few times before hovering over the helipad.

The helicopter taking the crew member to Copenhagen

The helicopter taking the crew member to Copenhagen

It was quite exciting watching as the helicopter loaded the crew member on and whisked him away to the hospital.

It was cold on the deck so as soon as the helicopter was a mere speck in the sky, we headed for the Windjammer for lunch.  The only food that sounded appetizing after standing on the deck for so long was a bowl of hot soup.  I had the Mediterranean bean soup that was just perfect.

Randy was not feeling well and wanted to have a quiet day in the cabin.  While Randy rested, I went down to deck 7 and caught up on my email and Facebook.  I stopped by the shops to look over the sale items.  Back to the cabin to check on Randy and then settled down for the afternoon with my book.


After resting all afternoon, Randy was ready to prepare for the evening.  Our first stop was the Colony Club for a ‘Welcome Back Party’ hosted by the Crown and Anchor Society.  Randy and I both enjoy these little parties.  They last just long enough to have a drink, listen to the captain and several other senior crew personnel, enjoy a little entertainment and perhaps, dance a little.  Today we were treated to a variety of songs by the lead singers of the production staff.  They both had lovely voices.

Up to the lounge for cocktails and ran into Steve and LuAnn.  I must say, it is always a fun time when we see Steve and LuAnn.  While chatting away, Tom and Maryann came into the lounge.  We introduced them to Steve and LuAnn and we all sat and had a great time.


DSC09260Dinner was delicious.  I started with a summer fruit medley of pineapple, papaya, mango, kiwi, and strawberry with a coconut and pistachio yogurt drizzle.  I followed that up trying an Indian dish that sounded tantalizing.  The Mumtaz Mahal Chicken is an Indian style chicken cooked in a tomato cream cheese curry.


As I gave my order to our head server, Prashant, he hesitated and said, “Do you like hot food?”

I assured him that I did and was looking forward to trying something new.  Still concerned he assured me that if I did not like it he would bring me an alternative.  I thought that was sweet.

The dish was hot, spicy and delicious.   Prashant was pleased that I enjoyed my meal so much.

During dinner the captain made an announcement about the crew member that had been taken to shore for the medical emergency.  Evidently, the crew member had a ruptured appendix and needed surgery.  He told us that within ten minutes of being whisked away on the helicopter the crew member had been taken to surgery and was resting well.  Everyone in the dining room applauded the news.

After dinner and before the evening show, we made our way up to the Crown and Anchor office so Randy could check his email and Facebook page.  It did not take long so off we went to the theater.


Tonight’s headliner show featured magician Philip Hitchcock.  What fun.  Hitchcock was talented, funny, very in-tune with the audience and kept our attention throughout his act.  The end of his show had me snorting with laughter.

The last act of his performance involved a very large yellow balloon and compressor. We were all amazed as the balloon got larger and larger and the audience had no idea what he was going to do with it.

Much to the delight of everyone, after he removed the compressor he disappeared into the balloon.  We sat their stunned wondering what happened.  All of a sudden the ball started to bounce to the beat of the music back and forth on the stage.  Trust me; you had to be there to see this very funny happening.  At one point his head appeared to rise from the balloon.  At another his arms appeared.  Loved it, loved it, loved it.

Today was a fun, busy and dramatic day and I am sure I will take the memory of that yellow balloon into my dreams.  As I prepared to turn out the lights, I said a prayer for the crew member to have a speedy recovery.


IMG_1768b The captain had mentioned that the sunsets as we leave Copenhagen were spectacular.  I went up to deck 11 and out to the back of the ship and had a wonderful time snapping one picture after another.  The sunset was just beautiful.  The yellows and reds were so dramatic!  I was glad I heeded the captain’s words.

Tomorrow we are off to Tallinn, Estonia.



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3 Responses to Fun, busy and dramatic day at sea

  1. helffrich says:

    Helicopter evacuations are fascinating to watch. The ship keeps moving and the helicopter stays above.

  2. Genny says:

    That sunset is just beautiful!!! It gave me goosebumps.

  3. Randy says:

    That balloon gig was amazing. Would like to see it again.

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