Celebrating a relaxed day at sea with friends

It is going to be a wonderful day with calm seas and blue skies.

It is going to be a wonderful day with calm seas and blue skies.

What a beautiful day!!!

After four consecutive days visiting Estonia, Russia, Finland and Sweden, we were looking forward to a kick-back day cruising slowly in the Baltic on our way to Skagen, Denmark.

Even the temperature was cooperating being a delightful 63° and sunny.

Up early we made our way to the lounge to sip delicious café lattes and enjoy a light continental breakfast of fruit and pastries.  The other deliciousness of our morning was having Steve and LuAnn join us for a great time talking and laughing about our trip.

(from left) cruise director Clo, chief engineer, Ivo, Captain Stig and hotel director Joni.

(from left) cruise director Clo, chief engineer, Ivo, Captain Stig and hotel director Joni.

Today we decided to only attend three activities.  The first on our list was the Captain’s Corner in the theater.  As I have mentioned before, we enjoy listening to facts and figures about the ship and funny stories that are shared between Captain Stig, cruise director Clodagh O’Connor, chief engineer Ivo Marenic and hotel director Joni Gevriye.

They are so funny teasing one another and telling little silly stories about each other.  It is obvious from their easy way around each other that they enjoy working together; the audience does too

I was amazed when I learned that it took 18 months to construct the vessel at a cost of 500 million.   I also thought it was and interesting fact  that the Azipod marine propulsion units rotate 360° and can pull the ship 18 knots backward.  Pull, not push very interesting.

Joni talked about provisioning the ship and gave us an idea of what a week’s consumption of food on the Brilliance of the Seas added up to.  For example a weeks provisioning takes, 18,500 eggs, 4,760 lbs. rice, 12,500 lbs. vegetables, 556 lbs. coffee, 785 gals. Ice cream, 12,600 cans of beer, and 31, 345 lbs. chicken.


Ivo, Mary and Joni

After the slide show presentation the captain invited the audience to a question and answer period.  I always find this period to be very interesting.  There are people in every audience who are very knowledgeable and ask very good questions which always please the captain.  They also stayed at the back of the theater and greeted the audience and posing for pictures.

After the talk we walked around the ship, lazily walking through the shops, stopping by the card room to pick up the daily puzzles and making our way up to the Windjammer for a quick lunch.

Randy standing on stage

Randy standing on stage

We had to eat quickly because we had been invited by the Crown and Anchor Society to participate in a backstage theater tour.

I have always admired the performers on cruise ships.  I cannot image how they keep their balance as they dance across the stage.  Today I was even more impressed as we walked behind the scenes and saw where they had to work.


The tour started with several of the performers telling a little about themselves and then answering questions from the audience after which we were invited up on stage to start the tour.

We watch from the audience as they magically disappear behind the curtain and then reappear dressed in so many costumes during a performance.  I always imagined that the backstage was large and roomy for them to maneuver as they changed clothes.  Not!

The backstage area is narrow and crowded with electronics, wires and wardrobes filled with costumes for each member of the cast.  It is nothing short of a miracle that they are always where they should be on stage and dressed in the right costume.

Looking out at the audience.

Looking out at the audience.

It was interesting to be standing on stage and seeing what the performers see each and every night.  I found this tour to be very interesting.  Kudos to all the performers.


Tonight is a formal evening so we started to prepare for the evening a little early and headed to the lounge for evening cocktails.  And, lo and behold, we met Steve and LuAnn and continued our conversation from the morning.  And, once again, we talked about traveling together again sometime in the future.  What fun that would be!


Sal and Anna

Dan and DeAnn

Dan and DeAnn


I love dinner time especially on formal nights.  The dining room is filled with ladies and gents dressed to the nine’s and looking mighty fine.



I noticed that the menu included a dish I had tried on the first leg of the trip and ordered it because it was so good.  But, I was really surprised when it came to the table because it looked so different.  Our wonderful server asked me once again if I liked hot, spicy food because Tandoori Chicken is very hot.  I assured him I was looking forward to it.



We got a surprise this evening as we learned that it was Rae’s birthday.  The maître’s brought over a special chocolate cake with a lit candle and everyone sang, “Happy Birthday”.  Rae was really dear is that Rae was totally surprised.  Wonderful, just wonderful.




DSC09992After dinner we made our way to the Colony Club for a Crown and Anchor top-tier event that included brief talks by some of the senior crew, a little music, some dancing and some libations.


As we walked in, we ran into Sal and Anna and we all sat together and had fun chatted away the early evening.


We spent the rest of the evening enjoying the evening fade away turning the sky bright yellow and awaited yet another  beautiful sunset.


As the sunset filled the sky with pink hues we were amazed that we could still see so many windmills on the horizon.


We looked at each other and knew we had the same thought; what a beautiful day!

Tomorrow we are in Skagen, Denmark.



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6 Responses to Celebrating a relaxed day at sea with friends

  1. Randy says:

    What a beautiful day it was indeed!!!!!

  2. helffrich says:

    What a lovely photo of you two.

  3. Deb says:

    Wow what an amazing trip. $500 million holy smokes…but it looks beautiful. I agree that pic of you two is lovely. Hope the remainder of your journey is as smooth sailing and beautiful as today was! Thanks for sharing…

  4. Mary says:

    Beautiful picture of you both! Fun following along on your adventure

    • Mary–Thanks for stopping by and leaving some words. I really enjoy that my friends follow along as we make our way around the world. And, thanks for the compliment about our picture. I thought it was a lovely one too! Keep reading. Mary

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