End of summer cruise to the Caribbean on the Freedom of the Seas


Here we are finally boarding the Freedom of the Seas preparing for a two week back-to-back cruise to the Western Caribbean and Eastern Caribbean and a much needed vacation.

To say that the past year has been perfect would be stretching the word to the point of explosion.  As I have hinted in other posts, we have been dealing with a very sad situation concerning my beautiful daughter that went from bad to worse this past spring.

Dealing with this situation saw Randy and I traveling up and down I-75 from our home in Florida to Tennessee several times, packing up a house with no air conditioning in 99° heat with a heat index making the air feel like a sultry 105°. Add to that, the toxic condition of the house requiring us to wear face masks and gloves.  At the end of each day it was all we could do to go back to our hotel, eat a small meal and drop into bed and try to get some sleep.

Eventually, we were able to bring her back to our home in Florida with high hopes of bringing about some positive resolution to her situation.  We did not have rose colored glasses on as to what it would take to bring about a good resolution to this problem but, oh my, after the first few weeks we came to realize that it was going to be harder and longer journey than we thought.

There have been angry outbursts, lots of tears, loss of sleep with Randy and I looking at each other and asking; “What have we gotten ourselves into?”

We actually thought about cancelling this trip but circumstances made that impossible so we resolved to take advantage of the alone time to catch up on our rest and relaxation and go home renewed and ready to take on this new challenge.



Cruise 1Randy 1It was interesting to us that the day we were to board the ship pretty much reflected our moods as we drove over to the port.  The skies were gray and filled with dark clouds heavy with rain drops just waiting to fall.  We made it to the Park and Cruise lot just as the skies opened.  Within minutes of boarding the bus we were at the terminal and aboard the ship.


One of Randy’s favorite places on the ship is the Diamond Lounge because they have a great coffee machine.  So guess where we went while we waited for the cabins to be ready?  Yes, the lounge to have a café latte.  Randy was a happy man.


DSC00615DSC00614We did not have to wait long before they opened the cabins.  I was excited because we were going to be staying in a junior suite on this portion of the trip.


DSC00613These cabins are so roomy, with a walk-in closet, bathroom with a marble sink, a bathtub-shower combination, love seat, lovely chair and hassock, a large balcony with two chairs, a small table and two lounge chairs, coffee and tea pots and fixings.  Heaven, just heaven!

Before we knew it, it was time to prepare for the mandatory safety drill.  For the first time in a long time our station was located inside the ship at the Isacc dining room on deck 4.  As soon as the drill was over Randy and I prepared for the evening first stopping at the lounge for cocktails then on to dinner to meet our tablemates.


We would be dining in the Leonardo dining room on deck 3.  We were seated at a table for 10 in the center of the room.  We introduced ourselves and settled down for a nice evening of conversation and delicious food.

The dining room is three decks high with the most beautiful crystal chandelier hanging majestically from the ceiling.  There is a beautiful staircase that goes to the right and left to the other floors with a beautiful floor-to-ceiling painting of Isaac Newton, Galileo and Leonardo DaVinci.  The Isacc dining room is on deck 4 and the Galileo dining room is on deck 5.


DSC00651bI had a hard time deciding what to eat so decided to go for the easy choices.  I chose the Watermelon Raspberry soup with pistachio dust and mojito foam and a slow-roasted beef striploin with vegetables, baked potato and rosemary au jus.  I topped my delicious dinner off with one of my very favorite desserts, BBB  Créme Brûlée.  The wonderful concoction is a Bailey’s Irish cream-flavored créme brûlée with carmelized bananas.  Everything was delicious.


DSC00658After dinner Randy and I made our way up to the Promenade on deck 5 strolling past the shops and restaurants and finally taking a seat outside the Bull & Bear Pub to enjoy a cold beer.  Our wonderful waiter was kind enough to take a few pictures of us.  We have cruised on the Freedom several times and so we talked a bit and decided that we would bypass the evening entertainment opting instead to unpack and get a goodnight’s sleep.


On our way back to the cabin I noticed DreamWorks character, Gloria walking in my direction.  I love the characters from Madagascar, especially Gloria.  I love the way she walks, very funny!  As I passed her by I said, “Hello, Gloria, how nice to see you”.  She gave me a high-five and continued on her journey.  But then, she turned and came back to me and started to dance to the music filling the promenade.  Well, of course, I had to dance too!!!!!!  I love Gloria!

Tomorrow we are at sea.



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5 Responses to End of summer cruise to the Caribbean on the Freedom of the Seas

  1. Randy says:

    Great relaxing Cruise on a great ship with my honey……

  2. Barbara spivey says:

    You guys! Such romantics. We don’t cruise again until November. Sorry to hear about your daughter. I am missing parts of the story. Will catch up later. Tell Randy hello. We really need to book a short seven day cruise together one of these days. Have fun! Relax! Keep posting. I feel like I’m there with you.

  3. helffrich says:

    Sounds like a wonderful start to your cruise. So glad you got to go. We had a wonderful 2 weeks on Oasis, but would have loved to have been with you. Looking forward to more posts. Yes, Barbara, a cruise with you and Tom would be great too.

  4. Linda Pellien says:

    OMG, Mary! That ship looks amazing!! Loved all your pictures — especially the ones of the staterooms. I had no idea that the junior suites were so spacious. Looks like there are so many fun things to do just on the ship.

    So sorry to hear about all the challenges with your daughter over the last several months. It may very well be a blessing that you and Randy will have some time away relaxing and having some fun. Enjoy the trip.


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