A relaxing day cruising along in the Caribbean


I could not believe we slept for 9 hours.  But, then again, maybe I can.  By the time we woke up the sun had already risen high in the sky shining down on calm blue waters with very little clouds in the sky.  Did you know that ocean depths in the Caribbean average 6,000 feet/1830 meters and the water is a moderate 80°F/27°C?


IMG_2670As we do each time we cruise, we ordered room service.  It is such a treat to sleep in, have breakfast brought to the cabin and enjoy our meal on the balcony.  I absolutely cannot imagine a more wonderful way to start the first day of our cruise.  We ordered orange juice, cereal, and a fruit plate of sliced pineapple, strawberries, red-juicy grapes, a slice of orange, thin slices of cantaloupe, and a sweet slice of kiwi. What was missing from the perfect picture was the utensils.  How funny.  I ran to the phone and called room service and in a blink of an eye they were delivered to our room.


After breakfast we made a quick run to the Diamond lounge for hot cups of café latte and then off to the Solarium for a relaxing day reading poolside.  Life is good!  I loaded my Kindle with several books for the cruise.  I started with James Patterson and Maxine Paetro’s 14th Deadly Sin (Women’s Murder Club series).  This is just one of the James Patterson’s series that I really enjoy.


I love the Solarium pool area.  There are cushioned lounge chairs scattered all around the pool, two cantilever pools on either side of the deck, a bar in case you would like enjoy a cold drink and, best of all, it is for adults only.  The cantilevered whirlpools extend 12 feet out from the ship and look down at the sea 112 feet below.  There is a bridge that extends over the pool so make it easy to walk from side-to-side or just stand on the bridge and watch everyone enjoying the cool water of the pool.

I love to watch people so between chapters I would put my book down and just watch.  Some people would put their toes in the water gingerly testing the temperature before entering the water others would jump in with reckless abandon.  Some sought the sun others wanted to enjoy the shade.  There is this constant movement of people searching for a chair, leaving to get food or drink, spending some time in the hot tubs, or just socializing with friends.


At one point my eyes were pulled skyward and I found myself mesmerized at the beautiful clouds that would drift by.  The clouds were all different sizes and shapes and looked wonderful against the backdrop of a bright blue sky.  As time wore on, I noticed a gentle, warm breeze that would suddenly wrap me in a delicious state of calm relaxation.  I eventually succumbed to this wonderful feeling and put my book down and closed my eyes.  What was Randy doing all this time?  He was doing just what we said we would do; relaxing and sleeping.

By 1pm, Randy and I decided to make our way back to the cabin after a short stop at the Promenade Café to pick sandwiches and eat a leisurely lunch on the balcony.


On our way to the promenade, we passed by the main pool and caught a glimpse of the Men’s International Belly Flop Competition.  What we have found over time is that the size of the man, and or his belly, that defines who wins.  It the end it is the technique used by the competitor.  This competition is always fun and always brings a large crowd to watch the event unfold.

We enjoyed eating our lunch and talking quietly while enjoying watching the wispy clouds above and the little white caps that covered the surface of the royal blue water below of the Caribbean Sea.


Surprise, surprise, as we were taking a little rest, there was a knock at the door.  Randy opened the door and standing there was a crew member holding a plate of chocolate dipped strawberries.  Accompanying the strawberries was a note from the Room Service Supervisor that read, “We are very sorry and must apologize for any inconvenience caused to you with your Room Service Experience.  Please accept this gift as a token for your kind patience and understanding”.  Now, how delightful was that?

Once we devoured our delicious strawberries, we prepared for the evening first going to the lounge for cocktails and then joining our tablemates for dinner.  Tonight we were joined by another couple at our table.  We learned that they had  been sitting at another table but asked to be moved because of a dog that was at their table.

Evidently, the owners were allowing the dog to sit on one of the dining room chairs, put its paws on the table and they fed the door from their plates.  Several members of that table were aghast and asked to be moved.  We welcomed the new members of our table and had a great evening.

Tonight was formal night and my favorite meal was on the menu.  I enjoyed the Chilled Banana and Rum soup with Tahitian vanilla cream and the Carved Filet of Beef Tenderloins with Morel- crimini mushroom sauce and creamy whipped potatoes.  The soup is so thick you think you are eating a smoothie and the beef is so tender you could cut it with a fork.  The entire meal was just yummy!

Randy and I have traveled on the Freedom of the Seas several times and have seen most of the shows several times.  So after a little conversation, we decided we would skip the evening’s entertainment and just spend some time walking along the promenade before returning to our cabin.

Tomorrow is our first stop.  We will be docking at Labadee, Haiti



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10 Responses to A relaxing day cruising along in the Caribbean

  1. Randy says:

    A great first day on our 14 day cruise. Wonderful wonderful wonderful!!!!!!

  2. Barbara spivey says:

    Sounds relaxing!

  3. mukul chand says:

    Great Post . Do read and follow these blogs to go on a roller coaster ride of fun and more; http://www.enchantedforests.wordpress.com and http://www.travelwithmukul.wordpress.com

  4. helffrich says:

    Sounds like the dog we had on one our cruises. I’m thinking it was on Oasis last year. Glad you have been able to relax.

  5. Genny says:

    I am surprised to learn that dogs (other than a service animal) are permitted on cruise ships!!! I had no idea.

    • Genny–I think the rule is that you can bring all service dogs on board and any other dog that is accompanied by a doctor’s note. When we were on the Brilliance this past spring there was a woman who had two dogs that she walked around the ship all the time in a stroller. She claimed that she would die without them. Oh, well.

  6. Vinh N says:

    So now I can bring my puppy on board! Yas

    Check out my latest post here http://www.vingnguyen.com/5-most-haunting-foods-of-vietnam/

    • Hi, thanks for stopping by. Service dogs are always welcome on ships but as a rule they stay on the floor next to their owner but never, never allowed to put their paws on the table. I also saw two beautiful see-eye dogs. Keep reading. Mary

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