Relaxing day at Labadee, Haiti


Labadee, Haiti–(picture taken from our balcony after we returned from the beach)

Today we docked in one of my favorite places in the Caribbean, Labadee, Haiti.  From what I read in the Cruise Compass, this beautiful island paradise was discovered in 1492 by Christopher Columbus on his first voyage to the New World.


This beautiful piece of tropical heaven, located on the north coast of Haiti and surrounded by mountains covered in lush foliage, is reserved for Royal Caribbean international guests.

The ship coming getting ready to dock at the pier

The ship getting ready to dock at the pier

Hazy morning at the island

Hazy morning at the island

The day started with the island covered in a mist but the promise of sunny weather  and the temperature to rise to 93°by afternoon.  So, we prepared accordingly as we dressed for our day at the beach.  But, first, up to the lounge for a quick breakfast and then down to pier.  We did not want to waste a minute of beach time.


One of my favorite rock formations at the end of the pier


It is a pretty long walk from the pier to the entrance to the beaches but such a lovely one.  We stopped for a moment so I could have my picture taken by one of my favorite spots along the pier.  I love the turquoise and blue clear water and the surf rolling up onto the rocks.  I stop here every time we come to Labadee.   It was not until later that we realized that the picture of me did not take well because the humidity was so high the camera lens kept fogging up.  Oh, well.


We made our way to our favorite spot, Columbus Cove.  This area is almost at the end of this beautiful place but well worth the walk.  As we walk along we pass Buccaneer’s Bay where you can take advantage of wave jet or parasail adventures, the Barefoot Beach club with cabanas, and ocean view spa and a floating mat station; pass by the Town Square and visit the Artisan’s Market; the Village Amphitheater or enjoy food and drink at the several taverns and cafes; pass Nellie’s Beach and take advantage of wiling away the hours in a cabana or enjoy a kayak adventure; and finally, Columbus Cove and enjoy a myriad of water adventures.

View of the ship from the vantage point of my wonderful lounge chair

View of the ship from the vantage point of my wonderful lounge chair

We love Columbus Cove because it has lots of palm trees, a great local musical group that keeps our feet moving with island sounds and, it’s close to the Columbus Cove café.  Like the palm fronds swaying with the breeze, I often find myself swaying to the music.

As we relaxed and read our books, a gentle breeze was blowing through the palm trees offering us a temporary respite from the heat of the tropical sun.


At one point I look over at Randy and asked, “So, are you relaxed yet?”

“Yes.  I’m so mellow I can’t believe it,” Randy replied first by sticking out his tongue and then a huge smile.  Yes, I thought, he is happy and relaxed.  We both agreed that life is very good!


Lunch on the island is always good.  The ship brings to the island a huge outdoor feast replete with hot dogs, hamburgers, barbeque chicken and ribs, red rice and beans, corn on the cob, all the fixings for a great salad, fresh fruit, cookies, drinks and more.  Lunch is always delicious.

The beautiful water was refreshing and filled with people standing, swimming and floating on mats.  The air was filled with the sounds of laughter and joy.  I especially enjoyed the squeals and laughter of all the children playing in the surf.


The water was so refreshing; we stayed for a long time in the water just floating along until it was time to make our way back to the ship.


When we returned to the cabin we were surprised to find yet another gift.  This time it was a lovely plate of goodies from the Crown & Anchor Society.  It was too close to dinner so we decided to enjoy these delicious looking treats after dinner.  Instead, we sat on the balcony enjoying a cold beer and watching the ship leave the dock.


Once again we had a lovely time with our table mates sharing stories about what everyone did on the island and what everyone had planned for the evening.


I was a little tired and did not want a large meal so decided instead to have small choices from the appetizer menu.  I started with the Royal Shrimp Cocktail, then the Chilled Strawberry Bisque with mint foam and finally, a Caprese Salad with fresh mozzarella cheese, sun-ripened tomatoes, virgin olive oil and a splash of balsamic vinegar.  The entire meal was just right; light and delicious.

Once again, we opted not to go to see the evening’s entertainment.  Tonight is the show, Now You See It with master illusionist Drew Thomas.  We stopped at the Bull & Bear for an after dinner drink and people watched and talked about our day.  We looked at each other and almost simultaneously said, “What a wonderful, wonderful day”.

Tomorrow we dock in Falmouth, Jamaica.





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5 Responses to Relaxing day at Labadee, Haiti

  1. Linda Pellien says:

    Awesome! You should be a travel writer. Love the ‘postcard’ of you two. Enjoy!

    • Hi, Linda–Thanks for stopping by and leaving encouraging words. We had a great time as usual. Just a note: We will be heading out to New Mexico next week to visit Jim and Vilma. Can’t wait. Keep reading. Mary

  2. helffrich says:

    Oh, yes, Labadee. A favorite place of ours too. It looks like we were under the same palm tree in Columbus Cove. The lunch was especially good this year. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Randy says:

    It was a wonderful day with a wonderful breeze, wonderful water, wonderful tree to sit under and a wonderful person to spend my day with………………..

  4. Barbara spivey says:

    Lots of improvements since we visited Labadee. Sounds relaxing. We cruise again in November. Can’t wait. Thanks for sharing. I love reading your travel blogs. I still have an issue with dogs on cruise ships. I believe it’s not good at all. I loved my collie, Missy, but she was safer in her doggie environment. Randy certainly looks relaxed.

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